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When it comes to Sales copy, brand storytelling won’t cut it. Luckily, you happen to know a Sales Page conversion copywriter. 

Elle Roberts, Marketing Strategist, was the one raving about a Sales Page I wrote for our mutual client. That client then said:

“I’ve never gotten to the end of a Sales Page and been sad, but reading your first draft, I was so sorry to see the end”

I bet you’re gunning to see the end of yours.

Especially if you’re DIYing.

Because just when you thought creating the thing you want to sell was the hard part, you’ve come to the selling of it. And you’ve written your own Sales Page. Because, damn, how hard could it be? Aren’t you the best person to tell the world about your amazing/groundbreaking/supremely helpful thing?

Only it isn’t working.

A brilliant Sales Page can skyrocket your sales, just by maximising the way the words are used on the page. User experience, an inherent understanding of your ideal client, brand positioning, whipping those conversion copywriting principles into line – your Sales page should be bending over backwards to get you the dollar bills, not slacking off like an independently wealthy teenager.


and it’s currently whispering to itself in the corner.

This is a job for Crisp.

Conversion Copywriter Sales Page Crisp Copy Jay Crisp Crow Stasha Washburn

Jay Crisp Crow stood out to me online by keeping it real and cracking me up. I loved her attitude and honesty. We got into a conversation about photoshoots and inspirations and I was hooked! So when I needed to level up my business I had a few choices I could make. Hiring her was the right choice.

She sent me everything I needed, super step-by-step easy, and actually got me to sit down and really get into my vision.

Then she sent me copy. It was like she was in my head but way BETTER!

She took my topic, a taboo topic (periods!), and my humor, and combined them to make something that was accessible to normal human beings.

I’m so far in my own world that it’s hard for me to bring it back to basics, to explain what’s happening in a way that other people can understand. To create a real connection with me and my audience. I’ve never gotten to the end of a Sales page and been sad, but reading Jay’s first draft I was so sorry to see the end!

I’m beyond thrilled with what Jay created for me and my Sales page, and I’ll be bringing her on board for so many more projects to come!

THANK YOU Jay! I spent years struggling to get a cohesive, sensible, Sales page together, I wish I had found you years ago.”

Stasha Washburn – Period Coach + Revolutionary 



new Sales Page conversion rate for a client



and a Sales pPge paid her back her copy investment (and then went on to sell out her program) 



launch using a 2000 word Sales Page for an online course


It’s time to sell all your things to all your best people without tears, tantrums, or you having to write another word. It’s time for conversion.


There’s some myth around that Sales page copywriters can convince you to do something you weren’t otherwise thinking about doing.

Balderdash, I reckon.

Or that conversion copy is so American and never works in other markets.


Because your ideal clients are smart, savvy, and conscious buyers, and it’s hardly likely we’ll be able to trick them into buying anything they weren’t already semi interested in before they landed on our Sales page.

In saying that, a spot of magic can help.

Because Sales pages, they aren’t just writing.

They aren’t just design.

They’re a bit of both a large dollop of psychology thrown in.

Luckily, I have a degree in word-witching and a magic wand.

Crisp Copy Class Best Copywriting Course



Nail your brand voice

We’ll meet over a cup (tea, gin, whatever you need) on Zoom where we’ll dig around in your brand soul and ideal client (pain-free, mostly)


Uncover the gold

I’ll ask you half a gazbillion questions. Most of them will be related to your Sales page but if you know anything about how to use liquid eyeliner or you work for an amazing NFP, we might get a little sidetracked. I will also interview your ideal clients, if you’d like


SEO it

Your long-tail keyword phrase will be researched by my colleague then worked in so organically by me, it could be certified (and you’ll get an extra 9 recommended keyword phrases to keep in your back pocket for further copy projects)


Deliver the goods

Around 2 weeks later, you’ll receive 1 page of optimised website copy with structure suggestions for design and for user experience straight into your inbox. Copy that encompasses your brand soul and all your professional quals. Copy that makes your ideal client feel like you’ve reached in their heart and pulled out their deepest fears and spoken directly to them, so much so they’re asking themselves, “who IS this woman and how did I exist before I met her?” Copy that sounds like you, only better. Look, it’s a magical thing. How do I do it? It’s my god given gift. Don’t question it


Tweak it

You’ll then have 10 days to roll around in the copy. Sweet.
You might not need the time – over 95% of my clients breathe out, pop the champers, and upload their new Sales page straight into the right spot. This is the opportunity to make tweaks, ask questions, get some changes made. We want to get this bang on.
Send me back your tracked changes and I’ll deliver you a final, clean copy, colour coded so your developer can easily upload your new copy



You’ll promote your new Sales page all over the internet and everyone buys your thing

6 weeks after the final delivery date I’ll review your copy conversions and make small tweaks to the copy based on the data.
You can also book me for a 3 and 6 month review at this time

Conversion Copywriter Sales Page Crisp Copy Jay Crisp Crow Stasha Washburn

Jay’s words hit the spot. 

Jay wiggled her magic writing fingers and turned my messy brain dump into the most magical of words. Words that sound like me, but that I could have never written myself. Believe me, I’d tried. 

My old website was boring. Generic and bland. I was playing it safe. Blending in.
I’m proud to stand out now. My website is now filled with stacks of wonderful words that have my perfect people falling in love with me. 

I was initially scared that the time Jay and I spent chatting about my business, my geekiness, and my odd-ball quirks wouldn’t be enough time for her to really capture my voice. I was wrong. She got it. First go. 

I shared her copy with some clients and they ALL came back to me saying “that sounds so much like you”. I had fallen in love with the copy. But to hear that was amazing.

Jay is my go-to gal, for all things wordy. 

She created my uniquely ‘me’ brand voice and filled my Home Page, About Page and my Signature Program Sales Page to the brim with words that attract, influence and support my ideal clients to choose me from the many other website designers online. 

My business is now almost stress-free. My calendar is filling up with people who are looking for a human speaking web geek to join their team. Not just a code-monkey, hired to mash a keyboard on command.

‘How much is a website?” Argh. That question used to curse me. Not anymore. 
I’m no longer plagued by tire kickers or time wasters. 

I’m now working with my perfect clients. Every day.”

Fiona Fell
Website Designer

What about the investment?

You might notice my copywriting offerings are specialised. I don’t write social media copy, I don’t advertise editing, I only write emails for return clients, and I don’t blog for pay (just for fun). Email and website copy, specifically About and Sales pages, are my speciality.

My aim? To get the dosh you invested with me to get this thing written back to you ASAP. How? By selling as many of your things as possible in the shortest amount of time.

I’m a Sales page copywriter without the pushy, in-your-face, too many exclamation marks ridiculousness.

Because – here’s the truth – your ideal client doesn’t need all that fluff.

She’s smarter than that.


because it’s about time your copy made you some

or get a taste below



✔️ 60 minute brand copy (TOV) session over Zoom where I’ll complete your client brief by asking you a thousand personal questions (no pressure)

✔️  I’ll interview your favourite (and ideal) clients to get great testimonials and use the language they use to describe how fabulous you are

✔️  Mid length copy @ 1500 words

✔️  SEO keyword recommendations from one of my favourite SEO keyword gurus

✔️  1st draft of optimised website copy with structure suggestions for design and user experience straight into your inbox

✔️  The option of 1 round of amendments

✔️  A final, clean (professional proofread) version of your copy to give to your website designer/team

✔️  Rush rate option

✔️  6 week conversion review and tweak

✔️  Copy that sounds like you wrote it and sells all your things

✔️  Happy tears



Many of my clients find their Sales page investment is returned to them within a couple of weeks of launch (sometimes days!) That’s the power of conversion copywriting


and here are some things you need to know if you think I’m the conversion copywriter for you


  • Made 3 months of income in 3 days with a mid-length Sales page and a warm list (and sold out).
  • Wrote a 2000 word Sales Page for a client they used to enjoy a 2 million dollar launch. 
  • Normally doesn’t like labels but accepted “High Priestess of Copy” from Dr Ricci-Jane Adams after tackling her program Sales Page in 2017.
  • Works SEO keywords into copy so organically, it could be certified.
  • Has a flexible but tried-and-tested process to get all the facts (and other stuff you may not think is important but I’ll actually turn into powerful selling elements) from out of your head and onto the page.
  • Been at this for 6 years now and made a whole lot of people a whole lot of money.
  • Uses innate empathetic and intuitive powers to read between ‘your’ lines so I can get in the head and heart of your ideal clients.
  • Doesn’t accept Sales Page work for products or services I’m not completely aware or totally comfortable with (but will recommend you onto someone great for you).
  • Teaches other people who want to be copywriters how to do this stuff.
  • Regularly buys things on the internet. (OK, this just means “shopping addict” perhaps.)
  • Leaves ego at the door. Process includes encouraging you to pull apart the first draft, if that’s your desire, then putting it back together for you – even better than the first time.
  • Generally has a 4 – 6 week lead time (so get thinking!)
  • You’re still reading this right now. That says something, right?
  • Has a juicy assortment of testimonials you can read through here
Jay Crisp Crow Crisp Copy Website Copywriter Copywriting Services

Want to look into my eyes before you make a decision?


I got answers.

What even IS copywriting?

Copywriting is a process of carefully structuring the right words to make the reader take an action. It’s words that sell things – from your product Sales page to the back cover advertisement in a newspaper.

Good copywriting showcases not only the features of your service or product but also the benefits, and makes your ideal clients realise they need your thing – it converts readers to buyers and compels the people you want to sell to to take an action.

What isn't copywriting?

Content writing isn’t copywriting. Here’s a blog about the difference.

Why Content Writing Isn’t Copywriting (But How To Blend Them Brilliantly)

What about editing?

If you have existing website copy that’s doing the job, but no longer in alignment with your brand, you might need a hard edit. This is more than just proofreading and editing for spelling and grammar, this is content editing – pulling apart what you’ve got and sorting it out, and putting it back together. Better.

This service is only available to previous clients and by application. Why? Because we’ve already done all the brand copy work at the beginning so we know exactly what this website copy needs to say.

Why should I choose you to write my copy?

Because, well, I make people cry. There’s proof of this on my testimonial page (LINK). I’m a terrible cook, can’t count for nuts, but I write killer copy that makes your new favourite people want to be all over your offerings. 

How will you write in my voice?

This is the golden question, and the reason why I have such a happy client list and a successful copywriting business. When I conducted my ideal client research this year, this was the point of difference about working with me that came up over and over again. 

I’ll tell you the truth – it’s a little bit magic and a little bit stalker. 

I’m a naturally empathetic copywriter with an inherent ability to listen. When we have our first Zoom session, I hear all the words you mean to say. When I read your answers to my emails, I look for the gold between the lines. To be honest – writing the copy is the easy part. Finding the brand voice is the key to writing you in a way that’ll make you cry when you first read it. You’ll feel heard, acknowledged, and presented to the online world in the way you’d always wished for.

I can’t tell you anything more than that or I’ll be giving everything away.  

I need more than copywriting!

If you have existing website copy that’s doing the job, but no longer in alignment with your brand, you might need a hard edit. This is more than just proofreading and editing for spelling and grammar, this is content editing – pulling apart what you’ve got and sorting it out, and putting it back together. Better.

This service is only available to previous clients and by application. Why? Because we’ve already done all the brand copy work at the beginning so we know exactly what this website copy needs to say.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. There are a tonne of elements you need to consider if you’re improving your SEO and SEO copywriting is a major part of the puzzle. I carefully weave SEO keyword terms into your human-centric copy so Google can tell what you’d like to rank for and help you get found.  Here’s a blog about SEO copywriting (LINK). 

Why do you only offer certain copywriting services?

I write what I’m really good at – website copy, email copy, and advertising copy. So, I focus on those. This way, I’m constantly upgrading my knowledge and skills in these 3 main areas and nailing converting digital copy – every time. 

Yes, I used to write all the things. But I’ve grown up since then. I don’t do social media content, press releases, or white papers – but I can recommend someone who does. 

How much will copywriting cost?

I’m not the cheapest copywriter you can hire. Not by a long shot. But check out my testimonials page and you’ll I’m worth it. This isn’t my side-hustle; I’m a dedicated, full-time writer who works with clients who value craftsmanship and conversion. 

I’ll always quote you up front and by the package. That means if my time blows out, you won’t pay for it. Also, the more Jay you need, the more cost effective I get. In fact, our first page together will be the most time, labour, and cost intensive. After we nail the first page, I’ll have a good grip on your brand voice and be able to replicate it with ease the next time around. 

My done-for-you services start just over the $1000 AUD (inc GST) mark for an About page. Packages are more cost-effective. 

Why do you cost so much?

Ain’t this a doozy?

You probably won’t be asking this if you’re visiting this site from the US or UK – in Australia we have hugely differing expectations about copywriting rates. I have a middle-of-the-range hourly rate in comparison with a global industry and provide above-average work. Yes, you can hire a copywriter for $35 an hour from Fiverr, and when you want that copy fixed in a couple of months – you know where to find me. 

How long will the process take?

That mostly depends on you. I have a 4 – 8 week lead time (during which there’ll be things both of us are working on) and then, depending on how quickly I get the information I need from you, it’s generally another 4 + weeks to return your first draft. 

I do offer a rush rate option, which adds 25% to your invoice. 

What if I don't like something you write?

Well then, that’s it. We aren’t mates anymore.

Gosh no, that’s a joke. Communication is key and even if you start off thinking you are 100% sure of what you want, sometimes when you get it, you realise you might have been wrong. That’s OK, sometimes we need a change of brief and to start again. We’ll negotiate that if it happens. Otherwise, it’s usually just an issue of making a round of tweaks so the copy sounds just like you – as an authority in your industry – on your best day.

I work in a diverse range of industries and although I might be the Word Queen, you’re undoubtedly more experienced in your industry’s jargon, terminology, and tone than I am. Sometimes we’ll need to dig into those tweaks, which is what the round of amendments is for. In fact, when I send you back the first draft I’ll actively encourage you to pick it apart – print it out and scribble on it, use tracking changes and ask 35 questions, make suggested edits – that’s all part of the process. 

What do I need to do to start?

Most of my done-for-you services are by application. This is to ensure that you’re the right fit for me, and also I’m the right copywriter for you. To begin the process, fill out the (teeny tiny) form here, or hit the contact page here (LINK). 

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