write fast. stress less. sell everything

Simply plug in your brand words and messaging into the template blanks and hit SEND!

Plus a little extra guidance for those who are new at the whole Black Friday/Cyber Monday game.


“… the only emails in my inbox I actually look forward to reading…” 


♥️ promo email structure template (with fill-in-the-blanks in case you really get stuck)

♥️ example using the same template for your swipe file or inspiration

♥️ basic visual guide for the folk who need to see how it’s all laid out

♥️ anti-yuck sales copy

♥️ spot of email structure education including what all good emails need

♥️ space to write your first draft directly into the doc with guidance for each section to stay on track

♥️ an actual 50% off code inside for your own BF buying!



Hello, I’m Jay, and I used to be scared of emails

So, why snaffle my email thing?

Because an email cynic might just be the best person to show you how to write emails that actually do. the. thing. 

I’m not just bossy, I’m the boss. The bacon-bringer, the buck-stops-here-girl. I completely understand the paramount importance of your words making bank. Because I don’t get up every morning, have my false eyelashes on fleek, and have someone give me a blow-dry before waltzing into my writing space coffee in hand.

I’m a working copywriter and copy coach who in 6 short years has dragged my brand from barely-born to charging out at one of the highest hourly rates for freelance copywriters in Australia. I started with $0 and a borrowed laptop and now I’m invited to speak all over the globe about copy and branding.

My words did that.

More importantly, my emails nail it. 

I have between 70 – 75% engagement rate (not just open, but CTR) on any given day, get not just conversions but replies, and sell more over email than any other platform – including paid ads. 


And my emails? They get love. Love and sales. And I want that for you, too. 



Black Friday Email Copywriting Template

“… is there anything about copywriting she doesn’t know? I don’t think so…”

7 whole Australian dollars

(Yeah, that’s like 3 bucks fifty in US land)

+ GST for Australians because aren’t we lucky ducks?