Want to write blogs that actually DO something?

That get your readers to DO something?

That go out into the Googley jungle and bring you qualified leads back into your funnel? That build relationships and make sales?

“I have had the pleasure of being taught by Jay and boy, can that lady engage a group. I swear she could talk about the latest toilet seat trends and be able to compel people to WANT to know more…”

Crisp Copy Blogathon

The 4 week Crisp Copy Blogathon teaches you how to:

  • use copywriting structure basics to increase conversion
  • use different blog options (not everything has to be an epic novel!)
  • work a long-tail keyword into your blog so organically, it could be certified
  • figure out what to write about (and when)
  • write faster, edit speedily, and actually press publish

and, most importantly,

  • combine content writing with copywriting for blogs that CONVERT!

You’ll be guided through every step of the process by Jay Crisp Crow, copywriter and copy coach, through an easy to use platform with lifetime access. This is every. single. recording the live round participants receive ready for you to consume at your own pace. 


☕️ For less than dinner and a show! ☕️

“If you’re finding blogs excruciatingly time consuming and worry about what to write, or if you don’t really get things like structure, keywords and titles. Then do this course. Jay shares her very own step-by-step processes that will help you plan and write with confidence and purpose so people start reading your stuff.”


Blogathon Week 1

Content Planning

Good copy comes from good groundwork. In Module 1, I’ll cover where to start, how to start, how to bundle up all your knowledge and put it in neat little boxes, how to plan even if you’re a creative flibbertigibbet, and some big picture purpose thinking. 

Blogathon Week 1


You know what’s sexy as heck in ripper blog copy? It might surprise you – nope, not creative writing – but structure. In Module 2, I’ll teach you how to break down each tiny part of your blog and individually figure out its purpose for existing and how to structure it like a total pro. 

Blogathon Week 1


SEO isn’t everything, but it dang well helps. In Module 3, I’ll cover how to rethink keywords for SEO by putting yourselves in your ideal clients’ shoes. BYO socks. 

Blogathon Week 1


A fabulous blog is an unread one if your blog title isn’t engaging. In Module 4, I’ll teach you all the options for clickable blog titles plus how to upcycle and repurpose your existing content for new blogs or socials copy.

“…Jay was always willing to comment, assist, review, guide, and even pamper and encourage on the tough days… I will HIGHLY recommend her to anybody who would like to improve their copy on their website, emails, blogs, social media and just life in general…”

Get your blogging bloggery-brilliant in 2021

Crisp Copy Blogathon

I am Jay Crisp Crow – the world’s laziest blogging copywriter…

… and while my blogs for clients rocked, my own blogs used to suck. And I beat myself up a lot. I wrote blogs because I thought copywriters should have blogs like, ‘WHAT IS SEO?’

* snore *

Then, I found my ideal clients didn’t give two hoots about what I thought SEO was, they only cared if I could implement it in their copy. Or teach them morph keywords into their own.

In fact, I had an epiphany about the time I was invited to guest lecture at University after the Dean read my blog about the dangers of going for business coffees:

My people didn’t want to read a blog I wrote with the intention of ticking a box.

They wanted to read a blog I could fully stand behind, that stood for something, or that taught them something or entertained them or made them feel something or made them laugh. They wanted to be educated. They wanted to be held by the hand and taken somewhere. 

I was doing it wrong.

 Also, I hated it.

 So I became the world’s most lazy blogging copywriter.

 Scratch that, I became a SUSTAINABLE blog writer. I got smarter about why I was blog writing, I recycled and upcycled, I treated content like it was a cog in a bigger machine. And it got easier.

 And more lucrative.

 And a little bit more fun.

Why am I admitting this to you?

Because the world’s laziest blog writer is actually a better choice to teach you how to write faster, more effectively, with more conversion for less effort than a natural born blogger with oodles of motivation to blog up her sleeve.

And you know everything I teach will be whittled down to the simplest version of itself. And it’ll work.

I had never written a blog before doing this course because I was too scared and I didn’t really know where to start or what the recipe for success was. There is so much information on the internet about what to do for your blog, I became a little overwhelmed.

So, I took Jay’s Blogathon Course because I wanted to remove all of the internet noise and learn a practical system that worked.

And that’s exactly what I got from the course. Plus Jay has an incredible sense of humour which makes the learning process fun and easy to digest. So easy in fact that I’ve written my first blog and lived to tell the tale.

If you’re finding blogs excruciatingly time consuming and worry about what to write, or if you don’t really get things like structure, keywords and titles. Then do this course. Jay shares her very own step-by-step processes that will help you plan and write with confidence and purpose so people start reading your stuff.

Jessica Clarke

VA Extraordinaire, Jessica Clarke

I was so excited when Jay announced that she was running a Blogathon course. I signed up before she even finished her sentence.

Because, let’s face it, I knew I needed help. Desperately.

I was so relieved to discover that a successful blog is not all about fairy dust and fluff, but that with proper content planning, structure, and Jay’s amazing editing process, anyone can have a successful blog!

I especially enjoyed the lesson in how to turn that one blog into multiple other social media posts and marketing tools.

I now look at the world around me and often hear Jay’s voice saying ‘there’s a blog in that!’

Riki Deale

Head Zoo Tamer, Tame Your Zoo

I have only the highest of praise for this talented, supportive business woman. I did a group blogging challenge with Jay that pushed me to learn so many critical things including ideal blog structure, keywords, audience, social media strategies, topic generation ideas, and presentation.

In around 30 to 60 minutes a day for 10 days I went from having never written a blog to having 10 blogs under my belt. All in a supportive community with helpful feedback.

Jay has a fun style to clearly communicate with and motivate bloggers and business owners to push themselves, and get important stuff done quickly and professionally.

I love your style Jay, thanks so much for all your guidance and motivation!

Melissa Somerville

Mindful Fashionista, Merry-Ishi

“I attended Jay’s Blogathon workshop and was super impressed by everything…Is there anything about copywriting she doesn’t know? I don’t think so.”