Get your hands dirty with this self-guided Crisp Copy Class

This copywriting course has been created for women in business. From midwives to copywriters, from mortgage brokers to website designers, everyone in the deep end together (some with floaties and hey – there’s no shame in that) finding their brand voice, their copy personality, discovering their dream clients, and writing words that sell.


lesson 1


Brand That Baby

Brand Copy Foundations

Word Bank, Brand Statements, Benefits Statements, Ideal Client, Messaging, Brand Voice, Copy Style Guide

lesson 2


All About About Page

The story that brings you to this point? That’s important stuff. Give it purpose and get it working for you. (We start here coz it’s hard and I believe in eating your broccoli first!)

lesson 3


Writing Process

How to get the info out of your brain and onto the screen

Edit Like A Pro


Structure Like A Boss

User Experience, Page Structure for various website pages


lesson 4


Bringing It Home Page

Crack the whip of your Home page and ensure it’s doing its job. You have 8 seconds. Make it happen


lesson 5


Sell, Sell, Sell

Sales Pages That Sell Stuff

Learn my no-brainer template and get expert access to guest Masterclass presenters for short and long form Sales pages and write your own.

Flipping Fab Funnels

Free Stuff

How to write a fabulous free thing and get people to need it. Make the fair trade of value-packed amazingness and their precious email a happy swap

Luscious Landing Pages 

Create a landing page that gets people to click all the buttons


Module 6


Email Newsletters

Because you are competing with a lot of noise on Facebook, but if you’re invited into someone’s inbox, you’d better do a good job once you’re there

How to write and structure converting emails that make each of your individual readers feel like you’re writing directly to them


Incorporate keywords into your copy naturally so your reader AND the Google Gods lap up your stuff

Micro Copy

Tiny bits of copy that pack a punch and get people eager to click the ‘buy’ button. Here’s how to write them, where to put them, and how to make them convert your readers to buyers




How to write your own Press Release + How to pitch to the Media + How to set up Google Analytics and Search Console + Understanding the psychology of copy + Cultivating confidence + More $$ less hustle + Productivity 101 + How to use Asana to organise content + Blogging 101 + Using Pinterest for sales + How to write for Facebook + loads more (and ever growing!) Masterclasses by guest experts


Paying attention to your copy can do some incredible things for your business growth.

I know how gutsy you have to be to play ball with the big girls in the online world. There’s so much noise. And you want everyone to like you.

Playing safe (and writing stuff that’s middle of the road) makes no one feel special. You don’t help your readers self-weed, and you don’t make your ideal client feel like they’ve finally found you.

I know you’re really good at your ‘thing’ and you wish you didn’t have to know how to be an entire marketing agency just to get it out there. I get it. You’d just like to be paid while you work in your genius. Fantastic copy will help that happen. Plus, joining will literally cost you about the price of 2 choc-chip muffins per week. Only much better for your health.


At the end of this training you’ll be a confident copywriter.

Copywriting not your long-term #lifegoal? No worries – what you’ll learn about messaging, copywriting, content creation, and brand voice will mean you never have to worry your copy is dreadful again.

From emails to socials, you’re good to write.

For $397 AUD you get:

  • All the recorded content from the 2018 and 2019 Crisp Copy Class live rounds – that’s currently over 30 hours of pre-recorded Masterclasses on everything from About pages to Sales pages, how to write a Press Release to how to find confidence, how to pitch to Media to using Asana effectively

  • Downloadable tutorials and worksheets

  • Member’s only platform

  • Evergreen access to all the recorded content for the life of the course

  • Ever growing bonus booty on the member’s site

  • Classmates only 1:1 copy coaching rate

  • Snazzy badge for your website upon graduation

“…Jay taught me how to write in my voice and create self-weeding copy my target market loves…”

Jennifer Zeven – Copywriter at Blurb-ology


I’m not just bossy, I’m the boss. The bacon-bringer, the buck-stops-here-girl. I completely understand the paramount importance of your words making bank. Because I don’t get up every morning, have my false eyelashes on fleek, and have someone give me a blow-dry before waltzing into my writing space coffee in hand. 

And I’m not saying I’m a better copywriter than anyone else, but in 3 short years I’ve dragged my brand up from barely born to charging out at one of the highest hourly rates for freelance copywriters in Australia.

My words did that. 

Fairly quickly, I found an uncanny knack to teach other people how to make theirs do the same thing. Instead of keeping it all for my intensive clients, in 2018 I launched two new online communities – one for blogging and one for copy – keeping costs low for those on a budget while still maintaining a ripper level of expert advice and training.

I’m Jay Crisp Crow, proud owner of a funny name, Mother to 3 game-changing people, lover of a Viking, and dedicated, life-long word nerd who just adores seeing someone else nail it.

You can find out more about me at Crisp Copy and soak up the All-Jay-All-Day show at Crisp Crow.



“Her nifty course broke everything down into logical sections and helped me work through my goals and motivations, establish what makes me tick, and even feel a bit more confident about my abilities…”

Sam Hudson – Website Designer

All guest experts and classes will be uploaded into a members-only platform and available for revisiting for the life of your access

You also get discounted 1:1 copy coaching and live workshops with me

How much time will this take?

So, you noticed the price wasn’t $285 per hour, right? That’s because there’s some work needed from your end. Anything good either needs time or money invested in it – this is an affordable course because it requires you to dig in at least twice a week and put aside a couple of hours to do the work.

There's so much info online for people writing their own copy. Can't I just follow all that advice?

Heck, yes!

How’s that going for you so far?

I wrote over a million words of converting copy last year and people pay me just under $4000 to do this training with me 1:1.

This membership course gives you step-by-step guides to follow, access to me and my experty friends. You do need to do some work but you’ll learn this stuff once and implement it forever more – from writing your own Sales page to always knowing what to write on social media.

I just don't have the time!

Great! Outsource!

Email me and I’ll write your website, emails, socials copy – everything – for you.

But, if you want to learn copywriting practices you can use on every page of your website along with paying a fraction of the price of getting a professional to do it for you, this is a very sweet option, my friend!

But... I'm a bad writer!

1. Poppycock.

2. That’s why I’ve broken down these lessons for you with advice on structure, writing processes, editing, and storytelling.

3. See Point 1.

Don’t want to be a copywriter when you grow up? Goodo. This membership is aimed at smart women in business who want to improve their own copy, and marketing professionals, VAs, and newbie copywriters who want to get better results for their clients. You don’t need to be Tolstoy to kill it.

What's the difference between the live round and the self-guided tour?

1. Dollars.

2. The live round participants get everything the DIY version folk do, plus an invitation to the live calls (so they can ask questions), week day access to Jay on the Facebook group, and discounted 1:1 sessions. 

If you are a DIYer and want to upgrade at any point, just email me and I’ll send you an invoice for the dollar amount difference only and a spot in the next available live round.


I've changed my mind. Can I have a refund?

Listen, don’t do that to yourself.

Don’t be one of those people that signs up for things only to bail on themselves.

Let’s tackle this thing. Do the work. Implement the advice. You’re thinking of signing up for this because you are so darn sick of your copy being the same as your competitors, boring as heck, or feeling totally inauthentic. Or, like, not in existence.

So – officially: refunds for change of mind will not be given. However, if your world implodes sometime between the day you purchase this course and 14 days afterwards we can work something out. If you request to cancel your course in writing to within 14 days of purchasing this course with a valid reason for your request we will reply by email within 2 business days to inform you if a refund has been approved. Once approved, an electronic refund will be issued (less any payment gateway fees) within 14 working days from the date of approval.

Refund requests after the 14 day period will not be approved under any circumstances and at all times we will abide by the Australian Consumer Law in relation to any guarantees for our Services. You can read all my T&Cs here.

I'd rather work with you 1:1
Fantastic, I have something for that. It’s by application only. Check out the options here.

want evergreen access to an ever growing resource library of copy goodness?