Grab this speedy crisp-your-copy checklist

Get some quick wins, figure out a couple of new copy things, and get a feel for what it will be like to upgrade your copy chops while going through my juicy collection of copywriting courses and programs.

I’m Jay Crisp Crow and I’ve taught thousands of women from all around the globe to write words that connect with their best people and sell all their things. 

When I’m not amplifying the voices and stories of women, I’m writing Sales Pages that make millions, wrangling too many geese, and re-learning to ballroom dance. 

I love a quick win, so I hope you will too!

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This is a TL;DR landing page! Here’s why you should grab this:

1. It’ll take you 20 minutes – tops

2. You’ve probably done at least a couple of these things already, so that’s a win!

3. At least a dozen will be 5 minute jobs you’ll smack yourself you didn’t think of fixing earlier

4. The remainder can go on your ‘Soon To Do’ list and not be too overwhelming

5. It’s free!