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About Page Structure Mini Package

Got a whole lot of backstory and no real concept of how to bring it together for your website? Here’s a step-by-step visual guide with accompanying simple documentation to walk you through taking all that story and heart and turning it into something that’ll read well, be easily scannable, and move your ideal client through to the next point of the journey.


Basic Blog Structure

Got the ideas and the know-how but don’t know what your blog should include to get maximum conversion? Don’t know where your metatag goes or what a CTA is? This super simple, 5 page guide will show you where to put your blog words so they work for you.


Biography Template

In the course of your business life, you’ll be asked for a biography about a thousand times a minute (well, it feels like that when you don’t have one). This template makes it hugely helpful – you really only need to write 2 sentences – at a time. You can then use your first bio to morph into whatever your biography requester needs without starting from scratch. 


All About About Page Copywriting Course – Intensive Online Training

Not everyone’s ready to bring on a quality copywriter to their project.

Maybe you’re bootstrapping and borrowing and breaking ground and building a startup and you can’t yet afford to outsource the lot to a copywriter who has proven her chops. Or you’ve been burned – spent a bit of money and hired someone who’s delivered copy that doesn’t sound at all like you and misses the very essence of your story. It’s for you this course exists.

So you can plug your power cord into my brain and get stuck into my secrets.

I’ll guide you through getting out of your own way, give you tips on how to fake it ‘till you feel it, and help you turn your backstory into a persuasive piece of copy.


60 Minute Copy Coaching Session

If you are ready to up your copy game or downright stuck when you think about your brand, I’m your girl. I teach at a pace that’s comfortable for you. I won’t wave my fairy copy-mother wand over your content, but instead, teach you how to analyse and improve your own copy. The skills you learn can then be implemented on every page of your website.


30 Minute Copy Coaching Session

Make a cuppa and let’s talk copy. You can ask all and any questions you like about copywriting, branding, brand voice, business story, content creation, blogging, social media communication, or anything else word-nerdy.


Once upon a time, I was stuck writing my professional bio, my copy fairy dropped a magical PDF into my inbox and all of a sudden, I was no longer stuck! With just a few small but incredibly helpful cues, I whipped up my bio in seconds after I’d been staring at a blank Word document for hours beforehand.

Jay’s template made it really easy for me to get the words out, in the right order and infuse my personality in all the right places. Templates for the win!

Kristi Lees – Health Detective (and owner of a ripper biography)

Crisp Copy Paid Blogging Membership

The Crisp Copy Bloggers Group is the place to pick up a spark of blogging inspiration, share your ideas, get expert help from Jay Crisp Crow, get ongoing accountability, and build blooming blogging friendships to keep you writing and publishing and getting traffic!

$97 for 3 months – email to go on 2019 waitlist

Home Page Structure Mini Package

You have a hot minute to convince your new reader that your website is the place they want to be. It’s like speed dating, but with money involved and you have to make a decision about a marriage in a glance and a smile. This mini package shows you how to figure out what (and what not) to use on your website and how to structure it for maximum bang for buck. Coming soon.


All product prices are in AUD, and include GST if in Australia.

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