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highly-converting sales copywriting skills

for agents and writers who want to add listing writing to their skillset

Get ready to master the art of crafting sales copy that truly converts with the guidance of Western Australia’s most beloved website and email copywriter and mentor (that’s me, I’m Jay Crisp Crow).

Dive into a self-paced course that’s jam-packed with actionable strategies, templates, and prompts designed to kickstart your writing and position your agency at the forefront.

In this course, I’ll take you through the essentials of sales copy, from nailing property listings to delving into the nitty-gritty of extracting the exact words your top buyers resonate with. Say goodbye to writer’s block and relegate it to the dusty backyard shed where it belongs.

Whether you’re a real estate agent, an assistant, or a property manager, if you’re eager to bring your listing writing skills in-house and turbocharge your conversion rates, this course is a perfect fit for you!


“Nearly as good as the real Jay”

My company uses Jay for all our real estate copy, so I know how good she is. I’ve used her listing generator, and it’s miraculous. It’s NEARLY as good as the real Jay!

Jokes aside, this generator really does take the drudgery out of writing your own copy. You don’t sweat over every word – just a little light editing and you’re ready to go live. EASY.”

Kendall Earnshaw, Real Estate Owner, Earnshaws

unboring your listings, make business easier, and be front-of-mind




These intro lessons are your gateway to becoming a persuasive real estate wordsmith. In the world of real estate, where every word can be the difference between a ‘next’ or a ‘SOLD!’, this copy foundation education will set you up.

We’ll dive deep into the essence of conversion copy – the art of turning casual house hunters into potential buyers. I’ll teach you the pivotal difference between features (cool bathrooms) and benefits (buying an aspirational lifestyle) and how understanding this distinction can skyrocket your listings’ success.


This full-stack module is bursting with every. single. thing you’ll ever need to know about crafting your own listing writing process to make the whole shebang fast, fabulous, and flowing.

From developing your own brand voice so you’re recognisable and memorable (and trusted) by your readers to using inclusive language and also how to repurpose your listing to make your video scripts, emails, and social media posts as easy as (store bought) pie. I’ll even walk you through how I get other folk to write my best copy.


A fat, juicy 50+ page workbook full of actionable, easy-to-use templates, prompts, formulas, and structures to write ripper listings quickly.

With the best bits of strategy sprinkled throughout, these templates will blow your mind when it comes to adding this money-making skill to your toolbox, no matter if you’re a working copywriter or real estate agent wanting to write listings in-house.


With the generator, you’ll be prompted to plug in single words or descriptors with a strategic set of questions, then press the magic button on a ridiculously easy-to-use Google Sheet and bam! Your first draft will be written and either ready to publish or given a fast edit to make it shine.

The generator is based on the thousands of highly converting real estate listings we’ve written over the past 7 years – the old, hard way. Valued at $99 and yours for nix with this course.


For those brave enough to get stuck into listing videos, this template will help you bring the property to life, especially for visual folk.


From 1:1 mentoring with me to website copy templates and prompts, once you’re welcome in my copywriting home, you’re welcome forever. Inside, you’ll find RE Copy Listing Grads only discount codes for more Crisp Copy.

“Take your investment and multiply it by 10.

That’s the value you get from Jay.

We knew we wanted to do things differently from other real estate agents but weren’t entirely sure how to express it. Or if our ideas were just naff. We really needed help to use our words.

Our marketing guru referred us to Jay and from the get-go she just got it. Not only did she help us find and define our brand voice – she amplified it. And we also picked up a huge amount of other hints and tips to improve other things we hadn’t even thought about.

Do yourself, and your business, a favour, and invest in working with Jay in whatever way you can afford to. You’ll be richer for it.

Bonus: she’s also a lot of fun and a pretty awesome human being.”

Natalie Hoye – RedFox Property

Making ‘Meh’ listings marvellous narratives

Every property has a story

It doesn’t matter if the home itself is 100 years old or the block is a brand newie in a hardly-built-out community, there’s a story there that will speak to the heart (and purse) strings of the right buyer.

Sometimes, the home’s story is easier to uncover but the secret to engaging listing copywriting is finding a unique angle about every home, not just the ones you find particularly special.

In this course, I’m going to give you some practical ideas to delve deep into a property’s unique story so potential buyers can see the home through your eyes, and then see themselves living the lifestyle the home will gift them.

It’s about finding the compelling narrative that will engage a broad range of potential buyers and then really sell the right buyers on the idea of the home – just enough to take the first step and book a viewing. Then you can do what you do best – build that relationship and give those buyers what they want (and keep your seller blissfully happy too!)

Not your average real estate course

I don’t do boring

But why is this course unlike any other real estate listing copywriting course out there? Because I don’t just settle for ‘fine’ – I aim for phenomenal. I’ve been teaching business folk to write their own copy for nearly a decade, and I’ve never been known to be average.

In a world awash with real estate buzzwords and bland descriptions, I’m here to blow the whole shebang up. I’ll show you how to shun the mundane and reject the boring. This isn’t about teaching you to craft cookie-cutter copy that blends into the background, oh no.

With this course, there’s no more finger-crossing and hoping that your potential buyers can wade through a sea of uninspired listings. I’m here to equip you with the skills to write compelling, unique, and unforgettable copy so you’ll always be front-of-mind when it comes to your industry.

Your mission? To have your phone ringing off the hook with viewing bookings. My promise? I’ll guide you on the path to crafting copy that’s not just informative but inspirational, not just standard but aspirational.

Prepare to leave your mark in the real estate world, where your words become the key to unlocking dreams and sealing deals.



and I love other people’s homes

Besides being a nosy-nose about other folks’ houses, I’m a copywriter, copy mentor, course creator, award-winner, and WA hillbilly.

When I’m not whipping up highly-converting listings for my real estate agent clients, I’m writing 6 million dollar launch copy, trawling Pinterest to find just the right tiles for my endless bathroom reno planning, or teaching (mainly) women in business how to write words that sell.

The real estate listing copywriting course is my 9th online copywriting course and one of over 20 online resources thousands of fine folk have downloaded, learned from, and implemented since 2016.

This one, particularly, is a ripper. 


Step on in

What’s inside?

4 main modules

2 bonus modules 

conversion copywriting basics

8-part comprehensive listing writing process

lessons on inclusive language, video script writing, repurposing for socials, and how to use the owners’ words to write the listing plus more!

Templates, workbook, prompts, and formulas

Printable listing enhancement tool

Bonus listing writing generator

How to use AI

Diversify your copy offer or keep it in-house

for real estate agents or freelance writers

No matter whether you’re an agent looking to upskill so you don’t have to outsource your listings (and can keep that particular income stream to yourself!) or a copywriter diversifying your offers, there’s a gap for really, really decent writers in this niche.

It’s safe to say, there aren’t many brilliant real estate copywriters, especially in Australia. Which means, even if you aren’t a professional writer, with a little bit of guidance, and a clear branded voice, you can stand out amongst the snore. 


7 years of listings

thousands of homes sold

The Crisp Copy RE Listing Copy course has been written by me, Jay Crisp Crow. I’m a conversion copywriter specialising in Sales copy based in Australia. 

Over 7 years, and thanks to a dozen real estate clients, I have written thousands of listings as a ‘side-hustle’ of my main copywriting business, Crisp Copy.

I’ve combined my experience in copywriting coaching, teaching, and mentoring with writing killer listings to deliver this self-paced program broken down into bite-size lessons. 

In fact, I’ve won global awards for the delivery of my copywriting courses. Funky.

This course is progressive, so each module builds on the one before, however, when you’ve completed the course the first time you can revisit the lessons, workbooks, templates, and prompts inside whenever you need. 


And you have access for as long as this course exists. Because, life.  



All prices are + GST for Australian clients and charged in AUD. Check your exchange rates if you’re in another country – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

As trusted by

This course is brand spanking new

…but that doesn’t mean this is my first home open when it comes to course creation. Here’s some happy proof from my other copywriting course participants:

“… is there anything about copywriting she doesn’t know? I don’t think so…” – Crisp Copy Class

“…best business investment I’ve ever made…” – Crisp Copy Class

“…this course has gone above and beyond supersizing my copy prowess…” – Sales Page Program

“…hire Jay. Throw your money at her…” – 1:1 Copy Mentoring

“…If you were the first copywriting “guru” I had found, I would have saved SO much time, frustration, and money…” – Copywriting Resource (Template/Workbook)

“…Jay is the calibre of mentor I’ve been looking for my entire working life…” – 1:1 Mentoring

All the answers for all the best questions

How much time will the course take?

We already know; anything good either needs time or money invested in it – this is an affordable course because it requires you to dig in at least once a week for a couple of weeks and put aside a couple of hours to do the work.

I estimate, for a savvy agent or writer with a bit of experience, this course will take 2 – 3 hours per week over 3 weeks, max. That includes time writing for practice. 

But, don’t worry if life gets in the way. You have access to the course for as long as I’m in business and this course exists (and I’ve no plans to go back to being an employee!) 

Why can't I just let AI write my listing?

“Nestled in the heart of…” and I’m already asleep.

Have you tried ChatGPT or Bard? Have you noticed it churns out the same content over and over again, unless you specifically GIVE it content to use as a style guide? That’s why there are so many snore-inducing listings around at the moment; they’re a conglomeration of all the other boring listings on the internet. 

If you’re past that, or you want to learn how to use AI effectively for your listing writing, this course will help.

I'd much rather have someone else write listings.

Easy. My team and I like to do just that.

Check out our done-for-you real estate copywriting services here.

What if I change my mind?

Because of the immediate access and digital nature of this program, refunds for change of mind will not be given.

Also, don’t do that to yourself. Don’t be that person who knows they need to upgrade in one area and then gets commitment remorse about doing something towards it. Stick it out. It’s fast, it’s well-structured, and you’ll have upskilled by the end. 

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