Done-for-you copywriting that makes your mouth water

(and your bank account applaud)

I’m a Perth Copywriter and Copy Consultant

working with brands around the world from my hub of Wordnerdery in the Hills.

If it has words, I can work with it.

If you’re sick to the back teeth of looking at a blank screen with your fingers hovering over a keyboard that never quite seems to give you what you want, you’ve been burned by using content creators that churn out the same, tired old malarkey as everyone else, or you just want someone with chops and guts to nail your content – you’re in the right spot.

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“I literally had tears in my eyes as I read the first draft…”

Yep, someone said this about my first draft. Imagine how happy they are now! (You can get a piece of that…)

Cross-Continental Copy

I am a Perth copywriter and a bona fide hillbilly, but I work with clients throughout Australia and all around the world.

There’s no tricky marketing ploy with pricing; I charge the same price – in Australian dollars – whether you’re on my street or in the UK. (Figure out the exchange rate, overseas friends, it’ll make you smile!)

The best way for us to connect is on Skype or Zoom (where you can choose to record our session to replay later) and I’m not against a 3am chat for those of you on the other side of the world.

Your copy?

It sees me coming. It knows my name.

It trembles with anticipation as I give it an eyebrow. Your story bows down at the flourish of my pen.

Aren’t choices fab?

Here’s what you get with Crisp Copy (choose one, or choose them all!)

Think you’d like to learn how to DIY with crunch and juice? I offer online courses and individualised training.

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