Your Sales page isn’t selling your stuff and your conversions are on the blink.

You need

Sales Copy

Your website needs a major makeover, either a page or two or the whole shebang.

You need

Website Copy

You want return on investment and connection with buyers that love your guts.

You need

Email Copy

Crisp Copy Copywriting Services Jay Crisp Crow Australia


should not make anyone feel like this (especially not you)


“…Jay wiggled her magic writing fingers and turned my messy brain dump into the most magical of words. Words that sound like me, but that I could have never written myself.

Believe me, I’d tried…”

Your copy should:


✔️ make your ideal client want to eat up your stuff like full-fat cheesecake

✔️ sing your brand song so loud it’s as if you’re on the Sydney Harbour Bridge* with a loudspeaker

✔️ have the best people wanting to start a business relationship (and spend their dollars) with you

✔️ be the flipping love of your digital life 

Crisp Copy provides done-for-you copywriting services perfectly blending brand messaging and conversion based strategy

and also random musical theatre references, but they’re free

* insert relevant landmark from wherever you are in the world (yes, I’m an international copywriter)

So what do you actually get with a premium copywriting service?

Hearts on fire, money in the bank, return clients, loyal advocates. (Words for emails and websites.)

But, not just regular words. Words that make your ideal client feel a tingle of excitement that they might get to work with you you or buy your stuff. So getting their hands on your brand almost feels like a privilege. 

But here’s where I make it more difficult than a whole truckload of other copywriters who would be happy to take your cash right now and email you back some paragraphs *they* like the sound of:

You probably need more than plain ol’ copy.

Because – I’ll let you in on a secret – website copy without solid brand foundations are just pretty words on a screen. They look nice. Don’t do much. And we’re not talking fonts and colours here, friend, we’re talking brand. The guts and glory of your business.

So, when I first write for you, we’ll sort out who you are, what you do, who you do it for, what they need, and how you should communicate with them (and where), and – most importantly – how you’re going to make them cry happy tears of, “oh thank GOODNESS, I finally found you!”

Then! Then I’ll write you the crispest copy around. No imitation flavours.

Crisp Copy Free Copywriting Email Course

My superpower? It’s empathy

Lookit, there’s absolutely nothing like spending your *entire life* trying to avoid being such a bleeding sponge, softhearted, soak-up-everyone-else’s-feelings empath… only to find out it’s exactly what makes you ragingly brilliant at your chosen career. 

So yes, I have processes and resources and ways and means of getting all the words out of your brain and heart and translating it onto a digital page.

But I also have an almost spooky ability to hear the words you’re not saying, to feel beyond the block of whatever’s getting in your way of finding the right words and teasing those babies out, and to put the words you’ve already meant to say in the order that makes perfect sense to you so reading them makes you have a bit of a sob…

…while knowing they’re going to do the same for your next best client. 

I am ragingly mediocre at most other aspects of my life (just ask my kid what his lunchboxes are like) but this? This is a gift.

This gift I’m bursting to share with you


Hands up if this is you!

✖️ You don’t want to worry about non-converting copy for a day more, and you definitely do not want to write the darn stuff yourself

✖️ You have no flipping idea what your brand voice should sound like or you know you sound just like every. single. one of your competitors and it’s driving you bananas

✖️ You’ve been burned before with a (cheaper?) copywriter who just wrote you some pretty words they liked – words that don’t really sound like they’ve ever, ever come out of your mouth

✔️ Your brand or business is established or growing exponentially and your digital presence is so far behind you don’t even recognise it as you

✔️ You know you can sell like a boss once you get that ideal client in front of you or get them to purchase their first product. You know how to turn them from first timers to raving fans and massive advocates: in short – you have something flipping awesome to sell

✔️ You’re open to the (tiny) time investment it’ll take for me to flip open your brain and magic your brand out of it and the (slightly more) dollar investment it’ll take to get me on your team

If you want all this and a bag of chips, here’s where we start

Download my Copy Menu with all pricing and inclusions (includes link to chat, if you need, and an application form)

Already taken a squizz at my prices and you’re ready to rumble?

“…I was initially scared that the time Jay and I spent chatting about my business, my geekiness, and my odd-ball quirks wouldn’t be enough time for her to really capture my voice.

I was wrong. She got it. First go…”

Want a peek at my copy crystal ball to see how this is all going to work?


Once we’ve decided we’re going forward with this short-term (but fruitful and endorphin-inducing) relationship here’s what we’ll do:

1: Nail your brand voice

We’ll meet over a cup (tea, gin, whatever you need) on Zoom where I’ll dig around in your brand soul (pain-free, mostly) and get your ideal client in my sights. I’ll do this by asking you a half bazillion questions – fast – so you don’t have to write a word.

Annnnd, you’re done. No more writing for you. Every step from here until dessert is all me – you can go back to doing whatever it is you do best

2: Mine your humans for gold

…by interviewing your current clients and/or the kind of folk you want to work with or sell to. If you’re brand new, I have a posse of clever clogs I keep in my back pocket (squishy!) that I’ll shuffle through and find folk perfect to give insights into what they really think of your industry, offers, competitors, and solutions. I’ll also spend a lot of intimate time with your current marketing materials and any copy or branding you utterly love

3: Maximise your ROI with SEO

I’ll grab any extra information I need including your SEO keywords. If you haven’t invested in keyword research, we can outsource that to one of my favourite SEO superstars. I’ll then commit to a start time for your work

4: Deliver the raw goods

Between 2 – 4 weeks later, you’ll receive your optimised website or email copy with structure suggestions for design and for user experience straight into your inbox. Copy that encompasses your brand soul and all your professional quals. Copy that makes your ideal client feel like you’ve reached into their heart and pulled out their deepest desires and spoken directly to them, so much so they’re asking themselves, “who IS this woman and how did I exist before I met her?” Copy that sounds like you, only better. Look, it’s a magical thing. How do I do it? It’s my goddess given gift. Don’t question it

5: Tweak it. Hard

You’ll then have 10 days to roll around in the copy. Sweet.
You might not need the time – over 95% of my clients breathe out, pop the champers, and upload their new copy straight into the right spot. But, if you need changes, this is the opportunity to make tweaks, ask questions, get some amendments made. We want to get this bang on.
Send me back your tracked changes and I’ll deliver you a final, clean copy, colour coded so your developer can easily upload your new copy 

6: Sell everything and watch the love pour in

You’ll promote your new website or email copy all over the internet and everyone buys your thing or sends you businessy marriage proposals. 

We all drink champagne and send each other celebratory GIFs


Who do I write for?

You understand the power of words. You know your copy is not quite yet communicating the unique value of your thing the way it deserves. You love good work and you value craftsmanship. You’re on board about digging deep and you’ll trust me to do it. You’ve probably been in business for a couple of years now and you’re pretty savvy with the concept of the Magic Triangle (I only provide good and fast, by the way) and you know your way around your own marketing. Or you are the marketing person – I offer white label services, easy as pie. You’re also the buck-stops-here human and the boss – we’re not going to have issues with a sudden onslaught of 20 different opinions from your Board who once attended a marketing workshop or your web designer feeling put out because you didn’t check with them first before you started playing around with the copy on your site. You may not have your TOV or ideal client work under control – that’s what I’m for. It’s OK to feel hesitant or a little bit (secretly) not-so-confident about your messaging. Perhaps you’ve been burned in the past by a copywriter who didn’t quite meet your expectations or wrote your brand in their voice. Or maybe you’re actually a shiz-hot writer yourself, but don’t have the headspace or desire to nail it the way I do. It’s OK – I’m obsessed – let’s just accept that for what it is. You’re tired of sounding like everyone else and you’re ready to step into a new way of communicating – bravely, loudly, and SEO’ed up the wazoo.

Who don’t I write for? 

If you’re right at the beginning of your business journey you probably don’t yet want to blow out the budget. Because I have a massive soft spot for startups, I’ve created a range of downloadable resources cheaper than a pub lunch. Or, you might like to check out the value-packed copywriting programs I’ve written and join my secret society of Crispers who get weekday access to me.

I don’t write for clients who don’t value the time and effort it takes to write your brand’s voice in the way it needs to be written; most done-for-you services require some groundwork and if you don’t have the time or inclination to allow me to get right under the skin of you and your business with my tried and true, streamlined process, I’m probably not the girl for you.

Otherwise, I don’t write for people who scowl at puppies, high-rise developers, or diet companies. And if I ever feel as if we’re not perfect for each other, I have a bundle of talented copywriters who I’ve copy mentored to recommend for you.

“Jay was able to capture the essence of my brand, give it structure, and now it simply dances off the page.”

Jay Crisp Crow Crisp Copy Perth Copywriter

I believe women should talk about money.

I also strongly believe in being transparent about pricing. So, if you haven’t yet downloaded my Copy Menu and perused my inclusions and pricing, here’s a bit of any idea of where I sit on the investment outlay:

Brand Messaging:

99% of the time, unless you’ve already completed this work before, I’m going to start your copy project with defining your Brand Voice. You can purchase this as a standalone service (perfect for large teams and organisations) or as part of your copy package. We’ll talk about the options during our call 

Website Copy:

From Sales pages to About pages or go the whole shebang with a website copy package

Single pages from $1700

Brand messaging and website/email copy packages from $11000

Full website copy packages from $5000

Email Copy:

From Nurture sequences to Launch and Sales sequences and all the emails in between

Email copy sequences from $4000

All prices are in AUD, so check your currency conversion (if you’re overseas, it may make you smile!)

Also available: Day rates, custom projects, copy mentoring, editing for return clients, and scrumptious buffet of all or any of the above


I want to make this process as easy-peasy as possible for you


Cripes, let’s face it, you’ve enough tough businessing things to do today. 

I’m promising you this form is not only going to take you 5 minutes (tops) to answer all my questions, but is also the very best way for me to gauge whether I’m a good fit for your brand and also what I can best offer you (not every single copywriting and editing option is listed on my website).

Because I really am that good (remember: can’t brag about anything else, let me have this), I have about an 8 week lead time on all new projects. In order to ensure I’m the very best choice for your done-for-you copy and to not waste a single second of your precious time, I need to find out a couple things about you and what you’re needing – and they all are outlined on this here form!

My done-for-you copywriting services start at around $1700 + GST if you’re an Australian client. If you haven’t already downloaded my Copy Menu, here’s the link. There are payment plans and also (not publicly advertised) editing rates available, should we need to create a custom package to suit your budget. I generally do have a bit of a lead time, so let me know if you’re in a copy emergency and need a rush rate quoted.

If you can give me as much juicy information as you can in the pretty boxes below, I’ll get back to you (over email) within 3 business days with some fabulous options.

Oh, delicious satisfaction


Better than a degustation

Jay’s words hit the spot.

Jay wiggled her magic writing fingers and turned my messy brain dump into the most magical of words. Words that sound like me, but that I could have never written myself. Believe me, I’d tried.

My old website was boring. Generic and bland. I was playing it safe. Blending in.
I’m proud to stand out now. My website is now filled with stacks of wonderful words that have my perfect people falling in love with me.

I was initially scared that the time Jay and I spent chatting about my business, my geekiness, and my odd-ball quirks wouldn’t be enough time for her to really capture my voice. I was wrong. She got it. First go.

I shared her copy with some clients and they ALL came back to me saying “that sounds so much like you”.  I had fallen in love with the copy. But to hear that was amazing.

Jay is my go-to gal, for all things wordy.

She created my uniquely ‘me’ brand voice and filled my Home Page, About Page and my Signature Program Sales Page to the brim with words that attract, influence and support my ideal clients to choose me from the many other website designers online.

My business is now almost stress-free. My calendar is filling up with people who are looking for a human speaking web geek to join their team. Not just a code-monkey, hired to mash a keyboard on command.

‘How much is a website?” Argh. That question used to curse me. Not anymore.
I’m no longer plagued by tire kickers or time wasters.

I’m now working with my perfect clients. Every day.

Fiona Fell

Human Loving Website Geek, Fiona Fell

Jay Crisp Crow stood out to me online by keeping it real and cracking me up. I loved her attitude and honesty. We got into a conversation about photoshoots and inspirations and I was hooked! So when I needed to level up my business I had a few choices I could make. Hiring her was the right choice.

She sent me everything I needed, super step-by-step easy, and actually got me to sit down and really get into my vision.

Then she sent me copy. It was like she was in my head but way BETTER! She took my topic, a taboo topic (periods!), and my humour, and combined them to make something that was accessible to normal human beings.

I’m so far in my own world that it’s hard for me to bring it back to basics, to explain what’s happening in a way that other people can understand. To create a real connection with me and my audience. I’ve never gotten to the end of a sales page and been sad, but reading Jay’s first draft I was so sorry to see the end!

I’m beyond thrilled with what Jay created for me and my sales page, and I’ll be bringing her on board for so many more projects to come!

THANK YOU Jay! I spent years struggling to get a cohesive, sensible, Sales page together, I wish I had found you years ago.

Stasha Washburn

Trailblazer + Change Maker + Revolutionary, The Period Coach

Working with Jay was exactly what I needed, it refined my brand and clarified it for me in ways I did not anticipate the process could. The way Jay does this is part of her unique skill as a writer and coach.

My business needed a copywriter because I was both re-branding and evolving my private practice as a psychotherapist into the new territory of neurofeedback. I was drowning in copy and jargon for my website and needed assistance to prioritise the key message and communicate my services that sits uniquely in the wellness space, I needed to capture my target audience (in a way that did not put them to sleep!)

Enter Jay…who did this incredibly well by overhauling the whole framework of my website; she prioritised key content beautifully (no small task) and advised me of what material would best be converted on the blog.

Jay was excellent at finding the ‘sweet spot’ in tone and somehow digesting reams of information into a few salient, critical pages of crisp web copy that flowed and reflected what I do in a compelling way. Which was my brief; Jay exceeded my expectations and added value at every turn. As well as doing this, Jay nurtures the essence of the person behind the brand.

Her uncanny ability to get into my head moved me to tears a few times, and she was gracious with quite a few late night “WOW!” email messages. She also had me scrambling to understand how she possibly managed to find almost identical words and concepts I had used 10 years ago in presentations – which captured deeply held ideas; as it turns out, it is in her profound listening skills, somehow she gently found a way into the back catalogues of my mind to bring forth the gold!

Meeray Ghaly

Neurofeedback Trainer & Psychotherapist, Living Neuro

Ever heard of funnel shame? Yup, that’s what I had and I knew it was because of my copy so I was hiding my course because I didn’t want anyone going through the email funnel. Jay had been on my list of people to work with and I finally drummed up the courage (and cash) to get her eyes on my copy for a well overdue edit.

Jay cured my funnel shame with her copy editing magic and I’m super proud to be promoting my course again.

I loved working with Jay, as her application process was simple and her copy skills out of this world. It was easy to submit my brief and communicate with Jay along the way. I highly recommend working with Jay if you have funnel shame too, she’s seriously a sales copywriting gem.

Bianca McKenzie

The Facebook Ads Specialist + Launch Strategist, Bianca McKenzie

Jay doesn’t just write website copy, it doesn’t even begin to cover what she does.

Our website was, well shameful. I had knocked it up before the business even started and as the business grew we never had the time to update it, but it didn’t represent us as a company or what we can do.

Over Zoom Jay and I sat and chatted for over an hour discussing everything from our business objectives, the kind of clients we were looking to attract, our SEO hit list and the type of voice I wanted to shine through the website to keep our branding consistent across all our digital platforms.

And she did it, better than I could have possibly imagined, not just the perfect website copy that said all the right things, but Call To Actions in all the right places and tied in with how it should be formatted around images for ultimate impact and user experience.

You can’t afford NOT to be using Jay for your website.

Lucy Tearne

PR Magic Maker , Crowned PR

I’d definitely recommend Jay to anyone after a professional, excellent and fun experience with a spectacular end result.

You nailed it first go…thank you and look forward to working with you again.

Nellie Manolis

Giving Cancer the Middle Finger at, FOC Box

Before I had ever spoken to Jay, I had laughed or cried my way through most of her work. I hung off every brilliantly crafted word, hooked and moved. I was a total fangirl and knew that I wanted her on my team.

Initially, I thought I would learn from her, since I’ve always been a decent writer and quite enjoy the process, plus she has a whole range of coaching and DIY training options. Turns out, what I’m not decent at is blowing my own horn. And that’s where Jay came in.

From the moment we started working together, she got my brand. It was as if she had been in my head when I was creating it.

She understood my people and how to speak to them and she injected personality and fun in places I would have just ‘played it safe’ (thanks for that, corporate life).

Working with Jay is more than just copywriting though, as an astute businesswoman, you also get a sounding board, someone that gets it, and has an eye for what will and won’t work. She’s not afraid to challenge you and call you out when she knows you can do better. It’s like copywriting and coaching rolled into one. Needless to say, I’m I bigger fan than ever now. Jay’s written my Home, About Me and Work With Me pages as well as two program Sales pages, with more in the pipeline.

Jessica Miller

Business Strategist , The Inspired Mark

Jay is the queen of brand personality.

In a digital world full of content competing for eyeballs and conversions, Jay is the magic formula to making your brand stand out from the crowd and actually talk to your customers. Her style is unique, it’s bold and it cuts through the noise.

Jay was able to capture the essence of my brand, give it structure and now it simply dances off the page.

I couldn’t be happier with the service and very talented copywriting delivered.

Jessica Foord

Digital Designer, Digibrand

Open heart. Open book. Get answers:


What even *is* copywriting?

Well, hello, my new friend! How did you make your way here? If we haven’t met before, I’m a copywriter. Has zip to do with legals, everything to do with words that make your best new client or customer absolutely fall over themselves to hand over their credit card details and possibly also propose some kind of long term relationship with your brand.

Copywriting is a process of carefully structuring the right words to make the reader take an action. It’s words that sell things – from your product Sales page to the back cover advertisement in a newspaper.

Good copywriting showcases not only the features of your service or product but also the benefits, and makes your ideal clients realise they need your thing – it converts readers to buyers and compels the people you want to sell to to take an action.

Why can't I find editing in your list of services?

If you have existing website copy that’s doing the job, but no longer in alignment with your brand, you might need a hard edit. This is more than just proofreading and editing for spelling and grammar, this is copy editing – pulling apart what you’ve got and sorting it out, and putting it back together. Better.

This service is only available to previous clients and by application. Why? Because we’ve already done all the brand copy work at the beginning so we know exactly what this website copy needs to say.

Why do you only offer certain copywriting services? (AKA: why won't you write my socials copy or blogs for me?)

I write what I’m really good at – website copy and email copy. So, I focus on those. This way, I’m constantly upgrading my knowledge and skills in these 2 main areas and nailing converting digital copy – every time. 

Yes, I used to write all the things. But I’ve grown up since then. I don’t do social media content, blogs (mostly, unless you’ve got a really juicy project planned), press releases, or white papers – but I can recommend someone who does. 

In addition, once I’ve finished with your Brand Voice work, you won’t need me to write your social media copy for you. It includes formulas and structures for you to easily whip multiple socials posts up per day without much fuss at all. That’s the power of foundational copy work.

Why should I choose you to write my brand's copy?

Because, well, I make people cry. There’s proof of this on my testimonial page.

I’m a terrible cook, can’t count for nuts, but I write killer copy that makes your new favourite people want to be all over your offerings. 

Also, I’m ridiculously lovely to work with. 

And, honestly, if you’re all the way down the bottom of this page and still here, we’re probably meant to be. In alignment – you care about the things I do – amplification of women’s voices, putting power in the hands of our next generation of change-makers, creating, and funding, a life from your business that means you have choices. 

But, how will you write in *my* voice?

This is the golden question, and the reason why I have such a happy client list and a successful copywriting business. When I conducted my ideal client research this year, this was the point of difference about working with me that came up over and over again. 

I’ll tell you the truth – it’s a little bit magic and a little bit stalker. 

I’m a naturally empathetic copywriter with an inherent ability to listen. When we have our first Zoom session, I hear all the words you mean to say. When I read your answers to my emails, I look for the gold between the lines. To be honest – writing the copy is the easy part. Finding the brand voice is the key to writing you in a way that’ll make you cry when you first read it. You’ll feel heard, acknowledged, and presented to the online world in the way you’d always wished for.

I can’t tell you anything more than that or I’ll be giving everything away.  

I noticed you're an Australian copywriter and I'm in the US/UK/Mars!

No probs, Bob. And I won’t use Australian colloquialisms like that when I write your copy, promise.

This is all covered in our first branding session where I uncover your brand voice and then use it everywhere. You’ll find yourself thinking, “how did she know I say things like that?” 

If we start with mapping out a Brand Voice Guide together, you can also pass on this resource to anyone who ever writes for your brand for them to use too.

Why does copywriting (erm, you) cost so much?

I’m not the cheapest copywriter you can hire. Not by a long shot. But check out my testimonials page and you’ll see I’m worth it. This isn’t my side-hustle; I’m a dedicated, full-time writer who works with clients who value craftsmanship and conversion. 

Also, you probably won’t be asking this if you’re visiting this site from the US or UK – in Australia we have hugely differing expectations about copywriting rates. I have a middle-of-the-range hourly rate in comparison with a global industry and provide above-average work. Yes, you can hire a copywriter for $35 an hour from Fiverr, and when you want that copy fixed in a couple of months – you know where to find me. 

I’ll always quote you upfront and by the package. That means if my time blows out, you won’t pay for it. Also, the more Jay you need, the more cost-effective I get. In fact, our first page together will be the most time, labour, and cost-intensive. After we nail the brand messaging and the first page, I’ll have a good grip on your brand voice and be able to replicate it with ease the next time around. 

My done-for-you services start just over the $1700 AUD (+ GST for Australian clients) mark for an About page. Packages get you much more bang for your buck. 

How long will the entire process take?

That mostly depends on you. I usually have around an 8 week lead time (during which there’ll be things both of us are working on) and then, depending on how quickly I get the information I need from you, it’s generally another 4 weeks to return your first draft. 

I do offer a rush rate option, which adds 25% to your invoice. 

What if I don't love something you write?

Well then, that’s it. We aren’t mates anymore.

Gosh no, that’s a joke. Communication is key and even if you start off thinking you are 100% sure of what you want, sometimes when you get it, you realise you might want to change tack. That’s OK, sometimes we need a change of brief and to start again. We’ll negotiate if that happens. Otherwise, it’s usually just an issue of making a round of tweaks so the copy sounds just like you – as an authority in your industry – on your best day.

I work in a diverse range of industries and although I might be the Word Witch, you’re undoubtedly more experienced in your industry’s jargon, terminology, and tone than I am. Sometimes we’ll need to dig into those tweaks, which is what the round of amendments is for. In fact, when I send you back the first draft I’ll actively encourage you to pick it apart – print it out and scribble on it, use tracking changes and ask 35 questions, make suggested edits – that’s all part of the process. 

What do I need to do to start?

My done-for-you copywriting services are by application. This is to ensure that you’re the right fit for me, and also I’m the right copywriter for you.

To begin the process, ensure you’re:

  1. Hip with the pricing in the Copy Menu and
  2. Fill out the application form 

I’ll walk you through everything from there.

What about SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. There are a tonne of elements you need to consider if you’re improving your SEO and SEO copywriting is a major part of the puzzle.

I carefully weave SEO keyword terms into your human-centric copy so Google can tell what you’d like to rank for and help you get found. 

I love SEO keywords, and I love being found on the Google. But I never sacrifice conversion copy for a longtail keyword phrase, and I don’t stuff boring-butt keywords into headers multiple times just because your SEO person thinks they should go there. 

Humans first. Google happily second.

Do you charge GST?

Yes, only for Australian clients. You can ignore this if you’re international.

I really like you but, I just can't afford this yet.

I really like you too.

Here’s the thing; I have two kinds of favourite clients. Ideal done-for-you copy clients who’ve been around for a bit, know the value of outsourcing their copy, and know they’re going to make a return on this investment. 

I also have a massive drive to see women in startup or transition phase get their words working for them so they can sell any darn thing they like. That’s why I offer a range of low-cost, free, or probably-going-to-pay-you-back-if-you-implement resources you can use to write your own copy, make it make you money, and then – if you need – you can come back to me with some dosh in the bank ready to spend on editing or outsourcing altogether. Check them out here

All good, but I heard something about piercings?

Sneaky! I’m still not telling.

 ©Crisp Copy

2016 – 2023

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