If About pages were easy

they wouldn’t make you cry in frustration.

And everyone would have a good one!

Instead, you probably have one you gnashed your teeth and stomped your feet about aeons ago, clicked ‘upload’ on, and then got on with actually running your business.

You know there’s more to it than that, right? 

Your About page should make your ideal client know they’re finally in the right place. All the time moving them through the page so you decide where they visit next. Your About page is that oh-so-important third date – the moment you decide whether you invest more or call it a day. Let’s aim for ‘invest more’ (heck! Let’s aim for an elopement, why not?)

So, let’s write yours with the love story it deserves. Without the angst.

The Anti-Angst About Page Workshop

All the nitty gritty


Wednesday 17th October 2018


Dome Cafe Maylands – Ballroom

219-221 Railway Parade, Maylands WA 6051


$297 AUD (inc GST)

Most importantly

Coffee, acai bowls, and healthy and delicious lunch options are available just a hop, skip, and stumble away on Maylands’ main cafe strip and Dome will deliver us coffee and (passable) cake all day

Let’s work together to get this oh-so important page sparkling. Finally

What will we learn?

  • Why you should stop thinking your About page is a story all about you
  • Copywriting basics and how to write copy that converts
  • Branding foundation toolkit you can use for your copywriting forever more
  • Ideal Clients and Brand Advocates – who are you talking to?
  • How to stop panicking and start banging out a first draft (which will happen on the day!)
  • How to effectively edit
  • How to structure your About page like a conversion boss (so you make the rules!)
  • And – most importantly – how to get out of your own way, take off your ‘business mask’ and show the world who you really are (because they will LOVE you!)

Give me the day and your best effort and we’ll get this page done. Beautifully

I’m Jay Crisp Crow

For 13 years I squandered my writing studies working in communications roles for private schools. A couple of years ago I had an epiphany and took my own gig on the road – surprising myself by quickly becoming a multi-award winning business woman. About page copy is my forte. I write more About pages for clients than any other single piece of copy. And yet, as I was happily and successfully writing tens of thousands of words of About copy for other people – in their own voice and with astounding appreciation from my clients – I was quietly ashamed of my own. To the tune of 174 revisions. I knew the rules, I understood the principles, I excelled at mining the glimmering gold from a story even its owner thought sterile – why did I find it so tough to write my own? I think we’re often too close to our own brilliance to recognise the shimmer. Which is why I believe no one should write their About page alone.

“I attended Jay’s Blogathon workshop and was super impressed by everything – the venue, handout, content presented and of course Jay’s sharp wit and amazing knowledge. Is there anything about copywriting she doesn’t know? I don’t think so. Jay’s tips made blogging for my business feel less daunting, so I walked away confident about being able to publish regular content!

An added bonus was the room was full of awesome ladies – a testament to the type of client Jay attracts. All in all a very productive, but fun, morning.” – Kirsty Morton, SEO and WordPress Guru

Also please note

This workshop is limited to 10 participants to ensure maximum engagement. I keep my classes small so you don’t get lost (and can’t fly under the radar. Yep, at my workshops we work!) Refunds are not available but tickets can be transferred to a lucky friend in business, should you not be able to make it


– laptop  – or pencils and paper – excitement

(You’re welcome to make changes to your About page  live or – if you don’t have one yet – make a start in an old school notebook!) 

Might put it off for another day?

What about if I told you all the t’internet research shows the About page is the MOST visited page on any website. Why? Because humans are naturally curious cats. And your best USP? It’s you.

It’s the one spot of copy you don’t need to sell, or persuade, or push, or demand. You just need to be you. Which is both terrifyingly hard and overwhelmingly simple. Let’s tackle it – together.

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