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Let’s be honest for a moment, real estate agents traditionally haven’t had the best reputation for not being ‘salesy’. We’re a little like you: marketing folk have had a similar rep. That’s why we only collaborate with writers who have a distinct flair for engaging copy; sans cringe. Our aim is for your reader to turn quickly into a potential buyer and fall in love with not only the property you’re listing, but you too. 


We wrangle the written word like total pros. And although we’re in the business of writing conversational conversion copy, we’re sticklers when it comes to spelling, format, and style.

You’ll love our consistent curiosity – about words, marketing, and houses and our constant delivery of recognisable writing style (one that sounds just like you on your best day).



The world is changing – for the better. We’ll help you be part of that by nixing all the regular jargon you’re probably so used to, you don’t even notice it anymore. Who says real estate agents can’t be culture makers? You’re about to change a whole group of peoples’ lives by selling your next property, and we’ll help you do it with inclusive language that changes the world, too. 

Crisp copy: in house

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to dreams

We get that. That’s why our collective of writers has been carefully selected by one of Australia’s premium copywriters to deliver an above-average service that rejects the cookie-cutter approach commonly seen in real estate marketing. 

Real estate copywriting needs a distinctive skillset: unlike long-form copy, we’re aiming to ‘sell’ a high-ticket investment in as few words possible. Because your potential buyer is busy, and likely has at least a dozen other listings right under their nose to wade through in a short amount of time. 

Your copy needs to stand out. Leap off the page. Come to life in the buyer’s mind. All while satisfying the most particular sellers.

And because our core writers have been delivering incredible real estate copywriting for years, you won’t need to explain to us why you need notable copy that demands attention, how the property market is already saturated with ‘average’, or how dreams sell. 

We already know. 

WOMEN owned, Women lead, women written

Meet your new favourite hire



and copywriter, copy mentor, course creator, award-winner, hillbilly. Writes 6 million dollar launch copy when not writing about homes that sell in a day. Will be the last person to touch your new listing. Adores a renovated cottage


Senior Writer

and content writer, copy editor, website specialist, tourism maven, collector of oddities. Finds something to showcase in every fixer-upper. ‘Down South’ expert who appreciates quirky old homes with stories to tell (and a chook shed out the back)


Specialist Listing Writer

and journalist, PR specialist, blogger, e-commerce copy expert. Will notice quality at 500 paces and can succinctly highlight over a dozen inclusions in a paragraph


Specialist Listing Writer

and sensitivity reader, Historian, article writer. Expert in showcasing community and making copy inclusive. Will not tolerate a listing that reads ‘His & Hers’ 

In addition to this talent, we have access to a larger group of writers and editors ready to tackle multiple projects. Every single piece of copy goes through the Crisp Copy polishing process before hitting your inbox, so you can be assured of the premium quality no matter who writes your first draft.

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