It’s not our fault we dribble words onto our own websites

We’re so wrapped up in maintaining a ‘professional’ digital presence, we’re trying to build authority, we want readers to know what’s in our hearts, and there’s nothing like the process of staring down a blank Google Doc that makes us more copy-constipated

So, we end up with paragraphs of flim-flam, bundles of boring bunkum, and copy weighed down with claptrap

2022 is the time to scrap that

What you’ll learn:

The fundamentals of DIY conversion copywriting

What is is, how it works, and how you work it

The copy concepts your website needs

There are eleventy gazbillion words you could include on your website but do you know the ones that really convert?

How to edit like a pro

Because knowing how to cull your website words will help you edit your effluvia

PLUS! 3 attendees will have their website words picked on!

Doesn’t *that* sound fun?! (It will be, and you won’t have to pay me $550 an hour to do it!)

“…that woman could talk about toilet seats and I’d still come back for more…”

No loo pews in this class, but a few mentions of dung

Thursday 3rd March – 11:00am – 12:00pm AWST via Zoom (replay sent to all registered clever clogs)

To celebrate the live round of the 2022 Crisp Copy Class, I’m kicking off the party with this truth-bombing free copy class

Spend an hour with me, learn a couple of new skills, and get a feel for what it will be like to upgrade your copy chops in a writing intensive with me for 9 fabulous weeks.

I’m Jay Crisp Crow and I’ve taught thousands of women from all around the globe to write words that connect with their best people and sell all their things. 

When I’m not amplifying the voices and stories of women, I’m writing Sales Pages that make millions, wrangling too many geese, and re-learning to ballroom dance. I might find copywriting easy, but I’m practiced at putting myself in uncomfortable positions, so I promise I know how you feel even considering turning up to an online class. There’ll be absolutely no hard pitch, it’s not my jam, and I don’t need to. 

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All the details:

Thursday 3rd March – 11:00am – 12:00pm AWST via Zoom
The class will be recorded and the replay sent to everyone who registers (although only live participants can put their website forward to be de-claptrapped!)