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The Crisp Copy Bloggers Group is the place to pick up a spark of blogging inspiration, share your ideas, get expert help from Jay Crisp Crow, get ongoing accountability, and build blooming blogging friendships to keep you writing and publishing and getting traffic!

As a part of this group you will receive:

  • blogging resources to download
  • monthly live Q&A sessions or live teaching
  • all the good feels from being part of a motivated and super smart group of blogging women

all for less than an organic green smoothie per week (and a whole lot tastier!)

This group is run by copywriter, editor, bodacious blogger, brand voice specialist, and social media addict Jay Crisp Crow of Crisp Copy™.

Doors open now for the next 3 month round beginning in August 2018.


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I’ve been following Jay and Crisp Copy for 3 years now, I’ve learned so much about how to write copy, blogs and newsletters, but what I still struggled with was setting aside time to write and then actually uploading and publishing the blog after it had sat in my drafts folder for a few months.

The Crisp Copy Blogging Group gave me the accountability I needed with Jay reminding us (Every. Single. Week.) to commit to writing something, anything and sharing it with the group.

While I politely ignored the first few reminders (sorry Jay), eventually I started to feel more excited about publishing and quickly finished a couple off and put them out into the world.

The Crisp Copy Blogging Group is great for anyone who knows they want to blog, has most of the tools and techniques in their saddle bag and just needs a gentle hand/ push/ kick up the a$$ to crisp up their copy and get it seen.

Lynette Delane

Tech Translator, Kits and Bits

I’ve always wanted to write ever since I can remember. I daydream about what my book cover is going to look like and the title. Then I realised I had to write the thing. I started blogging as a warm-up. Then I realised there is an art to it. And you need support. You need a structure. Getting all those amazing insights out of your head and onto the page is a process.

I have a lot to say and the Crisp Copy Blogging Group has given me the space and the feedback to craft my writing and my voice. Feedback is honest.

There’s not only mastermind Jay, there are so many other amazing masterminds in the group that help, support and cheer you on. It’s more than that the Master classes are brilliant and incredibly helpful.

I’ve found consistency in my writing and in my blogging which is so necessary if you want have your voice heard in this very noisy world. So recommend. Just do it.

Tracy O'Meara Smith

Emflowerment Expert, Silverdale Natural Therapy

Trying to find good marketing help in free FB groups filled with amazing, but often also confused, small business owners is like… well, it’s hard. Especially when it comes to blogging. Blogging isn’t a one part process nor can someone inspire you out of “blank page syndrome” in a one helpful comment or copy/paste of a direct link.

Enter Jay.

After being enticed to join The Crisp Copy Blogging Group post Blogathon (I thought there’d be snacks) I’ve received TONS of resources, monthly calls on topics I would’ve paid to learn about in the past, weekly accountability, answered questions as well as encouragement and feedback from other members (which is actually priceless). Now I couldn’t avoid blogging if I tried! And trust me, I have tried.

This group has got to be the next best thing to outsourcing – which isn’t something I personally want to do with my blogs. You get an education that sets you up long-term as well as water cooler chats, which aren’t something you get when working from home, to snap you out of your blogging funks. No more wondering what to write or when or wandering around in circles when you get stuck!

Kristi Lees

Health Detective, Kristi Lees

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