What do you do when you want to build your community and network for business growth but you’re counting spoons?

#fullysickbusinesschicks unite!

Part community, part collaborative opportunity, part referral network and sans the micro-aggressions and insensitivities of the regular business world.
This is a hub for the chronically clever woman in business, entrepreneurs, and those of us building an empire on our own damn terms. Think BNI without the breakfast hours and mandatory turning up (and you can totally wear your jim jams, if you want!) 

There are two levels of membership:

1: Paying members 

for those who want to come to Masterclasses, be showcased in the blog, attend POM sessions, have access to the socials channels to promote their stuff, be interviewed for the podcast, and – best bit – get the juicy discounts for many of my solo workshops, events, and co-working days (which more than pays you back for your membership dollars). 

If this is you – cart’s right here and you can downgrade your membership any old time. 

Literally less than a Perth coffee a week. 

2: Free free gloriously free

for those women in business who self-identify as having a chronic illness or disability and who just want a friendly crew to hang out with on Facebook who get them, but who may be bootstrapping or budgeting.

If this is you, click here.

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