Headline Hookathon

How to write heart-snagging headlines for conversion, sales, and making the best people fall madly in love with your brand


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This free training will deliver

The fundamentals of hookiness

I’ll explain what a hook is, where they go, how to write one, and how to know if they’re any good

How to use formulas

I’ll be honest, I don’t think they’re everything, but they’re a small helper to start you off building something much greater

How to figure out which words to use

Formulas only get you so far, but what the heckery do you use in the blanks?

Jazz hands

Oh yes, you’re in my world now

More than 80% of the people who land on any page of your website don’t stick around longer than the time it takes them to read your first sentence of copy

I’m Jay Crisp Crow and it’s my distinct pleasure to deliver you something that’ll help you not becoming a victim of those kinds of statistics.

By helping you write a first sentence JAM-PACKED-FULL of Hookiness. 

I’ve turned words into a totally different life for myself and my family. I started with $0, a borrowed laptop, and a disability and I now teach thousands of women all over the world how to write words that sell. Every. Single. Year. 

One of my Sales Pages has brought my clients over $4M of revenue in 6 months and 2 launches. But a ripper website page full of glorious copy doesn’t mean diddly squat if it doesn’t get read. And it won’t get read without this one, single, half sentence.

The headline.

The hook.

Let’s do it.