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Nosy by nature

We’re driven by curiosity – both in regards to fabulous writing and homes and properties. If you’re the kind of human who loves a stickybeak around a house for sale, who reads the listings and peruses the photos for fun, and then rewrites parts of the whole shebang in your head to make it better – we want to write with you. 

Pedantic on purpose

We wrangle the written word like it’s hot taffy and we’ve a particularly delicious sweetie creation in mind. And although we’re in the business of writing conversational converting copy, we’re sticklers when it comes to spelling, format, and style. If you love the Oxford comma and can spot an error at 100 paces – we want to write with you.


Although we can’t get it right all the time, you’re the kind of writer who screws up your nose every time you read the descriptor: ‘Master’ bedroom. There’s a lot of room to change copy for the better in real estate and if you’re up for questioning the traditional ways of the industry – we want to write with you. 

you won’t do it alone

Fully supported role: Listing Writer

We’re seeking a quick-witted, thesaurus-using, fast-typing-fingered writer to join our pretty darn fantastic team.

You’ll love:

– writing about houses and properties, especially the quirky, individual, prestigious, drop-dead gorgeous, and all jazzed up with more bells and whistles than you can poke a stick at types

– being fully supported by an amazing copy editor who will always ensure your listing gets a total Crisping before it hits the clients’ inbox

– having access to a treasure trove of examples including a pre-prepped style guide so you can concentrate on the all-important story of the home, and not have to think about whether you should list bedrooms or living areas first

– increasing rate of pay after your first 6 listings and getting paid by the listing (not by the word or hour) plus a bonus for 24 hour turnaround (if required by the client)

– the total flexibility. One of our writers works between the hours of 8pm and midnight. If you’re juggling other commitments, as long as your listing hits our emails by 10am on the due date, we don’t mind when you complete the work

But you’ll have to be able to:

– work autonomously (mainly, our head writer will usually be at the end of an email if you get stuck)

– have an ABN and your own insurance and be happy to work as a sub-contractor

– be fairly flexible about work. Some weeks we’ll write upwards of 20 listings in 5 days, other weeks a little less. Currently, the WA property market is booming so there’s plenty of work – which is why we need you!

– write to a deadline and make similar listings sound ragingly individual and unavoidably buyable 


WOMEN owned, Women lead, women written

Here’s who you’ll be writing with



and copywriter, copy mentor, course creator, award-winner, hillbilly. Writes 6 million dollar launch copy when not writing about homes that sell in a day. Will be the last person to touch your new listing. Adores a renovated cottage


Senior Writer

and copywriter, copy editor, website specialist, tourism maven, collector of oddities. Finds something to showcase in every fixer-upper. Lives down south and appreciates quirky old homes with stories to tell (and a chook shed out the back)


Specialist Listing Writer

and sensitivity reader, Historian, speaker, article writer. Expert in showcasing community and making copy inclusive. Will not tolerate a listing that reads ‘His & Hers’ 


Listing Writer

or you can be anonymous if you like. You don’t have to have your face on our website, we’re perfectly capable of telling clients how fabulous you are without you appearing here

Tickling your fancy?

Applying is easy

Email jay@crispcrow.com.au with your pitch

Hint: make it less than 300 words because we all know short copy is harder than long!

Let me know your availability, your relevant skills, your rate expectation (per listing), and where in WA you’d like to write about. If you’ve ever done this work before, send me a copy of your best listing or a link to view it

I’ll get back to you within 3 business days over email

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