“My website was brand new and I had never written an About Me page before. I was time poor and money poor and working towards a deadline. I knew nothing about writing for business and was feeling really lost!

As I worked through Jay’s course I felt really inspired by the content and found that it actually gave me ideas and inspiration for more than just the about me page! It really got those brain juices flowing!

As a working Mum, I really liked that the course was available in different formats and I switched between watching the videos and reading the content depending on my environment. Also, Jay gives you a structure to the About Me page which was really helpful.
I think that doing the course made me complete my about me page more efficiently and I learnt new skills along the way. I learnt about copywriting as an art form and about structure and I now have my 10 brand words to guide me in my other writing projects.
I feel really proud of myself that I was able to write my own about me page and when I read it, it really feels like me more than anything else I have written before.’

Sam Dhu – Counsellor and Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

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