Does writing your emails make you feel like this?


Junk that feeling for good and




Does writing your emails make you feel like this?

Unfail Your Email Copywriting Course For Women Header

Junk that feeling for good and





“…best value program I have done since going into HR Consulting 5 years ago…”

“You actually have to do stuff. Homework. But that’s how you get copy gold from the most accessible, open, honest, and knowledgeable copy guru I have ever come across”



Emails could be one of your most incredible revenue-raising, fall-in-love-inducing tools in your business toolbox


Regardless of whether your list is teeny tiny or mountainous, this 4 module copywriting course for women will have you proudly hitting send and confidently expecting not only replies,
but sales

Unfail Your Email Copywriting Course For Women Header
Unfail Your Email Copywriting Course For Women Header




check their email every day

$43 to $1

is the average return on investment for email marketing (done well)



place actually protected online – which means if someone subscribes to your list, they actually want you to email them – rather than just shout endlessly at them on social media

From Nurture sequences that’ll have your subscribers writing you love notes to Sales sequences bringing home that cha-ching of success, the Unfail Your Email course covers everything from subject lines that get opened to how to keep your list engaged with dropdead gorgeous regular marketing email copy

Bonus, the whole course will take you less time than you’ve spent bemoaning the fact it’s been another year and you haven’t taken advantage of starting, growing, or communicating with your list.

Unfail Your Email Copywriting Course For Women Header





Unfail Your Email includes everything you need to write:

✔️ your Nurture Sequence

✔️ your Sales + Launch Sequence 

✔️ your regular email marketing missives

✔️ subject lines that get the click through

✔️ Bonuses: on copy 101, brand voice development, writing and editing processes, and conversion copywriting

✔️ Bonus Bonus: optional upgrades for 1:1 sequence reviews, and other amazing goodies

✔️ Bonus Bonus Bonus: an option of a live call or editing session to go over what you’ve written and get pro feedback on your email copy

And this isn’t a one-size-fits-all set of templates, it’s going to teach you my process (using templates I’ve written for you so you have somewhere to start)

“Email was the final frontier for me. I was scared of it: after completing Jay Crisp Crow’s Unfail Your Email, I’m ready, willing, and more than able to email the people on my list…”

I hear you. You’ve been hoping the rumour “email marketing is dead” is the truth – because you don’t have to keep beating yourself up that you never really gave it a red-hot go

Then, you can quietly crank at the socials algorithm, blame the economy, and swear under your breath at the state of business nowadays. The truth is, even during the malarkey that was 2020 and beyond, brands thrived, offers sold out like hot cakes, and email ROI has never been better #sorrynotsorry

In fact, the only marketers who try the “email marketing doesn’t work” line are ones who haven’t yet figured out how totally and flipping glorious it is. Or who want to sell you their 5 Step Social Media Is Everything course.

I write over a million words of email copy every single year for clients. Copy that gets their readers feeling the clicky-finger-tingles and their launch emails opened, read, and converting

My own email stats are so delicious, sometimes I want to tattoo them on my face. Between 65 – 80% engagement rate consistently for the past 4 years, including when I’m blasting my good email list with a launch – and that’s really when you know people love your email copy!

Even better – people reply to my marketing emails.

Actual humans. Hit reply. Tell me what they loved. And we start a relationship.

This means when it comes to selling something, my email list is my first go-to. Because I know my list are a bundle of hot-tamale leads just ready to hear about whatever I’ve got to offer. It means my advertising budget is minimal, my programs consistently sell out, and I have a waitlist for my 1:1 copywriting mentoring.

Don’t you want yourself some of that?


I’ll teach you my exact process in just 4 modules – including gifting you the templates for my Nurture and Sales/Launch sequences and my regular Relationship Building unmarketing emails

Blogathon Week 1


How to welcome your new favourite people into your world and get them opening your first email, engaging with your copy, and have them wanting more.

You’ll write a 5 part Nurture sequence using my process and my (very flexible) templates, prompts, and real life examples.

Blogathon Week 1


Not sending a regular email? I call them Relationship Builders for a reason. Having a face-palm moment when it comes to wanting to launch to your list, but you can’t, because you’ve ignored them until now?

Want to know how to do it using content you already have so you’re never writing from scratch? Goodo, that’s what we’re doing.


Blogathon Week 1


Write a sleaze-fest-free, feel-good launch and Sales sequence full of conversion copy. One that’s fully duplicatable and tweakable for every time you need to sell using your precious email list.

Blogathon Week 1


An entire module focussing on the first frontier – getting your emails opened. Because the world’s snazziest copy isn’t worth much if you can’t get your emails opened in the first place.

Blogathon Week 1


Steal my process for writing and editing emails, additional ideas to test and tweak emails, and how to figure out if your copy is converting.

Blogathon Week 1


Snaffle a discounted 1:1 call with me or editing session to get expert feedback on your new email copy

“…if you want to do better and avoid ‘wishy-washy’ as I did, then go do the course…”

Here’s what Unfail Your Email delivers on demand 

with lifetime access to Masterclasses, templates, formulas, real life examples, the exact process I use, and working copywriter shortcuts galore:

The truth is your emails can’t bring you in the money they’re hollering to make you if you don’t send them

And not just when you want to sell things, because emails are the most incredible engine you have for building relationships with the people who have literally said to you

“please send me your good content direct to my last protected online space!”

It isn’t your fault your emails are a bit sucky – even if you’ve downloaded all the $47 email swipe file templates – the fact is, it’s the process you need to learn, not to input someone else’s cookie-cutter templates and hope to goodness they work for you.


Tried-and-tested sequences

Fully duplicatable by you

And able to be morphed to perfectly suit your service-based business

“… I highly recommend working with Jay if you have funnel shame too, she’s seriously a sales copywriting gem..…”

4 modules + bonuses + optional 1:1 feedback upgrade = your email copy completely sorted

In this one-of-a-kind online email copy course extravaganza, you’ll be mentored by multi-award winning copywriter, copy mentor, and head Teacher of the Crisp Copy Class, Jay Crisp Crow.

Hey, that’s me. Speaking of awards, I won a Top 50 Business Leaders National award in 2020 and I was named Best Copywriting Service 2021 for being at the forefront of delivering online courses differently. Better. Of course, I could sell you all my templates and formulas and processes in a downloadable, but I’ve chosen to deliver my copy expertise in a way that means you get access to feedback, reviews, and you can ask the questions you need to so you’re not toddling off sending emails you’re not sure will do the job for you.


“…Unfail Your Email gave me structure, templates and tips that by the end of the course I had been able to develop and refine a welcome email nurture sequence, build a sales funnel, understand how to craft an email sales sequence and most importantly create regular emails that had, up until then, felt all too hard to write…”

What was that about this course not being like any other online copywriting course?

My background in Musical Theatre means I value live interaction way more than a slick delivery of videos any day. 

So, I’m not going to flick you access to the membership portal and let you have at it, oh no,

you get to snaffle me at a massive discount to get my pro feedback

BONUS: if you choose the upgrade, you can submit your work for individual copywriting feedback and know you’ve nailed them!

“…the best time, money, and energy you could spend …”

Sure, you can pay me – or any other decent conversion copywriter – upwards of $4,000 to write one email sequence for you

I mean, that’s still a good deal when you consider the ROI of emails that actually sell your stuff.

But, you need to first nurture your new subscriber, then turn them into a loyal reader, than send them email copy so good, they’ll be whipping out their credit card before they hit your sign off.

For around 10% of what you’d pay me for just one sequence, I’ll teach you to write your own Nurture and Sales sequence and your regular email marketing copy. 

Because expecting you can effectively use emails as a marketing tool without specific, process-based training is like standing on your front porch and yelling to the world “PLEASE BUY MY THING!”

Buy Unfail Your Email once and get: 

👏🏼 A 4 module evergreen course where I’ll walk you through, step-by-step, my exact process to write Nurture and Sales sequences and regular email marketing copy including easily writing Subject Lines that get opened

👏🏼 Bonus Masterclasses to improve your conversion copywriting and how to figure out how to gauge if your copy is converting

👏🏼 Downloadables, workbooks, and templates

👏🏼 And should you wish to really nail your email marketing? Individual copy feedback for your new sequence once you’ve completed the course

Yep, you can choose to purchase upgrades to both your new sequences and get my 1:1, recorded feedback of your email copy for both your Nurture and Sales sequences at a chunky-good discount.

Total value over $1,300

“…We threw a lot of questions at her about writing email copy and not only did she have really insightful answers, but she did it with the bright charisma that we know and love her for…”

Unfail Your Email Copywriting Course For Women

You don’t have to dance in Reels, work 60 hour weeks, or sell your offers for less than they’re worth to enjoy recurring income or sell out your services

I know, because I don’t do any of those things.

(Except maybe I did jig about in a Reel once, but just for fun!)

The business landscape is full of potholes and you’re competing in one of the noisiest marketplaces on Earth – the internet.

But there’s still space for your brand.

In a place where you’ll be heard.

With people who have taken a massive step towards you and your offers.

And literally given you permission to appear in the last protected space they still have online:

their email inbox

The truth is those downloadable templates don’t work for a reason

And that reason isn’t you.

It’s that no single $47 template can work for every kind of business. And certainly not for every type of brand voice

I’ll teach you a process, not just serve you up a template.

Because while templates and formulas and fill-in-the-blanks workbooks are cool as heck, they’re a starting point – not a plug and play. You need to learn to find your own repeatable process for writing regular and ridiculously engaging emails so you keep at it without getting bogged down in someone else’s structure.

This course is a series of educational explosions to turn your slightly interested subscribers into full-scale, drop-down, falling-in-love-with-you clickers and buyers.

So you can learn to do it once, and then let it make you dosh (practically) on autopilot.

Oh, I’ll still give you templates and formulas I think will actually help. And I’ll teach you to use them to get you cracking, then test, tweak, and morph into something you can use every time you want to create a new funnel, pivot your business, or launch a new amazing offer.

“…there’s no way I would have progressed this far in 6 months without her encouragement and guidance, never mind 6 weeks…”

I totally bought into the whole “email is too hard” line

For nearly 2 years, I ignored all the good advice about taking my brand voice and funnelling it through the interwebs to my favourite people

I thought email was a little bit flat, too much work, and I was too late to the game.

Instead, I spent whole days interacting in FB groups, threw money at advertising like a toddler throws mashed peas, and had zero money coming in on autopilot. I had to write a word for every dollar of income I made. All my profit was siphoned off the top of my 1:1 copywriting work.

When I started using my email list, I had 9 subscribers. NINE. And one was my dad – not exactly my ideal client.

But I wanted to launch my first course, and I had the realisation it would probably take me less time to create a lead magnet, make it flipping amazing, use it to start nurturing the right women, and then show them exactly what I could deliver – all over email.

Guess what?

I was right.

In fact, it took me about 0.0009% of the time I’d been spending giving away my valuable content all over the socials.

And I did it once, for that particular funnel, and it’s still making me money today.

In fact, as I’m writing this Sales page, my cha-chings are cha-chinging from sales through that first nurture sequence.


There goes one now.

“… is there anything about copywriting she doesn’t know? I don’t think so…”

I am Jay Crisp Crow, a working copywriter and copy mentor who started a business with $0, a borrowed laptop, three children, a mortgage, and a chronic illness that means I only have 20 hours a week to run my business

I don’t tell you that because I’m proud of it, I tell you because it highlights the power of the right words winging their way through the ether to the right people, and taking that woman supporting her family on disability benefits and catapulting her towards being one of Australia’s highest paid copywriters.

My main conversion tool? (Besides words?!)


Fairly quickly, I found an uncanny knack to teach other people how to make their words deliver similar kinds of results. I’m a natural Mentor/Teacher – which means even though I’m an ambivert according to the fancy online personality tests and although I’m fiercely competitive, I found when it came to helping other women write the copy stuck between their hearts and fingertips – I just can’t help myself.

For a couple of years, I kept that knowledge for my 1:1 mentoring clients, then, in 2018 I launched a new online class – keeping costs lower than 1:1 training or outsourcing – for those on a budget while still maintaining a ripper level of expert advice and learning. That was the Crisp Copy Class, and it’s since earned accolades the world over for delivering something no other copywriting course had offered up until that point – copywriting training specifically for women who didn’t believe they were writers. And changing their mind (and building their confidence).

 I’ve written website copy, email copy, launch copy, Sales copy, landing pages, advertising copy, more About pages and biographies you can poke a stick at, socials, awards, grants, policy and procedures, headlines, hooks, eBooks and guides, influencer and stockist letters, magazine articles, blogs, reviews, and even wedding vows. You’d be hard pressed to find anything I haven’t written, though I now focus on website and email copywriting and teaching other women how.

Sales Pages, About Pages, and email copy is my jam – all the places your words need to convert. And while I don’t perform to the applause of the Sydney Opera House (yep, danced there) or a packed speedway while singing on the back of a Monster Truck anymore, having copywriting doyennes such as Sandra Muller dub me “Australia’s conversion copywriting queen” is somehow accolade enough.

I’m Jay Crisp Crow, proud owner of a funny name, Mother to 3 game-changing people, lover of a Viking, and dedicated, life-long word nerd who just adores seeing someone else nail it.

I believe that selling is serving.

I believe that money in a woman’s bank account can change the world.

And I believe there are people in the world who you’ll never be able to speak to through social media or any other channel who are literally looking for you right now so they can invite you into their protected inbox space…


build a relationship with them…

and then show them how you will change their lives.

“Email marketing scares the bejebus outta me, but Jay’s approach has helped me go from meekly apologising for being in someone’s inbox and running away, to clearing my throat and having a great 1:1 conversation with my ideal client over coffee or bubbles”

You are an Unfailer if:

💫 You identify as a woman and you’re in business and you want to learn to write your own email marketing copy so you can nurture your best people and then sell them the things they’re so desperately needing

💫 You’re a Virtual Assistant, Marketing Professional, Social Media Expert, or New-To-Email Copywriter who wants to add email copywriting to your skillset so you can attract incredible clients and then write for them (and charge really, really well)

💫 You’ve got the time and energy to dedicate a couple of hours a week, for 4 main modules, and really suck the juice from the course content

💫 You’re open to sending the email, crossing your fingers, and testing what works – because that’s how we find out if you’re writing conversion copy or not!

UYE might not be for you if:

You really don’t have the time and energy to write your own email copy (in which case, I offer done-for-you services), you’re here to swipe my resources and sell them as your own (it happens, more than I’d like, and I’ll respectfully bid you adieu and kindly boot you out of the course if you do), you have a diet business (sorry, there’ll be a better fit for you but my business supports both me, an ex-dancer, and my daughter and I can’t, in good conscience, help you with your cause), or you hate musicals, puppies, or jazz hands.

“My email subscriber list was 30 people strong, all friends and family when I started my business less than a year ago. And I had NO IDEA what to do with them!

As I trust Jay’s incredible wisdom, I signed up for her UYE course, admittedly with some scepticism.

Fast forward 3 months, I ran a paid Facebook Ad for my free quiz and my email distribution list jumped to 303 in a week. I nearly had a heart attack!

Luckily I was armed with a nurture sequence I felt comfortable with, as my fairy-godmother-queen-bee-Jay checked it over as part of the course.

Now 6 months later, I regularly email my people, know what to say, how to structure it, and had less than 10 unsubscribes!”

Riki Deale – Zoo Tamer at Tame Your Zoo


For around 10% of what you’d pay me to write a single email sequence, you’ll get:

Plus, after you’ve purchased the course, you’ll be offered an Unfailers Only once-off price to get your new sequences reviewed!

You’ll notice I’ve included an admin fee into my payment plans for this course and, in the past, I’ve been vocal in educating women about poor tax and predatory marketing tactics. This is not a revenue stream – the extra amount is small, and is only to cover the administration hours running payment plans plonks at my business doorstep. As always, I’ll remain being upfront and honest about my choices as it comes to investment and I choose not to use charm or psychological pricing – you’re smart enough to understand $597 is actually $600, right?  

* $600 AUD is around $450 USD or £330

All prices are + GST for Australian clients and charged in AUD. Check your exchange rates if you’re in another country – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

I charge $500 per hour for 1:1 copy coaching and $4,000 for a single nurture sequence. While I can’t promise you my 75% email engagement rates, I can promise you I’ll teach you what I know about the basics of email sequences and building relationships over email in the 4 modules.

100% Unfailed

Thousands of women have downloaded my copywriting resources or completed a Crisp Copy course. Here are some of my favourite Unfailers!

Before Unfail Your Email I had just rebranded my HR consultancy and had zero subscribers. I had signed up for an email database but was clueless on how to get people into it and what to do with them once they were there. It turns out you actually have to communicate and engage with them. Who knew?

Unfail Your Email gave me structure, templates and tips that by the end of the 6 week course I had been able to develop and refine a welcome email nurture sequence, build a sales funnel, understand how to craft an email sales sequence and most importantly create regular emails that had, up until then, felt all too hard to write.

That’s where Jay came in, bursting in, with experience, ideas, guidance and critiques. That feedback was single-handedly the most powerful part of the process.

If you listen to people that know their stuff, put their ideas into practice, and get feedback on how you can make it even better, you come away with all the copy you need to get emailing. It’s not all theory, cupcakes and rainbows. You have to actually do stuff. Homework. But that’s how you get copy gold from the most accessible, open, honest and knowledgeable copy guru I have ever come across. Best value program I have done since going into HR consulting 5 years ago. And rest assured, you will see a cupcake or two along the way.

Trina Sunday

Chief Executive Officer, Reimagine HR

Email was the final frontier for me. I was scared of it: after completing Jay Crisp Crow’s Unfail Your Email, I’m ready, willing, and more than able to email the people on my list.

As an emerging author who may self-publish, having a loyal email list is absolutely vital to me.

In true Crisp style, Jay gives you some proven guidelines on how to send emails your people will want to read – just for the joy of it – and how to use email to sell your thing.

 And, the biggest value by far is getting Jay’s detailed, constructive feedback on all things email – she even gives it via Loom video so I can play it back as I need. I highly recommend this course to anyone, who like me, felt they were failing at email.

Or anyone who wants to up their email game.


Jennifer Zeven

Author, Jennifer Zeven

I am fresh in the business world, a newbie. One of my biggest fears was to send out newsletters. Is it still a thing with social media marketing? What will I say? Will people read it?

As I know Jay is a treasure trove of knowledge, I decided to bite the bullet and signed up for the UYE Course.

Oh. My. Word.

I have learned sooooo much. Absolutely worth every cent!

Sometimes there was so much information, that I had to re-watch the lesson afterwards. Yeah for recording it, Jay!

My favourite (and least favourite) part was the homework. I quickly discovered that Jay is right, ‘writing is a doing word’. But I pushed through, as Jay checked all homework and gave invaluable feedback, always in a very constructive way.

Now I have a bunch of CRISP email sequences done and ready to use.

There is no way I would’ve progressed this far in 6 months without her encouragement and guidance, never mind 6 weeks. Thanks Jay, you had a major impact on my business confidence level!

Riki Deale

Zoo Tamer, Tame Your Zoo

Email marketing scares the bejebus outta me, but Jay’s approach has helped me go from meekly apologising for being in someone’s inbox and running away, to clearing my throat and having a great 1:1 conversation with my ideal client over coffee or bubbles.

Get on it, it’ll be the best thing you’ve done for your business…



Sandi Friedlos

Fertility Friend, Sandi Friedlos

Jay sends you on a rollercoaster ride of fast and furious writing. And with good reason.
Nothing gets the blood pumping and the mind racing like ‘Unfail Your Email’.
After interpreting your cold hard stats, she gets you working to make them better right from the get-go. If you want to do better and avoid ‘wishy-washy’ as I did, then go do the course. Your followers and stats will be pleased you did.


Ruth Perrin

Creative Agency of One, Cursive Creative

YOU got questions?!

Good, that’s how you learn!

What dates will I need to turn up live?

Unfail Your Email is currently a self-paced program. You can choose to book some 1:1 feedback calls at any time that suits you. 

I want you to review both of my sequences once I've written them.

No problem, just add 2 of those upgrades once you’ve purchased the main course through your cart and huzzah – you’re in! I’ll record your review and make notes on your Google Doc and send the whole lot back to you so you can implement changes.

How much time will the course take?

Anything good either needs time or money invested in it – this is an affordable course because it requires you to dig in and put aside a couple of hours per module to do the work.

Depending on how fast you write a first draft, and how quick your editing becomes, I’d say you need around an hour per email to start with – but you’ll get speedier.

Don’t worry if life gets in the way. You have access to the course content for as long as I’m in business and the UYE course exists (and I’ve no plans of ever being employable again). 

How long will I get access to the course?

For the lifetime of my business.

I’m planning for that to be a very long time, my friend.

Every lesson of every course I run is recorded and uploaded to the member’s only platform. You’ll have access to that for the life of the course.

There's so much info online for people writing their own copy. Can't I just follow all that advice?

Heck, yes!

How’s that going for you so far?

I wrote over a million words of converting copy last year and people pay me just over $5,000 to do this training with me 1:1 or $4,000 to have me write a Nurture or Sales sequence.  

This course gives you step-by-step guides to follow and access to me. You do need to do some work but you’ll learn this stuff once and implement it forever more.

But, I don't have an email list yet!

Cool beans, it means you won’t be panic stations getting confident actually hitting send.

If you don’t have an email list yet, no problem, I’ll hook you up with a free video course you can watch before, after, or during you taking this course to start building one. Bonus!

I just don't have the time!

Great! Outsource!

Email me and I’ll write your sequences for you. Unless you’re in the diet industry or don’t like puppies. Then, no dice.

But... I'm a bad writer!

1. Poppycock.

2. That’s why I’ve broken down these lessons for you with advice on structure, writing processes, editing, and storytelling.

3. See Point 1.

Don’t want to be a copywriter when you grow up? Goodo. This course is aimed at smart women in business who want to improve their own copy, and marketing professionals, VAs, and newbie copywriters who want to get better results for their clients. You don’t need to be Tolstoy to kill it.

I've changed my mind. Can I have a refund?

Listen, don’t do that to yourself.

Don’t be one of those people that signs up for things only to bail on themselves.

Let’s tackle this thing. Do the work. Implement the advice. You’re thinking of signing up for this because you are so darn sick of not having immediate, intimate access to people who actually want to hear from you. 

So – officially: refunds for change of mind will not be given. However, if your world implodes sometime between the day you purchase this course and 14 days afterwards – as long as you haven’t already accessed the course content – we may be able to work something out.

If you request to cancel your course access please request in writing to within 14 days of purchasing this course with a valid reason for your request. Myself, or a team member, will reply by email within 2 business days to inform you if a refund has been approved. Once approved, an electronic refund will be issued (less any payment gateway fees) within 14 working days from the date of approval.

Refund requests after the 14 day period will not be approved under any circumstances and at all times we will abide by the Australian Consumer Law in relation to any guarantees for our Services. You can read all my T&Cs here.

Is there any reason I shouldn't do this course?

If you’re a copywriter or copy coach (or you plan to be one) who wants to sell email copywriting courses or downloadables, this is not the program for you.

Please take a look at my 1:1 copywriting mentorship program here.

I'd rather work with you 1:1

Fantastic! I have something just for you. Check it out here. It’s by application only, so do make sure you book in the free chat first.