A half day of copy writing + planning

because no one wants to start a new year with old, tired words

bring your copy woes, questions, and open mind as we spend a couple of hours together planning and writing your fresh copy for 2024


*welp* what a year. If you felt that statement in the marrow of your bones, you might not be feeling all “new year, new me” about yourself, your business, or your copy. But that’s nothing a little motivation and accountability can’t help! 

Spend a couple of hours with me and your copy jobs and we’ll bonk those babies on the head!

And yes, live copy reviews are also up for grabs.

How’s this gonna work?

  • Gather up all your outstanding copy jobs including any questions you have about your plan for your marketing and messaging for next year 
  • I’ll meet you on Zoom along with a handful of other, friendly faces
  • We’ll spend a little bit of time at the beginning with Q&As and looking at one-off, small, individual copy and messaging and branding issues
  • Then, we’ll spend an hour or so POMing together in 20 minute brackets, so you can tick some of those jobs off your To Write list
  • Then, if you want to stick around for some individual copy reviews, you can choose to add it to your plan for the day (these will be limited, so get in pronto)

You’ll walk away with a good chunk of your wordy problems sorted and a bit of a plan to move forward, along with a fair whack of your editing, rewriting, or drafts done for the upcoming start of the year



Email Copywriter Jay Crisp Crow Crisp Copy Australia

“…that woman could talk about toilet seats and I’d still come back for more…”

The detailed plan


Hour 1 

No intros, coz who has time? Feel free to make friends in the chat


Open the floor to Q&A – these are one-off, short, sweet answers for pressing single copy, branding, messaging, businessing questions. Yes, they can be specific to you – for example: I’m at the point I’m trying to shovel a whole lot of words on my Services Page and I’m not getting conversions, do I need a Sales Page and how do I figure out what needs a Sales Page first? Or: how would you structure my Cart copy for my ecommerce business? 


Check chat for any questions that have popped up prompted by previous discussion and any summaries


Emailed Q&A – yes you can send through your copy questions before the event, and this is the time we will tackle those. If you know you’re short on time for the day, you can choose to turn up at 10.40am and stick with us as long as you can – as long as you’ve emailed through your question beforehand. 


Coffee break!


Crisp Copy Jay Crisp Crow Copy Editing
Crisp Copy Jay Crisp Crow Copy Editing

Hour 2


POM (Co Copywriting/Working) Session 1


POM Session 2


Quick stretch


POM Session 3


Farewell to our POMmers


Hour 3

Live copy feedback sessions







Wrap up and revisit any final concepts that have cropped up 

Again, if you’ve attended one of these with me before, you know I tend to get excited about copy reviews, so while I’ll speak fast (and yes, this part of the day will be recorded for you to watch back later) please be prepared for us to be running a tad late if we do go over. 


Crisp Copy Jay Crisp Crow Copy Editing

“The chats and guidance between focused writing sessions allowed me to get sh*t done. The 1-1 attention actually left me feeling confident about what I’d written, and put a spring in my step to finish up all the words that I’ve been stalling on for months (websites and emails anyone?).”

If you love the 10 minutes and want more time

Stick around for the final hour and I’ll be giving you a one-off code to use to grab 60 minutes of brain picking time with me to use in the first quarter of 2024

Why would you want to learn from me?

I’m not just bossy, I’m the boss. The bacon-bringer, the buck-stops-here-girl. I completely understand the paramount importance of your words making bank. Because I don’t get up every morning, have my false eyelashes on fleek, and have someone give me a blow-dry before waltzing into my writing space coffee in hand.

I’m a working copywriter and copy coach who in 6 short years dragged my brand from barely-born to charging out at one of the highest hourly rates for freelance copywriters in Australia. I started with $0 and a borrowed laptop and now I’m invited to speak all over the globe about copy and branding, sales and structure, entrepreneurship and sometimes musical theatre. (Actually, that last point is untrue, I just throw in references for fun.) 

My words did that.

Fairly quickly, I found an uncanny knack to teach other people how to make theirs do the same. I’m a natural Mentor/Teacher. Can’t help myself. Instead of keeping it all for my intensive clients, in 2018 I launched a brand new online copywriting class –  keeping costs lower than 1:1 training or outsourcing – for those on a budget while still maintaining a ripper level of expert advice and training. And it was the first in Australia to be created solely for women in business and give weekly, individual feedback to every course participant. 

That individual feedback? Rocked folks’ worlds. Decided to make it part of just about everything I offer. 

I’m Jay Crisp Crow, proud owner of a funny name, Mother to 3 game-changing people, lover of a Viking, and dedicated, life-long word nerd who just adores seeing someone else nail it.


Session 1: Friday 16th December | 10am – 1pm AWST 

Session 2: TBA if numbers require


10am – 12pm Get Copy Done Q&A & Co Working Session Only


10am – 1pm Get Copy Done Q&A, Co Working Session + 10 Minute Live Copy Feedback *



All prices are in AUD + GST for Australian clients

Want to work on your funnels before next year but don’t have a plan (or any idea what to write?) Take a look at my brand new resource, Funnel Up! 

* psst, who am I kidding? This bit will likely run over!

Ohhhh, so you’re a *reader*! We’re going to get along just fine! Here are the FAQ you might have made it to the bottom of this page to read:


What work can I bring to the session?

Any darn thing. Want to plan out your socials for next year? bring it. Want to get your funnel email copy written in a couple hours? Good idea! Need to refresh your Servies page to keep up with your new offerings? You know what to do.

Are you going to run more of these?

Cool beans, that’s why you need these resources!

I regularly run co-working sessions throughout the year, usually offered only to my course students. Keep an eye out in your email inbox if you’re interested in future sessions. If numbers require, I may put on one more date before the end of 2022.

I already know I need more than 15 minutes of your time.

Easy. Book a full hour here.

What if I book then can't make the date?

As per my T&Cs, you’re welcome to gift your spot to someone else, just please let me know who is coming in your stead (so I can let them in the Zoom room!)

However, due to the limited amount of spots offered, refunds aren’t offered.

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