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Write your next real estate listing in only moments with the Real Estate Listing Copy Generator. 

No writer’s block, no staring at a blank screen, and no outourcing to an expensive copywriter (it’s OK, I won’t take it personally). It’s a win… win win!

You’ll be prompted to plug in single words or descriptors with a strategic set of questions, then press the magic button on a ridiculously easy-to-use Google Sheet and bam! Your first draft will be written and either ready to publish or give it a fast edit to make it shine.

The generator is based on the thousands of highly converting real estate listings we’ve written over the past 7 years – the old, hard way. 

Perfect for agents, assistants, and property managers who want to quit outsourcing but write converting listings – fast. Oh, and if you’re a real estate copywriter you’ll love this tool. No one will ever know you took a shortcut. Bonus!

My company uses Jay for all our real estate copy, so I know how good she is. I’ve used her listing generator, and it’s miraculous. It’s NEARLY as good as the real Jay!

Jokes aside, this generator really does take the drudgery out of writing your own copy. You don’t sweat over every word – just a little light editing and you’re ready to go live. EASY.

Kendall Earnshaw

Earnshaws Real Estate

write hundreds of listings

for less than outsourcing a single listing to a (good) copywriter

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How do I use the product?

It’s so easy: no app to download, no platform to wrangle, and nothing to login to. This is a fancy pants Excel Document, accessed via Google Docs. So if you can type in a text box, you can use this tool.

Do I need to do anything after purchase?

Just hit File > Make A Copy and the document is all yours to use. No one else can see your work and you can copy and paste or download the document direct to your system.

But I'm a really bad writer!

1. Poppycock.

2. That’s why you don’t have to write more than 3 – 4 words at a time. 

3. See Point 1.

I'd much rather have someone else write listings.

Easy. Check out our done-for-you real estate copywriting services here.

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What if I change my mind?

Because of the immediate access and digital nature of the education, refunds for change of mind will not be given.

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