earrings as gorgeous as your face


(Crisp) candy

So Crisp


Who said pink is for girls? This on-brand perfectly pink 12mm stud with signature So Crisp 50mm dangle is for women who roar (and write, and read, and rise up in revolution) 

So Crisp


Insert that story about an Aussie graphic designer, upon delivering first work to a client, received the feedback, “we can’t have that teal, that’s Jay Crisp Crow”. You can have ‘that teal’ though, in 12mm studs with 50mm So Crisp statements

So Crisp


So Crisp with 12mm studs as black as your boujie-but-never-basic heart and the original So Crisp 50mm teal, glittery dangles

So Crisp dangles are designed and made in Western Australia by local artisan Acid & Ivy in collaboration with Crisp Copy

They’re so darn lightweight you’ll forget you’re wearing them, except for the admiring looks fellow ear candy lovers slide your way

All Acid & Ivy/Crisp Copy collab glories are made with hypoallergenic stainless steel posts and backs, and custom made acrylic designs 

Get loud, colourful, and oh so Crisp with accessories that reject ‘the shoulds’ and proudly proclaim your extra-ness

not stopping now

new designs coming soon

Keep a keen eye on the socials for new drops creatively created for Crisp lovers – the writers, the readers, the try-really-harders