You’re in, but…

Hold up one second, because while confirmation and all the access instructions are whizzing their way through the interwebs to your inbox,

I’ve got that once-in-a-lifetime review offer lined up ready for you to add to your order.

Get a 1:1 copy review of one, or both, of your email sequences for a fraction of the price


“…That feedback was single-handedly the most powerful part of the process…” – Trina, Unfailer

📧 Save $200 +++ a pop for my 1:1 time

📧 Give yourself some serious incentive to finish your Nurture and/or Sales sequence so I can get to working on it

📧 Hit go on that automation knowing it’s the full kit and crispy copy caboodle

 “…And, the biggest value by far is getting Jay’s detailed, constructive feedback on all things email – she even gives it via Loom video so I can play it back as I need. I highly recommend this course to anyone, who like me, felt they were failing at email…”

Here’s how it’ll work:

Step 1: Choose if you’d like me to complete a 1:1 review of either your Nurture or Sales 5 part email sequence in the cart below

Step 2: You do the course work (yeah sorry, you still have to do all the yakka!) 

Step 3: Send me your finished-to-the-point-you-can-get-it draft in Word or Google Docs 

Step 4: Within the month, I’ll record you a video explaining my suggestions and make notes all over your fine work. No red pens will be involved, just helpful, conversion copy advice 

Step 5: Keep what you love, rework what you need to, then set up your automation with the confidence you’re ready to test your copy

Step 6: Wait for the data/sales/love to roll in from your email list 

Step 7: Pat yourself on the back and take yourself out for cake

Here’s why it’s cool:

1: You’ll pay a whole wad less than if you hired me to edit this copy for you, write this copy from scratch for you, or even book a 1:1 copy mentoring call where we get through as much as we can in an hour. In fact, it’s about $200 less than a single 60 minute copy mentoring session with me plus I’ll actually make notes on your work instead of just telling you what to do with it

2: By snaffling this now, instead of coming back to me later for editing or reviewing, you’ve set yourself a deadline with in-built accountability and motivation to get the course completed and the copy written

And we all know that’s a major roadblock when buying a course – actually implementing the work.

Speaking of deadlines…

this one is simple. You just have to send me your drafts within 3 months of purchasing the course to access the discount. I mean, you have access as of **right now** so get writin’ already!

“…My favourite (and least favourite) part was the homework. I quickly discovered that Jay is right, ‘writing is a doing word’. But I pushed through, as Jay checked all homework and gave invaluable feedback, always in a very constructive way…”

“My email subscriber list was 30 people strong, all friends and family when I started my business less than a year ago. And I had NO IDEA what to do with them!

As I trust Jay’s incredible wisdom, I signed up for her UYE course, admittedly with some scepticism.

Fast forward 3 months, I ran a paid Facebook Ad for my free quiz and my email distribution list jumped to 303 in a week. I nearly had a heart attack!

Luckily I was armed with a nurture sequence I felt comfortable with, as my fairy-godmother-queen-bee-Jay checked it over as part of the course.

Now 6 months later, I regularly email my people, know what to say, how to structure it, and had less than 10 unsubscribes!”

Riki Deale – Zoo Tamer at Tame Your Zoo


Because a woman needs choices



AUD – Per Sequence

Add 2 x this product to your cart to have me review your Sales and Nurture sequences



AUD – Per Sequence

Add 2 x this product to your cart to have me review your Sales and Nurture sequences

* $300 AUD is around $228 USD or £165

All prices are + GST for Australian clients and you’ll be charged in AUD. Check your exchange rates if you’re in another country – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!