Here’s the truth about coaching:


one size fits



Love, not everything can be yoga pants


Jay is the calibre of mentor I’ve been looking for my entire working life —and genuinely brilliant ones are hard to find. Get Jay on your team, it’ll change your life.”

For women in business who want to learn to write to sell all their stuff

(or do that for their clients)



Rent my copywriting and branding brain and get me on your team as your on-call copywriting mentor. Together, we’ll take your business from “meh” to “tears-of-joy marvellous” in 12 (funner-than-you’d-think) sessions.

Part mentorship. Part pit crew. All open-book.

For all women in business.

VAs, copywriters, and marketing pros also welcome. (Yes ma’am, I’m happy to teach you everything I know so you can Crisp it like Jay.)  

Take your investment and multiply it by 10. That’s the value you get from Jay…”

All the marketing malarkey I could smash out to create the copy for this page wouldn’t do what this direct quote from one of my copy mentor clients does:

“I knew I would be able to figure it all out over a couple of years, but I thought I’d just ask you instead.”

I mean, I don’t actually know what it’s like to go to the gym but I assume it’s like getting your own personal copy trainer, rather than just running around the block a few times by yourself and hoping something magical happens. 


“Every woman needs her on her power team…


I am Jay Crisp Crow, a working copywriter and copy mentor who started Crisp Copy with $0, a borrowed laptop, 3 children, a fat mortgage, and a chronic illness that means I only have 20 hours a week to run my business.

I don’t tell you that because I’m proud of it, I tell you because it highlights the power of the right words winging their way through the ether to the right people, and taking that woman supporting her family on disability benefits and catapulting her towards being one of Australia’s highest paid copywriters.

I now have a waitlist full of hand-picked copywriting clients, a gasp-worthy hourly rate, copycats galore, and testimonials up the wazoo.

In 2020, I wrote a Sales Page that has since made over $6 million dollars over 3 launches for a client. 

I’ve taught with thousands of women, through my online courses, mentoring, and downloadable resources, how to write copy that opens hearts and bank accounts.

So, I can certainly teach you.

“One hour with Jay is equivalent to 8 regular human hours (no joke)…”

Kinda like dog-years, I guess?

“Jay Crisp Crow is THE BEST.

She’s like your branding ‘big sister’ – holds your hand all the way through your identity crisis and lets you borrow her stuff…”

Is this you?

✖️ You want conversion copy that sells all your things and makes you fabulous relationships, but you’re tired of outsourcing

✔️ You want to work on your brand voice and messaging and sound completely unlike anyone else in your industry

✖️ You’ve downloaded all the free and cheap resources and they’ve just added to your workload and your feelings of wanting to break something

✔️ Your brand or business is established or growing exponentially and your digital presence is so far behind you don’t even recognise it as you

✔️ You know you can sell like a boss once you get that ideal client in front of you or get them to purchase their first product. You know how to turn them from first timers to raving fans and massive advocates: in short – you have something flipping awesome to sell

✔️ You’re a marketing professional or VA who wants to add copy to your skillset or a copywriter who is tired of charging $60 an hour and feeling like no one values your talent


“…The biggest difference is choosing to work with Jay will provide you with your own voice. Crispy clear and booming from the tops of mountains…”


Crisp Copy Coaching is having me all to yourself for 3 months. On tap. I can help you:

✔️ revamp your brand, rewrite your website, relaunch your offers, rework your messaging

✔️ nail your sales copy, your email sequences, your advertising copy, your socials chatter, and your website conversions

✔️ by being an on-call, working copywriter and consultant on your team for any and all your questions about branding, copy, relationships, alignment, ideas, or just a spare brain to engage when you’re in a funk


✔️ brand positioning and strengthening using language and messaging

✔️ choosing your niche (if you should niche at all)

✔️ pricing and copy persuasion levels to match your dollar amount

✔️ copy processes to do less typing and more writing

✔️ packaging and promoting your offerings

✔️ figuring out and nailing your strengths (and then promoting them)

✔️ technique and process for wannabebetter copywriters

✔️ onboarding and offboarding client emails

✔️ professional cheerleading

✔️ random musical theatre singalongs


 ✔️ if you’re a marketing pro, VA, or copywriter, use your consulting or editing time to get my eyes on your work for your clients – and deliver them out-of-the-park copy success 

‘…Hire Jay. Throw your money at her. It’s not that she does what you want – it’s that she gives you what you need. And makes you feel warm and fuzzy and enthusiastic while she does it…”

Jay Crisp Crow Crisp Copy Website Copywriter Perth Copywriter


✔️ weekly 60 minute copy mentoring calls over Zoom (all recorded) *

✔️ shared Google Docs and Asana to keep everyone on track (because yep, there’ll be homework)

✔️ option of an emergency 20 minute call per month (if you need it)

✔️ usually 24 hour turnaround answers to any and all of your copy/editing/copy business/other malarkey questions over email or FB or Asana – whatever floats your boat (that’s Jay on tap!)

✔️ an hour a month of my editing/consulting/advice/eyes on you or your clients’ work

✔️ discounted everything rate if you need more for the time of our mentor/mentee relationship

3 month initial commitment, month-at-a-time option thereafter (spots permitting)

I built a 6-figure business in a couple of years with $0 capital on a DSP pension. Not everything I’ve done will be transferable, but I’m happy to share any and all of my lived experience about how I did it so you can decide if a strategy will work for you.

“I have had the pleasure of being taught by Jay and boy, can that lady engage a group. I swear she could talk about the latest toilet seat trends and be able to compel people to WANT to know more…”

12 Sessions

Every week for 3 months


AUD per week

Weekly copy coaching and weekday access to me at the touch of your fingertips

Get help with your branding and copy, your client work, or both!

12 sessions, every week, 60 minutes + each session

Billed upfront and weekly or monthly for budget-friendly brain borrowing + GST for Australian clients

“…incredible in every way…”

Someone else said that. Good, ain’t it?

Take your investment and multiply it by 10. That’s the value you get from Jay.

We knew we wanted to do things differently from other real estate agents but weren’t entirely sure how to express it. Or if our ideas were just naff. We really needed help to use our words.

Our marketing guru referred us to Jay and from the get-go she just got it.

Not only did she help us find & define our brand voice – she amplified it.

And we also picked up a huge amount of other hints and tips to improve other things we hadn’t even thought about.

Do yourself, and your business, a favour, and invest in working with Jay in whatever way you can afford to. You’ll be richer for it.

Bonus: she’s also a lot of fun and a pretty awesome human being.”

Nat Hoye

Den Mother, RedFox Property Group


The value this dazzlingly brilliant woman brings to every minute of your coaching sessions is so ridiculous, I wanted to buy her a house after my first session.

In the 18 months since I’d taken on being a copywriter, I’d built a steady client base through word-of-mouth and was working with some fabulous businesses. Enough to be able to invest in my own branding, website and coaching from various others.

Yet, I agonised over the copy I wrote for my own brand for months (and over my own marketing in general).

I chose Jay when I did because I was about to launch my first website and was struggling to find confidence in my business voice (even though I’d done my brand work).

I could write in anyone else’s voice, but when it came to belting out my own brand-driven copy, I’d freeze at the fingertips!

Now, I’m SO excited about writing my own marketing copy and this reflects in the copy I write for clients too. And this is only one facet of what Jay can do for you.

Having Jay as a sidecar buddy in your fledgling business is not only hilariously fun, it’s downright necessary if you need that extra nudge butt-kick to break through any nagging self-doubt you might have about running your own business.

Jay is the calibre of mentor I’ve been looking for my entire working life—and genuinely brilliant ones are hard to find. Get Jay on your team, it’ll change your life.


Sarah Haslam

Copywriter, Polish & Punch

“Jay was incredible in every way. Her knowledge, insight and straight shooting was the medicine I didn’t realise I needed so much!

She smashed out such a solid block of work, as well as building my skills, teaching me useful approaches and leaving me with a stack of additional things I could do to push my copy forward for her to review – so I got huge value out of the session.

I’ve learnt so much, had a wonderful time and have a better understanding of how to make my copy convert to clients.”


Bonnie Davies

CEO , The Gelo Company + Famous Sharron

“…During the time I’ve known Jay I learned she is a gifted teacher, so when she launched her copy coaching I immediately invested.

I wasn’t disappointed. Jay guided me to connect with the best words I had to offer and has provided me with new learning I use all the time. I love words and with Jay’s coaching my confidence to craft my own copy and assist my clients to write with enthusiasm has increased significantly.

I highly recommend working with Jay, either coaching with her if you’re keen to learn how to craft your own copy or investing to have her write those super important pieces of copy all business owners need. It’s the kind we all want in our business brand arsenal in order to showcase the best we have to offer. It’s the “stuff” that leads to thriving!”

Shannon Dunn

Marketing Maven + Author, Creative Possibility

I agonised for weeks over hiring Jay. I was just starting out, and it was a scary amount to invest in something. I had every page of her website open in multiple tabs, and I spent hours staring at them, trying to deconstruct and absorb. I concluded I simply didn’t have the knowledge. I took the plunge, and to this day I’m SO GRATEFUL I did.

As I said to Jay in one of our sessions – “I decided to learn from you in a few weeks what it would’ve taken me years to figure out myself”.

Even when I was lost and overwhelmed, Jay knew what I needed. She guided me through the process of a website and setting up a business. She guided me through things I didn’t even know I needed to know about. Plus, I learnt a bucket-load about copywriting along the way.

It felt like she constantly went above and beyond to provide a comprehensive service – I know now that’s a part of who she is. She genuinely wants others to succeed, and it shows.

Hire Jay. Throw your money at her. It’s not that she does what you want – it’s that she gives you what you need. And makes you feel warm and fuzzy and enthusiastic while she does it.

She’s generous and funny and smart, and she’s put in the time honing her craft.”


Liv Steigrad

Copywriter, Tender L Creative

“Jay Crisp Crow is THE BEST.

She’s like your branding ‘big sister’ – holds your hand all the way through your identity crisis, lets you borrow her stuff, doesn’t even say ”I told you so” when people let you down.

She can make you reflect on your life decisions with just one change of facial expression but also tells you you’re pretty and buys you flowers; and she’s always, ALWAYS in your corner.

It’s hard to believe this was ”business” – I freaking love this woman!”

Davina Sheldrick

Coaching, PD, Recruitment for Chiropractic Teams, Flourish Enterprises

“Working with Jay Crisp Crow on my website copy has pushed me to get clear on my message and show up authentically in a way no other business-related training has.

It was specific, incredibly informative and well-structured training, that related directly to my copy and website needs.

If you are wanting to pack a punch with the words you use to describe what you do, and finally sort your website copy and structure out, then I highly recommend working with her.

One hour with Jay is equivalent to 8 regular human hours (no joke), so this is incredible value!”

Emma Turton

Medical Intuitive

“You NEED to do the mentoring with Jay.

It was an invaluable 12 weeks and I never would have gotten the clarity around my brand voice OR smashed out the amount of copy we did over the 12 weeks. I still channel my inner Jay when I’m writing new copy 😂 She’s that good.

If you’re on the fence, jump off and just DO IT!

Lauren Siliato

Founder + Chief Mama, Moolk

“Before I met Jay, I was struggling to find my way through the copywriting world.

Her guidance, direction, instruction, and steadfastness (coupled with a whole heck of a lot of patience) helped me to choose the direction that was best for my business while supporting me, as a woman-owned brand, to rise up.

Nothing but gratitude for Jay Crisp Crow. Every woman needs her on her power team.”
Gabi Angelina

Copywriter, Gabi Angelina

Ready to rock?

If we’ve already met on Zoom and finished up our pre-mentor chat and you’ve decided it’s the right fit for you and your business, here’s where to take the leap!

* Please note: I live in the wilds of the Perth hills and my working hours are from 10am – 2pm AWST every weekday. Yep, I get all this done in around 20 hours a week – which may be why you’re thinking of working with me. If you’re an international client we can absolutely still work together, we just need to arrange a time that suits both of us if you need sessions to be outside of my set hours. Evening sessions are available at +15% of your weekly commitment or get ready for early doors mentoring!

I'm in, but I haven't booked a Getting To Know The Crisp call yet!

We can sort that out now. It’s great to have a bit of a discovery call yet, it means you can ask me all your questions about how this will work and we can really gauge if this is the right fit for you.

Book it here and if you can’t find a time ASAP that suits, email me at and we’ll set one up manually.

How much time should I set aside each week?

We’ll meet for 60 + minutes every week for 12 weeks. You’ll also want to set aside around 2 – 3 hours every week to get your work done and back to me so we can move on the following week. If you have more time up your sleeve, great, as you can just get more things implemented in between our sessions.

How long will I get access to you and the materials?

Everything I send you through the course of the mentoring program is yours to keep, including any templates, downloadables, course work, or materials.

You also have the option to put your hand up for monthly mentoring maintenance after our 12 sessions are finished. You can sign up for this anytime after our initial 3 months and drop in and out of those monthly sessions as you like.

I just don't have the time!

No problem, outsource.

Seriously, this program is for people who want to learn to write the copy, organise their packages, brand their business, and know the ins and outs of their own business communications.

If you’re needing someone to do ALL THE THINGS for you instead, take a look at my done-for-you packages here.

What happens if I need to reschedule a session?

My friend, life. It happens.

You can absolutely cancel an appointment and I know no-shows sometimes happen. I mean, neither of us want you to because you’ll forefeit that week, and 12 weeks isn’t oodles of time when you’re trying to get things done. Also, I’ve put a tremendous amount of work into getting you through what I think you need to tackle in 12 weeks and I know how fast we need to get through everything.

If you want to reschedule an appointment, please let me know at least 24 hours before our scheduled time. Please just be aware that my calendar can often be tight, and sometimes the days and times you’d like may not be available.

If you want to reschedule a session to a following week, you’re absolutely able to do that – just no more than 3 times during the 12 week program. This is so we don’t end up twiddling our thumbs and procrastibaking our way into the following quarter (or year, or decade!) I know writing your own stuff or relaunching your brand or setting yourself up as a copywriter can feel a little bit like a pressure cooker but I’m not going to let you put off our sessions and drag out the whole process so it’s comfy. Small business isn’t comfortable. Finding your own voice isn’t comfortable either. But I’ll hold your hand.

What happens if I change my mind?

Listen, don’t do that to yourself.

Don’t be one of those people that signs up for things only to bail on themselves.

Let’s tackle this thing. Do the work. Implement the advice. You’re thinking of signing up for this because you are so darn sick of your copy being the same as your competitors, boring as heck, or feeling totally inauthentic. Or, like, not in existence.

So – officially: refunds for change of mind will not be given. 

However, if your world implodes sometime between the day you sign up for mentoring and before our first session we can work something out. If you request to cancel your mentorship in writing to within 14 days of purchasing with a valid reason for your request we will reply by email within 2 business days to inform you if a refund has been approved. Once approved, an electronic refund will be issued (less any payment gateway fees) within 14 working days from the date of approval.

Refund requests after the 14 day period will or will not be approved on a case by case basis. If you wish to cancel after the initial 14 days and your request is approved, you agree to pay $600 admin fee (that’s around one week of payment) to cover the fact I’ve set aside 12 weeks of time to work with you. At all times we will abide by the Australian Consumer Law in relation to any guarantees for our Services. You can read all my T&Cs here.

Can I pay upfront?

Yes ma’am! And I’ll even send you a present if you do. Just email me to request – 

Or want to see what else I’m serving?

You just want to outsource and know the job’s done deliciously

Done-For-You Copywriting – Website and Email Copy

You’re on a budget and bootstrapping and love a bit of group learning

Copy Courses, Downloadables, and Resources

“…the best time, money, and energy you could spend …”