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2022 is the year to write what you mean

(without overthinking every. single. word)


365 Days Of Copy is created to be short, sharp, and sweet. It’s to get your writing juices flowing and your idea brain sparking and your good words out into the world so they can do their thing – whatever that thing is you want them to do.

Regardless of if you’re hoping to write more blog copy, want to start making your socials writing easier, or delving into copywriting scripts, courses, or entire proper-like books, use the monthly calendar and prompts to disrupt your mind when it’s doing the whole “but, I DUNNO WHAT TO WRITE” thing and give yourself zero excuses. 

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My name is Jay Crisp Crow and I have never, not ever, run out of words.

But I know it’s not the same for everyone.

One of the things I see get in women’s way often is staring at the blinking cursor of death like it’s some kind of hobby.

And that’s death to creative pursuits.

Because good copy isn’t written starting with the Headline and down to the end of a page like you’re writing an essay in a Uni exam. 

Often, good copy starts with a word and is then built out from the guts.

That’s what I’m offering you – the guts.


Delivered to you, every day, in a monthly calendar, for 365 days of the year. 

Wait, why would you want to spend a year with me?


Firstly, I’m super fun.

I have been dubbed “Australia’s Conversion Copywriting Queen” and I’m keeping that title. My emails have a 75%+ engagement rate on average and I’ve written Sales copy raking in the millions for clients.

I’ve taught thousands of women over the last several years to write copy for their own businesses and trained copywriters, VAs, and other fine marketing folk to write copy for their clients to sell. everything. 

What I’ve learned from those women is often we simply need a (gentle, high-kicking, fashionable) boot in the patootie. A prompt, a starter, a good idea.

So, I created this.

And made it a whole buckeroo per day.

Yes! You can join from March onwards

(and I’ve whacked January and February off the price below, to boot!) You get immediate access to the 365 Days Of Copy platform and even take a few ideas from previous months!

Lifetime-of-the-resource access

So it doesn’t matter if you actually write every day or not, you can backtrack any time and use any of the prompts when they suit you 

Less than $1 a day

That’s AUD, so around 60c a day if you’re in the US