Shall I let you in on a little secret?

I rewrote my About page 174 times before I finally asked for help. And About pages are my gig.

In fact, I have a business based on the fact that business owners would rather blow their laptop up in the microwave rather than write another (or first!) version of their About page. And yet here I was, knowing better, valiantly trying to do mine by myself.

Don’t. Be. Me.

Snaffle this free guide instead.

In this eBook I’ll step-by-step you through the sometimes bumpy road of telling your own story.

Why is it so tough? Because often we’re too close to our own brilliance to recognise the shimmer.

Your About copy should be honest but polished, in your voice with a sheen of professionalism. It’s you on your best day.

I know not everyone has writer buddies they can flick overworked copy at, get back two tweaks, and finally feel good about a page.

Downloading the eBook will also get you an all access pass to my VIP list and includes copywriting tips you can implement on every page of your website.

It’s my free gift to you. I’m nice like that.

Because no one should write their About page alone.

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