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You Can’t Just Up Your Prices – You Have To Up Your Brand

I started out like a lot of women new to business; I thought I’d leave my job, provide a killer service, and get paid accordingly. Which worked, in the beginning. Because I simply doubled my hourly rate as an employee and charged my time out as peanuts. Nodding? Uhoh....

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Why Content Writing Isn’t Copywriting (But How To Blend Them Brilliantly)

You’ve heard them being bandied around, these two terms. Copywriting here, content writing there… but do you know the difference between them? Maybe it’s one of those things you ‘should’ know, so you’re too embarrassed to ask. Or maybe you just assume they’re exactly...

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Why And How To Communicate With Newsletter Subscribers (So They Don’t Yawn Or Delete)

In this day and age, there’s probably a million ways to talk to your clients, so you’re probably wondering: “Jay, what’s so special about an email list? Why can’t I just use social media? Word of mouth is working for me A-OK, I don’t need to bend over backwards...

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Jay Crisp Crow

Yep, really my name

If you’re here for the intuitive mix of done-for-you, make-you-cry copy or you want to learn all my secrets so you can DIY like a pro; sister, you’re in the right place. I’m a copywriter, editor, and copy consultant and coach for businesswomen ready to move away from the boring as bat poop churning out of content. Words that sound the same as everyone else’s. Bah humbug! I am terrible at writing my own blogs but smashing at writing for clients. I live in the Hills of Perth, WA, and work with women around the world through the technologically spiffy powers of t’internet. Yay for that!

Secret squirrel prices, free copywriting advice, and totally random Musical Theatre references. You’ll want in:

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