I got this crown by making clients cry

Oh, love. Are you weeping? It’s that About page, isn’t it? Have you been re-writing it? Again?


You know what? My About page copy makes clients like you cry, too. But happy tears. And don’t they feel a whole lot different than what you’ve got going on right now?

In fact, About pages are my jam, babes. (Oh, erk, promise I’ll never call you that again.) But really, they are so my gig.

I’ve written more About pages than any other single piece of copy in the last 4 years.

When you work with me for the whole shebang, it’s where we start. In fact, I believe it’s the single most important page on your whole website (and once you have it nailed, you’ll never have to worry about what to base your copy on – for socials, emails, LinkedIn updates – ever again).

Which is why I’m not going to sell you a whole slab of pretty words.

Oh, heck no.


Right here. On this page.

Which is why you need more than just copywriting.

No, ma’am. We’re starting right at the very beginning (a very good place to start) *

*bonus points if you sang along with me when you read this


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…Even with my kick-ass attitude, I had an About page that was weak and uninspiring.

Jay captured the absolute essence of who I am as a businesswoman and translated it powerfully into words…

Nicky Thomas – Business Coach + Gamechanger – Action Strategies

This is the single most important page on your website.
Don’t write it in 3rd person, avoid it altogether, or cry over it a minute more.

Crisp Copy Jay Crisp Crow Testimonial FOC Box

I chose Jay to work with when it came to writing my About page for my website.

This is the most visited page on the website so it was important that I worked with a very skilled copywriter who could take my gobbledegook and turn it into something that was super clear for my audience in a way that captured my brand personality and all of the quirks that make up exactly who I am.

And Jay was bloody brilliant to work with!

Tracy Harris
Mum + CEO + Podcast Queen – Mums With Hustle



Nail your brand voice

We’ll meet over a cup (tea, gin, whatever you need) on Zoom where we’ll dig around in your brand soul and ideal client (pain-free, mostly)


Uncover the gold

I’ll ask you half a gazbillion questions. Most of them will be related to your Sales page but if you know anything about how to use liquid eyeliner or you work for an amazing NFP, we might get a little sidetracked


SEO it

I’ll use your keyword research (or we can get my colleague to provide some for you, if you haven’t done this work yet) to incorporate your long-tail keyword so organically, it could be certified


Deliver the goods

Around 2 weeks later, you’ll receive 1 page of optimised website copy with structure suggestions for design and for user experience straight into your inbox. Copy that encompasses your brand soul and all your professional quals. Copy that makes your ideal client feel like you’ve reached in their heart and pulled out their deepest fears and spoken directly to them, so much so they’re asking themselves, “who IS this woman and how did I exist before I met her?” Copy that sounds like you, only better. Look, it’s a magical thing. How do I do it? It’s my god given gift. Don’t question it


Tweak it

You’ll have 10 days to roll around in it. Molasses. Sweet. You might not need them – over 95% of my clients have a cry, find a tissue, and upload their new About page straight into the right spot. This is the opportunity to make tweaks, ask questions, get some changes made. We want to get this bang on



Go to Town

You share it all over the interwebs and get new clients who are so enthusiastic they make your marriage proposal seem tepid


Crisp Copy Jay Crisp Crow Testimonial FOC Box

I could not be more pleased with Jay’s work  on my About page. Not only did Jay create AMAZING copy, she did it at lightning speed and got it right first go.

She is the About page QUEEN.*

Copywriting helps sell what you sell and Jay’s worth is worth so much more than what you pay. For anyone wanting to create an About page that really grabs people, work with Jay,

it will be the most valuable investment for your business.

Nellie Manolis
Giving Cancer the Middle Finger at – FOC Box

* See? Toldja. And in ALL CAPS!


and here’s stuff you need to know about me if you’re thinking I’m your About page copywriter

  • Written more About pages than any other single page of copy
  • Been called ‘The About Page Queen’ (more than once and by other people. This is not a name I gave myself so I could sound cooler than I am, promise)
  • Works SEO keywords into copy so organically, it could be certified
  • Has a flexible but tried-and-tested process to get all the facts (and other stuff you may not think is important but I’ll actually turn into powerful selling elements) from out of your head and onto the page
  • Been at this for over 6 years now and made a whole lot of people fall in love with a whole lot of other people starting on the first date of their relationship – their About page
  • Uses innate empathic and intuitive powers to read between ‘your’ lines to bring together what you mean (but can’t quite write) and get into the head and heart of your ideal clients
  • Loves a Musical Theatre singalong (check my belting face) 
  • Teaches other people who want to be copywriters how to do this stuff
  • Leaves ego at the door. This process includes encouraging you to pull apart the first draft, if that’s your desire, then putting it back together for you – even better than the first time
  • Generally has a 4 – 6 week lead time (so get booking!)
  • You’re still reading this right now. That says something, right?
  • Has a juicy assortment of testimonials you can read through here
Jay Crisp Crow Crisp Copy Website Copywriter Perth Copywriter


because it’s about time your copy made you some

or get a taste below

Crisp Copy Jay Crisp Crow Testimonial Lucy Crowned PR

Jay doesn’t just write website copy, it doesn’t even begin to cover what she does.

Over Zoom Jay and I sat and chatted for over an hour discussing everything from our business objectives, the kind of clients we were looking to attract, our SEO hit list and the type of voice I wanted to shine through the website to keep our branding consistent across all our digital platforms.

And she did it, better than I could have possibly imagined, not just the perfect website copy that said all the right things, but Call To Actions in all the right places and tied in with how it should be formatted around images for ultimate impact and user experience.

You can’t afford NOT to be using Jay for your website.

Lucy Tearne
PR Magic Maker – CrownedPR

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