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The Crisp Copy Class is a community of women in business learning to write better to sell all their things. 

With evergreen access to ever-growing recorded content, a page-by-page romp through your website and email copy, more copywriting tutorials and downloads than you can poke a stick at, and the option of live Masterclasses and Q&As and vibrant Facebook communities where Jay is on call to answer your copy woes. 

Yep, I’ll be with you the whole way through. Every day.


With a massively limited amount of places available in each round, grabbing a seat is a little like adult musical chairs, so get to button pressing. Here’s one you can press now:


Crisp Copy Class Online Copywriting Training Digital Copywriting Course

Crisp Copy Converts

Over 130 women have now enrolled in this course and upped their copy chops. You’ll get to meet them once you become an Alumni.

Crisp Copy Class Best Copywriting Course
Crisp Copy Class Best Copywriting Course

“I am a die-hard DIYer, riding the cutting edge of the NewLaw wave, so outsourcing my copy was never in my game plan. Besides, I enjoy writing so much – why should I let someone else have all the fun? The problem was, my website copy did not feel cohesive. It lacked structure, having been written piecemeal in spurts of unguided inspiration, and it was not as delightfully dazzling as I desired it to be. I also thought I lacked the time and motivation to make it better.

Enter Jay’s Crisp Copy Class. Jay’s copy always sizzles superbly and if I was ever going to entrust my copy to another, the ever-feisty Jay would be my first choice. Imagine my joy at finding that she would not only hold my hand and guide me step by step through the process of polishing every word on my website, she had also curated a collection of top-notch marketing experts to teach me all I needed to know about efficiently crafting an effective web presence for my business.

The best thing about the Crisp Copy Class is the inspiration that comes from working with other motivated writers (including Jay herself) to bring out my very best wordsmithery, and then receiving timely (loving) scrutiny to screen out all that is drab and dull.

If you love writing but your website copy lacks lustre (or even if you want to hang out with cool people and have fun playing with words) I cannot recommend the Crisp Copy Class highly enough.”

Michelle Whitehead

Lawyer, Michelle Whitehead

“Like a course, but better! Education + Feedback = Priceless.

I’d been circling my website for months knowing it needed an update, but every time I sat to write, zero came to me. What was I supposed to say? In what order? Using what words? Then back in the too hard basket it would go.

Enter the Crisp Copy Copywriting Course (and community). This group has got to be the next best thing to outsourcing – which isn’t something I personally wanted to do. You get an education that sets you up long-term as well as those “water cooler chats” for check-ins and accountability (as well as Jay’s standard issue humour).

No more wondering what to write or feeling alone behind a computer screen! Watch a monthly call, take notes, do the thing, get feedback, edit and hit publish. Viola! Now I can make my own website changes with confidence ??

Kristi Lees

Health Detective, Kristi Lees

I joined the CCC ‘cos I offer a unique form of prep for pregnancy and birth that’s always been a little tricky to communicate. I’m over that – I wanted to find the way to draw clients in… 

plus I just lurve Jay’s word magic.

The no-nonsense approach to getting our copy reviewed, the cheer squad of other women who asked genuine questions and offered kind critique, the professionalism and yet genuine humility of the other writers, were all very cool.

Since doing CCC, I have completely relaxed around using my own authentic voice in my copy, and am ready to take on 2020 in a big way!”

Nicole Moore

Educator, Birth Into Being Australia

“I joined the CCC because I knew I needed help to get clear with my message, my brand and how to confidently promote myself online.

I had, up to that point, been flapping about all over myself hoping I was getting it right, confused and envious of many other amazing women who seemed to have their shit together.

During the CCC, my copy went from scattered and timid to bold and powerful.

I was no longer scared to stand proudly and say “this is who I am, this is what I do”.

CCC gave me more than just great copy. The whole course was put together and delivered so spectacularly I was able to (with newfound confidence) reveal my brand, my voice, the direction I want to take my business, and then put it together elegantly in words.

I got so much more than I anticipated, my investment paid me back 3 times over before I was even halfway through the course.

I love that no matter where you are in your journey, you can join and completely blow your brand, message and business into a whole new meaning of WOW.”

Kayleen Greaghan-Castle

Author, Kayleen's Voice

“I knew I could write, in fact, I make money writing copy for other people. But it wasn’t until I joined CCC that MY copy started coming together.

During the course it was great being able to tap almost directly into Jay’s copy and business brain, no question was too stupid and her answers were always crystal clear.

Jay taught me how to write in my voice, and create self-weeding copy that my target market loves.

Being in CCC is a great investment for any businesswoman at any stage – but particularly for those who think boring copy is so yesterday.”

Jennifer Zeven

Copywriter + Author, Blurbology

“Writers like me spend a lifetime refining the craft. Hours are spent on a single sentence. You add a word here, take another there, always in scrutiny of every nuance and slant. Until you end up with a piece of writing so precise in delivery and interpretation, its intended meaning can’t be mistaken.

I wanted to refine my copywriting skills.

When my business coach told me to check out the Crisp Crow website, I did. Jay had me from the first headline. Right smack bang in the palm of her multi-award-winner hand.

I signed up to her… online copy course the minute I heard about it.

I love the structured yet at-your-pace learning style. It means hustling women like me can make it work. I love the friendly and supportive environment. I especially love how Jay’s always available to give support and gentle guidance when you need it.

The course has gone above and beyond supersizing my copy prowess. Jay adds bang for buck by enlisting industry experts to deliver topics on personal branding, SEO, analytics, targeted web pages and more.

I know a heck of a lot more now than I did before the course. It’s given me a confidence kick and I’m a better copywriter for it.

Let’s face it, when Jay gives your copy the thumbs up: life made.

I’d definitely recommend this course to solopreneur business women looking for a content-marketing edge.”

Eva Puardo

Copywriter, Qual Creative

“I joined Jay’s class because I knew she can write kick-ass copy, but even better, I knew she has spunk.

That’s a lethal combination, and I wanted a part of her action in CCC.

I wanted to download her skills and feed off her vibe, to be brave and truly voice myself out.

She taught me the tangibles – how to write, how to edit. But most importantly, she taught me the equally valuable intangibles by making me dig deep and really think – figuring on what my business is and what my brand stands for, and what it doesn’t.

And just go for it. My business copy is still a work in progress, but now the progress is much easier, thanks to what I have learned in CCC and Jay.”

Suk-yi Lo

Owner, The Caffeine Trifecta


One classmate 10 x her pricing just 1 month into the course. And finally launched (and sold) the packages she’d always wanted to

One classmate realised her dream of being a copywriter and launched herself as a professional writer

One classmate found the confidence to launch her own online course for women in business and enjoyed a successful and financial new offering launch