A freebie is just a taste test

Are you offering your subscribers the option of a fresh-out-the-oven delicious main course to follow it up?


This 4 part, super speedy video training will deliver

Why you need a fair trade

A freebie, a lead magnet, whatever markety term you choose to use, make it tasty

What to write on your Landing Page

for maximum conversion with minimal mess

Why Thank You pages are so sweet

What to write on them for manners, and what to write for bonus selling

How to start planning a Nurture Sequence

because this is where the falling in love happens… along with the conversions

“I love Jay’s way with words and wanted to find the path to sharing my own with more ease and a fun, light-hearted energy. With Entice With Email I did just that, whipping out a welcome and nurture series with ease, as I made my way through the course in one coffee-fueled afternoon.

It’s a dip of the toe in the land of Jay, a short and simple way to see how and why your emails might be able to sing the same sweet way hers do.” – Nicole Moore, Birth Into Being

If you’re capturing a bunk of email addresses then doing diddly-squat with them, it’s time to up your game

This mini course will help you find that sweet spot between sending people nothing (yawn) and sending a pushy sales campaign (yuck).

I’m Jay Crisp Crow and my emails are flipping amazing. Not just for my readers, coz that’s a bit braggy, right? But they’re extraordinarily impactful for my business. 

In fact, I sell out most of my courses simply by having an engaged email list.

And that list? I’ve enticed every single one of those women through a free lead magnet and then used my emails to nurture the heckery out of them. In fact, I’ve turned words into a totally different life for myself and my family. I started with $0, a borrowed laptop, and a disability and I now teach thousands of women all over the world how to write words that sell. Every. Single. Year. 

This mini course will show you exactly how I’ve done exactly that. And all I need from you is your email address. (See what I did there?!)