It’s no secret, I really love a sale.


But I don’t really need more “stuff”.


I mean, unless someone wanted to buy me a mint green KitchenAid, then I’m up for it. Or anything SMEG, perhaps a fridge. Anyways, getting distracted.

What is cool to buy is amazing businessy things that’ll actually see your 2021 looking way less sucky than 2020 was. And that’s what I’m rounding up today in the Very Crispy 2020 Black Friday Deals blog including some of my own stuff, some of the Crisp Copy Class Alumni favourites, and a couple things I use all the time.


1. Crisp Copy Blogathon – 50% off from Black Friday to Cyber Monday!

Want to write blogs that actually DO something? That gets your readers to DO something? That go out into the Googley jungle and bring you qualified leads back into your funnel? That build relationships and make sales?

Well then, get your blogging joggers on for a 4-week Blogathon sprint!

You’ll be guided through every step of the process by Jay Crisp Crow, copywriter and copy coach, through an easy-to-use platform with lifetime access.

Use the code: BLOGFRIDAY for 50% off right here.


2. Creative Market – up to 70% off for Black Friday!

My favourite little time wasting, credit card hitting spot is having up to 70% off selected graphics, fonts, templates, and all the good things.

If you haven’t been on the Creative Market (for hours, have you ever even lived?) you’ll love it. It’s a global marketplace for design – including DIY.

No code needed, just shop right here.


3. Social Bee – up to 70% off deals.

Do you need a social media presence even when you’re on holiday/napping/working your patootie off actually on your business – instead of in it all the time? Social Bee is for you. I mean, I just saved your bacon, you’re welcome. I’ve recommended this to thousands of people now, and with a sweet set of Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, don’t skip into 2021 having to be on your darn phone all the time. Get Social Bee to do it for you.

No code needed, just shop here.


4. So Crisp Podcast Promotion – 50% off until Cyber Monday!

If you’re dipping your toe into multiple advertising platforms to see what works best, or you know you’d love to be mentioned amid a popular podcast show, you can be featured smack bang in the middle of a So Crisp episode.

I’ll take your business offering notes, edit them, and turn them into a 15 – 30 second script, record the script, edit in music, and plonk your business promo into the ears of So Crisp listeners. You’ll also appear on the show notes for that episode both in Whooshka (sends out to iTunes, Spotify etc) and on my website – with links.

Use the code: SOCRISPBF to get 50% off your podcast promo right here.


5. Shannon Dunn – Thrive Factor Co – Business Bundle Deal

Shannon is a CCC Alumni and total and utter marketing genius. This bundle delivers you access to 8 programs from the new Business Impact collection (not yet available to the rest of the world!)

There’s the best of Shannon’s mindset, marketing, money and magnetism wisdom coming your way starting December 1st. Plus you also get a 30 minute Thriving Business 1:1 call with Shannon to be used in January 2021 ($777 value) where you can discuss anything you like to do with your business and expanding your thriving! Total value over $2000 yours for $399 until midnight Friday 27th November then $599 through to midnight on 1st December.

No code needed, just pop along here.


6. Elle Roberts – Rare Seed Summer School – 25% off – $450 instead of $600

Elle Roberts from Rare Seed Agency is also a Crisp Copy Class Alumni, founder of Artful Business Conference, owner of a ragingly successful OBM business, and total business powerhouse.

This offer delivers you a four-week business development program designed to give you a strong foundation and a clear plan for 2021 including the skills you need to make sure your business plans fit you and your lifestyle making it not only fun but sustainable in the long term.

For this price, it’s worth it just to spend 4 weeks with Elle, trust me. 

No code needed, just check it out here.


7. Louise Raadgever – A To Z Of Social Graphics – $50 Bonus

Purchase an A To Z set of graphics before midnight Sunday and get an embeddable flipbook bonus, valued at $50.

Do you have the knowledge to share but don’t know where to start? Think up an A to Z of terms related to your business or area of expertise and use them as ways to educate your audience. You write the words and I’ll create the graphics.

These are purpose-built sets of graphics enabling you to share your knowledge or educate your audience using common terms or programs or anything really that fits within an A to Z (26 graphics).

Take a look here. 


8. Castle Quest by Michelle Whitehead – 15% off

If you’ve been so focused on getting your business up running, and getting yourself out there being visible, have you not yet found the time to consider the cracks in your hastily cobbled together foundations? Do you spend so much time wrestling with limiting beliefs, you completely ignore the potential damage from real-world danger? Are you ready to give loving attention to the weak spots in your business so it can survive and thrive for the long term?

Step up as a sovereign leader by joining Michelle next August for 12 weeks of fun, focused foundation fixing in Castle Quest – The Serenity Shift (access for the life of the program – join us every year at no extra cost!)

Use code: DRAGONTAMER to get 15% off the Early Bird price here.


9a. Facebook Ads for Online Stores with Bianca McKenzie and New School of Marketing – 40% off

Ready to make more sales in your online store? Amplify your results with Facebook & Instagram ads. JOIN THE FIRST EVER LIVE ROUND AND SAVE 40%!

Whoop! No code needed, just pop along here.


9b. Facebook Ads for List Building with Bianca McKenzie and New School of Marketing – 40% off and bonus templates and scripts

Ready to grow your business and get in front of a whole lot more of your ideal clients? Join us and gain instant access to FB Ads For List Building, begin creating your converting Ads without feeling overwhelmed, unsupported, or over invested.

(This course is for course creators, 1:1 work and service providers.)

Bianca is my FB Ads lady, she’s the bomb diggity. Go get her here, no code required.


10! The Double Act – Lauren June and Jay Crisp Crow – 50% Off Bundle of 4

Imagine lifetime, click-of-a-button access to smart strategy and highly converting copy tutorials so you can use emails to create falling-in-love relationships (and the ROI that goes with them) and turn your content into cash!

The Double Act courses are different, because most courses will focus on either the strategy or the creativity.

The truth is: you need both.Sign up for these courses and have a tried-and-tested plan for what to do from the moment you need to find a new client to what to write during your onboarding sequence and ongoing client communications.

Snaffle all 4 at once and get 50% off your entire cart.

Use the code: BF2020 at checkout and see you on the inside.




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