Crisp Copy Sales Page Bundle

Want to sell ALL your stuff?

Scared by the idea of conversion copy?

Don’t want to be a spammy, sleazy McSalesy pants?

The Crisp Copy Sales Page Bundle is a 20 + page guide including:

– Sales page basics
– Conversion copy lesson
– How to reverse-engineer your Sales page
– And a template to follow to tick ALL the Sales page boxes
 a visual guide to follow for layout and structure.

“Thank you to the ace Jay Crisp Crow… I put what I learnt into creating my sales page for my new course…”

Sales Page Structure:

Want to write to sell all your things? This bundle includes:

  • a visual guide to a basic mid-length Sales page copy layout (that’s easy as pie to follow) plus
  • a 20+ page step-by-step PDF with further details of what goes where (and why, including a lesson on conversion (and how to use it in an Australian market)

“I used Jay’s Sales Copy Page template to write my sales pages, and the guide made the process SO SIMPLE and easy for me. I am not a copywriter or talented at writing Sales Pages, so having a guide that showed me what to write and how to write it! I Highly Recommend this Word Bird!”

Diana Todd – Taxpert at Balance Tax

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