Congratulations and rounds of applause, Showstopper Grad!

Now you’re done, would you like me to give your Sales Page copy a once over?

Get a 1:1 copy review of of your freshly written Sales page for a fraction of the regular Crispy price


“…The templates and full page review by Jay are worth the course price alone…” Kristi – Showstopper

📧 Save thousands of dollars on a 1:1 Sales Page copy review

📧 Give yourself some serious incentive to finish your Sales Page conversion copywriting

📧 Hit go on that Sales Page knowing it’s the full kit and crispy copy caboodle

 “…And, the biggest value by far is getting Jay’s detailed, constructive feedback on all things email – she even gives it via Loom video so I can play it back as I need…”

Here’s how it’ll work:

Step 1: Click here to add some Jay to your day and let me know you’ll be sending me your Sales Page copy draft

Step 2: Send me your finished-to-the-point-you-can-get-it draft in Word or Google Docs 

Step 3: Within the month, I’ll record you a video explaining my suggestions and make notes all over your fine work. No red pens will be involved, just helpful, conversion copy advice 

Step 4: Keep what you love, rework what you need to, then populate your new copy with the confidence you’re ready to test your Sales Page

Step 5: Pat yourself on the back and take yourself out for cake

Here’s why it’s cool:

1: You’ll pay a whole wad less than if you hired me to edit this copy for you, write this copy from scratch for you, or even book a 1:1 copy mentoring call where we get through as much as we can in an hour. In fact, it’s about $200 less than a single mentoring session with me. Plus I’ll actually make notes on your work instead of just telling you what to do with it

2: By snaffling this now, instead of coming back to me later for editing or reviewing, you’ve set yourself a deadline with in-built accountability and motivation to get the copy written

And we all know that’s a major roadblock when buying a course – actually implementing the work.

Speaking of deadlines…

this one is simple. You just have to send me your draft within 3 months from today to access the discount. I mean, you have access as of **right now** so get writin’ already!

“…My favourite (and least favourite) part was the homework. I quickly discovered that Jay is right, ‘writing is a doing word’. But I pushed through, as Jay checked all homework and gave invaluable feedback, always in a very constructive way…”

I hired Jay Crisp to help me edit and bring my sales page and webinar copy to life.
I had written both [through the Sales Page program] but I’m not a copywriter and really needed someone to take my bland copy and give it personality. I shared my copy as well as my brand voice, personality, and values to inform my style.
Jay took everything and within record time provided me with copy that made my brand shine.
I was ecstatic at how well she “got me”. She clearly understood what my brand stood for and how to bring it to life with perfect tone and personality. I incorporated every change and copy suggestion she shared.
I could not be happier with Jay’s work! I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a kindhearted professional who can bring brands to life with engaging copy that speaks to your audience.
There is no doubt that I will reach back out to her to help me with my next project!
Kathy Noble

Educational Consultant, Start with Your Story Educational Consulting


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* $300 AUD is around $228 USD or £165

All prices are + GST for Australian clients and you’ll be charged in AUD. Check your exchange rates if you’re in another country – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!