One-On-One Online Copy Coaching – 60 Minutes


One-On-One Copy Coaching Session


Book here:

You get:

  • 60 minutes of uninterrupted one-on-one copy coaching over Skype or Zoom
  • A collaborative process to improve your biggest copy issue
  • To send me the link to the page you have the issue with beforehand so we can effectively use every minute we spend together

This is a copy coaching session – I won’t wave my fairy copy-mother wand over your content, but instead, teach you how to analyse and improve your own copy. The skills you learn can then be implemented on every page of your website.

*All prices quoted are in AUD inclusive of GST for Australian buyers.

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If you are downright stuck and simply require someone to come to you and show you what to do, at a pace that’s comfortable for you and using language that won’t make you terrified of communicating at all, I’m your girl.

You can ask all and any questions you like about:

  • copywriting and editing
  • copy structure
  • user experience
  • brand voice
  • business story
  • blogging
  • sales pages
  • website page format
  • content creation and
  • social media copywriting

“After weeks poring over my own website, she finessed the content with ease and poignant articulation. Her wordsmithing is nothing short of outstanding… she makes copy jump off the page and land in your lap, just like an enthusiastic puppy.
Not only is Jay the best there is, she is a dynamic inspiration to all women, funny, warm and easy to work with. She’s one in a gazillion.

Jodie Lee McCulloch – Blue Wren Solutions

“I can not tell you how much I loved working with Jay Crisp Crow, but I’ll try.
I’ve had two very productive 45-minute sessions via Skype/ phone to review my web copy a few months apart. Jay can talk fast (which suits me because I can talk fast and like people who are direct). We whipped through my website finding better ways for me to articulate what I do, removing passive text that makes me own my words and gets my website working for me. Jay doesn’t pull any punches but is also equally lavish with praise when she sees something she loves. Everything is said with love, humour and a huge amount of experience behind it.
The thing I love most about Jay (with Hughie) is that she explains the why of the changes she’s recommending so you can stop making the same mistakes and become a better copywriter.
After implementing most of what we talked about I can already see the difference and have had great feedback about the before/ after.”

Lynette Delane – Kits and Bits


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