Individualised copy coaching for clever folk who want to make their business words work

(marketing pros, VAs, and newbie copywriters welcome)

All the marketing malarkey I could smash out to create the copy for this page wouldn’t do what this direct quote from one of my 6 week intensive copywriting coaching clients does:

“I knew I would be able to figure it all out over a couple of years, but I thought I’d just ask you instead.”

I have a 3-month waitlist full of hand-picked copywriting clients, a gasp-worthy hourly rate, copycats galore, and testimonials up the wazoo. I teach women in business, marketing professionals, VAs, and new copywriters how to write words that sell.

So, I can certainly teach you.

I offer one-to-one training starting at a 30 minute Cuppa Copy and right up to an 8-week, individualised industry-specific program for copywriters.

“One hour with Jay is equivalent to 8 regular human hours (no joke)…”

Kinda like dog-years, I guess?

Working with Jay Crisp Crow on my website copy has pushed me to get clear on my message and show up authentically in a way no other business-related training has.

It was specific, incredibly informative and well-structured training, that related directly to my copy and website needs. 

If you are wanting to pack a punch with the words you use to describe what you do, and finally sort your website copy and structure out, then I highly recommend working with her.

One hour with Jay is equivalent to 8 regular human hours (no joke), so this is incredible value!

I totally loved this experience and I would recommend Jay without hesitation. Working with Jay was seriously one of the best decisions I have made for connecting with clients through my website.

Emma Turton, Medical Intuitive

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