Online copywriting training for

entrepreneurs, creatives,

and women in business

Online copywriting training for entrepreneurs, creatives, and women in business

Secret squirrel prices, free copywriting advice, and totally random Musical Theatre references. You’ll want in:

Hello, Future Copy Maven!

Crisp Copy was a natural evolution born from working as a professional copywriter with women around the globe. 

I found myself delivering coaching with my copy – every piece had notes for next time, templates to try, tips and advice about structure, tone, brand voice, and conversion.

Still, some clients wanted more. They were hungry to learn what I knew. I was bursting to teach them. 


I’m a born bossy-pants.

If you’ve got those words humming around inside you like a Queen Bee calling from the hive,

I’ve got some tricks to show you to let them out.

I’ll teach you to write juicy, compelling copy yourself so you can quit spending cash outsourcing and start writing the copy your business deserves:

Copy that converts.

Copy that builds relationships.

Copy that


I was lucky enough to be able to partake in a Crisp Copy Intensive.

I had 10 sessions with the magical Jay who took me on a journey of learning how to make every word count.

I remember looking at my first lot of homework and thinking ‘that doesn’t say a thing!’ I reviewed my notes and pulled out Jay’s wisdom and started again.

It is called an ‘intensive’ for a reason. But Jay knows exactly where you are going and how to get you there. She gives you just the right amount of direction so you learn the process of good copywriting. Then, Jay comes in and does her magic. Each week she gives you constructive feedback so you can build on what you have learnt. I grew in confidence, learnt a heap and am thankful for the journey.

Nicole Bathurst

Real Food Educator, Naturally Nic

I wrote over a million words of heart-pounding, sales-making copy last year.

Business owners just like you paid me enough to do so that I quit my career in private school communications.

If you’re a VA, a newbie copywriter, a marketing professional, or a handmade aficionado with a dream and the drive, I’ll teach you how to do the same thing for your business. You can start right here. 

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