Online copywriting courses and branding downloadables for clever folk who want to make their business words work

There are gazbillions (not a real number) of words online you could read to up-level your brand chops. You could pretty much take off a year from life to consume the lot. What makes Crisp Copy online copywriting courses the bomb?

My copy doesn’t just make people pull out their wallets, it also makes their hearts ache

But it’s not magic. You just need to start with a brand voice. And there are no secrets to uncovering the darn thing, only an exponential growth in your capacity to have potential clients and customers fall in love with your brand.

Add in some solid ideas for how you’ll structure your copy and you have conversion gold.

And there’s no secret-squirrel, ‘buy this course then I’ll upsell you junk’ marketing ploy. Whether you invest in a quick downloadable or a 7 module online program with me, I tell you everything I can in the time we have available.


“I recently did Jay’s “All About About Copy” online course and I loved it…

Jay certainly made it interesting, amusing and fun so it kept me wanting more. I have now completed my About Page on my website and it is a thousand times better than what it was before I put her ideas and techniques into practice. I dusted away the cobwebs and put on my showgirl costume to bring my About Page to life.

Jay is such a breath of fresh air and so enthusiastic – I can’t wait to work with her some more…”

Vicki Hobbs – Childbirth Educator, Pregnancy Massage Specialist, , About Page Copy Course Graduate

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