Crisp Copy Basic Blog Structure

Got the ideas and the know-how but don’t know what your blog should include to get maximum conversion?

Don’t know where your metatag goes or what a CTA is?

No idea how long it should be, what to leave out, what the whole bleeding point is?

I can’t help with the existential crisis, but I can help with all the other questions.

This super simple guide will show you where to put your blog words so they work for you.

This basic package combines:

  • blogging basics like metatags and CTAs (and what to write in them)
  • a 5-page step-by-step PDF to show you where to put your blog words so they work for you for maximum readability and conversion

“Want to blog but struggle to consistently come up with content? The Blogging Structure resource from Crisp Copy will solve all your problems. My struggle was always with how to coherently put together the ideas I have in my head. Jay’s downloadable blog structure solved that for me. It is very easy to follow and will get your ideas flowing in no time! Much like all the other Crisp Copy resources and courses, it is a no brainer and kicked my butt into gear!”

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