About Page Template Basic Structure Mini Package


Got a whole lot of copy and no real concept of how to bring it together?

Confident to DIY your content but not sure what you should include (and what you should leave out?)

Love a step-by-step visual guide + accompanying simple documentation to walk you through taking all that backstory and heart and turning it into something that’ll read well, be easily scannable, and move your ideal client through to the next point of the journey?

This basic package combines

  • a visual guide to About page copy layout (easy as pie to follow) plus
  • a 6-page PDF with further details of what goes where

If you’re almost there, this resource will get you over the line. All for less than a pub lunch!



A mini package of About page wisdom from an About page copy expert.

All prices are + GST for Australian residents.

“It all makes sense! Easy to follow and being a visual person LOVE that you have included this (the visual guide)!”

– Julie Nelson, Bespoke Perfumer – Aromatique Essentials

“It definitely makes sense and having the supporting visual makes the difference for me. I actually need to see it in action.. for a startup, it would be absolutely perfect and a bit of a lifesaver.”

– Claire Tait, Kinesiologist – Holistic Kinesiology 







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