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No eye glazing, no ‘workshops’ that are actually lectures and an upsell, and no trust exercises – ever. Every presentation is custom crafted for the audience; no rehashed or stale content.

It’s always Crisp.

Plus, at a Crisp Copy workshop, we work. Learn, practice, implement!

“… Is there anything about copywriting she doesn’t know? I don’t think so.”

Kristy Morton, WordPress Developer and SEO Specialist, Workshop Participant

Tickets selling now:

Crisp Copy Bloggers Group

(3 Month Access)

Open Now

  • Monthly Masterclasses from ripper experts
  • Blogging resources to download
  • Monthly live training sessions and Q&A
  • Daily blogging discussion, feedback, and accountability
  • All for less than a couple of (Perth) coffees a week

Crisp Copy Copywriting Class

Enrolling Now – Class Starts September

6 months access to an inclusive membership community of women in business wanting to write better to sell all their things

Anti-Angst About Page Workshop

Wednesday October 17th

All the t’internet research shows the About page is the MOST visited page on any website. Why? Because humans are naturally curious cats. And your best USP? It’s you.

It’s the one spot of copy you don’t need to sell, or persuade, or push, or demand. You just need to be you. Which is both terrifyingly hard and overwhelmingly simple. Let’s tackle it – together.

Crisp Copy Co-Bloggin’ Day

5 September

This blogging specific co-working day is a cost-effective, energy-efficient session to bang out some blogs and move them from To Do to PUBLISH!

“Knowledge and strategy delivered with power, humour and empathy.”

Lynette Delane, Kits and Bits, Workshop Participant

You can attend a planned workshop or event,

organise one for your own team,

or book me for a one-on-one session for half an hour, 60 minutes, or a full day

You’ll benefit from:
  • small class sizes – no fifty people in a conference room with people wondering what the heck I’m banging on about in the back row
  • individualised attention – bring along what you’re stuck with and we will work it out
  • opportunity to ask lots of questions – my delivery style is flexible depending on the needs of the group
  • diversity of attendees – which means someone is bound to ask the question you didn’t know you needed answers to
  • take home notes – you’ll take home a bundle of goodness to refer to again and again while planning your online marketing
  • networking chops – because often the person sitting next to you happens to be your next collaborative project partner or loyal client!
If there isn’t a Workshop listed that you think you and your team need, drop me an email.
We will come up with something fabulous.

“Vibrant, fresh, exciting and honest! Very relatable.”

Ashleigh Tatam, Lawrence Vale Organics, Workshop Participant


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