7 emails bursting full of bloggy writing ideas

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I know there are 2349872347 blogging courses out there.

I know, as I wrote some of them.

My courses focus on blogging for conversion, which is turning your reader into a buyer and your scanner into a lover-lover, it’s all about the long-term relationships and the cha-ching. 

But what about if you just want to start writing for fun?

What about if your blog doesn’t have to bring you in any ROI yet?

What about if you just want some ideas to get business-bloggy?

Grab 7 emails over 7 days for just $7 and borrow my bloggy ideas for simple-dimple blog beginnings.


The Crisp Copy Bloggy Blitz is super simple:

7 emails over 7 days, each day with a prompt and ideas to get your blog writing started.

It’s not bursting with strategy, it’s not focused on structure, it’s not copywriting for conversion – it’s nothing you don’t need yet and everything you do:

– bloggy inspiration (for brain fog days)

– options for making blog writing easier (so you can get at least 6 of those babies written and published on your website pronto)

– and some plain English explanations of why successful blog people do certain things (and how you can incorporate them into your blog planning)

All for less than a box of donuts 




Hello, I’m Jay, the world’s laziest blog copywriter

It’s not that I don’t appreciate all the goodness a blog can do for a business, and it’s not as if my blog writing for my clients wasn’t amazing, coz it was, but my own blogs used to suck. 

I wrote blogs because I thought copywriters should have blogs like, ‘WHAT IS SEO?’


I forgot one of my own rules – sometimes, you should get to write for love.

So, yes, I have copy blogging courses and I teach women around the world how to use their blogs to make all the love-feelings happen and all the credits cards get whipped out, but I also know the value of wanting to start a blog and having zero idea how to do it. 

So, I created this.

I know it will help you, even if you have no inkling how to get going, because I’ve helped literally thousands of women write the words they mean over the last 6 years through 1:1 mentoring, courses, and consulting. 

And before that? I wrote an anonymous blog, just for giggles, to ensure someone would actually read my stuff. I knew I was onto something the day I was sitting in my office being Mrs Professional Pants and heard the teachers in the staff room discussing my recent blogged escapades in lovey-dovey voices. (No, I’ll never tell you who I was!) 

I won a Top 50 Business Leaders National award in 2020 and I was named Best Copywriting Service 2021 for being at the forefront of delivering online courses differently. Better. However, the Bloggy Blitz isn’t full of all the bells and whistles and course platforms and gamified modules and unlocked lessons. Honestly, you don’t need all that yet. You just need a little bit of juice, a few ideas, permission to eat carbs, and a map and flashlight to find your own light at the end of the bloggy tunnel. 


Crisp Copy Blogathon Blogging Course

“… is there anything about copywriting she doesn’t know? I don’t think so…”

Bloggy Blitz is for you if:

  • you don’t currently have a blog but you dearly want one, or you just want to dip your toe in and give it a whirl
  • you have oodles to say but no flipping idea how
  • you want to blog for love, or fun, or frustration, or to find your voice and make some noise 
  • you have a brand spanking new website and some marketing pro has told you a coupla blogs would be a very strategic idea to launch it with 
  • you’d like to give me 7 whole Australian dollars and just see if I can insert an inspiration into your email inbox 

Bloggy Blitz is not for you if:

  • you have a ripper blog style but no idea how to structure the darn things for conversion, in which case, you need this
  • you hate writing. Like, HATE it. Actually, even then, I might just flick you an idea that gets your bloggy motor running and you on your way
  • you’d rather buy the box of donuts. In which case, why not buy both and eat while reading my advice? I’m all for carbs (see photo above for proof) 

“7 days of Bloggy Blitz helped me with:

Confidence, Writer’s block, What topics to write about, Insta content, A nudge when I needed it, A friendly reminder to write every day, Finding my writer’s voice”

(Pretty good for $7!) 

– Amber Dennis – Inclusion & Accessibility Advocate wheeliegoodperth

7 whole Australian dollars

(Yeah, that’s like 3 bucks fifty in US land)

+ GST for Australians because aren’t we lucky ducks?