It’s So Crisp. Only tastier.

So Crisp has been thousands of women’s go-to ear-pleasure for all things business, bravery, branding, beauty, sex, love, motherhood, womanhood, feminism, labels, psychology, marketing, messaging, mavenry, musicals and the mess we call life – for 2 showstopping years.

Season 3 is about to drop and it’s just as delicious in all the good ways, only with extra crunch!

Because not only will each guest episode fly through the interwebs into your earholes every fortnight, there’ll also be freshly dished up weekly solo episodes with all my best copywriting, branding, and juiciness advice. 

Plus, there’s a poddy party in the blend, too!

Complete with prizes, party hats, and biodegradable confetti. 

Want to win something amazing? Or be the first to know when a new episode drops? 

Pop your deets in right here and I promise to never use the words “deets” again.