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Saddle Up, Buttercup!

If you’re here, I reckon you’ve been wrangling with your Sales Page for what feels like a doggone eternity. And it’s got you all riled-up hysterical. But not in the giggly kind of way.

Or maybe you’ve been twiddling your thumbs, waiting for a top-notch copy cowgirl to mosey on over and make space in her schedule for ya.

You’ve got an offer you’re fixin’ to share, but you’re not sure it warrants the entire 2 weeks of research, an additional 2 weeks of interviewing your ideal clients, and then data collecting from your current conversions required when writing a primo Sales Page. Or the coin.

You need Sales Page copy quick as a jackrabbit so you can test it in days. Not wait for months. 

Well, slap some leather and call me Speedy, ’cause Saddle Up, Buttercup is exactly what you need.

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Yeah look, sorry about that whole months-long wait thing, when I started I never imagined I’d have an *at least* 4 week lead time for copy jobs either


It’s why I’ve created this. 

It’s my tried-and-tested process without all the fandangled data and research and wrangling timezones to speak to your best clients. It’s just your ideas and my copy brain and some quickdraw work.

Because life’s too short for a slow horse. 

As a seasoned copy cowgirl, I’ll rustle up a Sales Page with more thrills than a rodeo and no spills of your budget, and faster than a pronghorn on the prairie. 

(That’s a fast deer-like creature for those of you outside the US!) 

“I’ve never gotten to the end of a Sales Page and been sad

But, after reading your first draft, I was sorry to see the end.”

Elle Roberts, OBM and General Marketing Whizz

Fast Sales Page Copywriting Australia Crisp Copy Conversion Copywriter

Lone Ranger getting lonely?

If you’ve spent the better part of this year squinting at the blinking cursor of death on your blank screen like a cowgirl aimin’ her six-shooter, trying to use every darn Sales Page template available on the interwebs to write your own, you’re either hollering at the moon with the coyotes or throwing out the spurs with the saddle by now. 

Lone Ranger? It’s not your gig. It’s time to outsource. 

Only you know you don’t want to spend the amount you could buy your firstborn a small car (calf?) with to launch an offer or product you’re not sure warrants it yet. 

Hey, I’m not dissing high priced copywriters or premium Sales Pages. Heck, you probably found this page at the bottom of my own Sales Page for premium Sales Page copy.

But that’s not what you need right now.

You need:

Sales Page copy you can afford

you can test and then tweak based on how it performs

    with a quicksmart turnaround

    for something you’re ready to launch pronto

    And hey, (hay?) that’s something it turns out I do for a lot of my existing clients.

    And now I’ve figured out how to do it for you, too. 

    Fast Sales Page Copywriting Australia Crisp Copy Conversion Copywriter

    “In a digital world full of content competing for eyeballs and conversions, Jay is the magic formula to making your brand stand out from the crowd and actually talk to your customers. Her style is unique, it’s bold and it cuts through the noise.

    Jay was able to capture the essence of my brand, give it structure and now it simply dances off the page.”

    Jessica Foord, Digital Designer – Digibrand

    Giddy Up! We have sales to lasso

    Here’s how it’ll work

    You will:

    Step 1:

    Book this service at the bottom of this here page

    Step 2:

    I’ll fire you off an email with an agreement and the world’s speediest form to complete (don’t panic, I don’t even need full sentences, dot points are fine) OR, if forms aren’t your thing, we’ll squeeze in a quick Zoom call. (If you’d like to read the agreement first, just send me an email.)

    And… you’re done. That’s it.

    Step 3:

    I’ll wrangle those words and corral your message and brand the whole lot with sizzling Sales copy that’ll make your readers holler, “let’s ride!” Within 7 days, that first draft will be back in your inbox, colour coded with everything you need for layout and structure and on page SEO inclusions (if requested). Plus, it’ll be professionally proofread and ready to go

    Optional Step 4:

    If, in 4 weeks or so, you’d like me to edit the copy based on how it’s performed, you book in at a discounted loyalty editing rate (only available to current clients)

    You won’t:

    Pay my premium, primo Big Heifer Sales Page copywriting rate

    Pay extra for outsourced SEO keyword research (but I’ll take yours into consideration if you have some) 

    Wait 4 weeks for me to start plus

    2 weeks for delivery of the first draft

    Need to provide me with the contact details of your best clients so I can convince them to meet me on Zoom or fill out a form

    Put aside upwards of an hour with me over Zoom (although that part is fun, and you can always book it later or choose to opt for a speedy option of the Zooming instead)

    Dust settles. We don’t.

    Although this offer might be the answer to all your prayers, let’s just check it’s the right one for you.

    Because it’s fast and good and cost-effective (oh heck, who says you can’t have all three of the golden triangle?) it also has to be right. 

    I need you to give me a “heck, YES” if this is you:

    • You have a new offer and you want to test the market 
    • Or an existing one that’s previous sold without a Sales Page (or without a good one!) 
    • You want spunky, outside-the-box copy in a solid, converting structure you can get out there and start testing fast (bonus: if you like this Sales Page and want something similar, you’re about perfect) 
    • Bonus: you have an existing SEO keyword phrase you’re willing to send me to include
    • Bonus Bonus: you have existing testimonials you can send me (or case studies I can rifle through) 
    • Bonus Bonus Super Bonus: you have a brand voice document or other marketing material you can share so I can stick with your brand voice style 

    Rootin’ tootin’! Ready to get a wiggle on?

    Let’s look at the options:

    Saddle Up, Buttercup Sales Page for $2000 AUD for a short-length Sales Page (about 1,000 words) as a launch price

    Just click on the option that makes your boots tap:

    Fast Sales Page Copywriting Australia Crisp Copy Conversion Copywriter
    Fast Sales Page Copywriting Australia Crisp Copy Conversion Copywriter

    Faith, trust, a little bit of dust

    I’ve spent nearly 8 years slinging high-priced words for some very successful entrepreneurs. Some of my business mates think I’m mad for offering this outside the secret circle of those in the know. They think it’ll undermine my premium brand and its offerings. 

    Fair. But also, here’s the truth:

    Most of the work that goes into writing premium Sales copy is all the marinating, percolating, stalking, and general wallowing around in the (good) muck that is getting to know the ins and outs of a brand, way before the writing starts. Once that writing begins? Mine is a fast process. 

    Because I’m currently booked out for the premium Sales Pages for the time being, it means I have some time to hyper-focus on one brand, their one offer, for 7 business days. (And nights, and showers, oh heck, you don’t need to know that part of how I work.) 

    And something happened in May of 2023 that made me realise how good my Sales Pages were. It wasn’t the millions I made for clients. Or the 6 figures per year my own course Sales copy brings in for me, though you’d think that’d give me a bit of a hint.

    It was this: my Sales Page to sell my own premium Sales Page copywriting service was completely ripped off. And sold as a popular Sales Page course. Down to the FAQs. Word. For. Word.

    I figured if folks are willin’ to shell out a pretty penny to copy my winning Sales Page, they’ll likely jump at the chance to have me do it for them at a fair price instead. So here we are, testing the waters, seeing if this service can help you ride off into the sunset with a Sales Page that’ll have customers stampeding to your door.

    I’m Jay Crisp Crow, proud owner of a funny name, Mother to 3 game-changing people, lover of a Viking, and dedicated, life-long word nerd who believes money in a woman’s bank account will change the world. 

    And I flippin’ love a Sales Page that helps you do it.

    Crisp Copy brand-voice-foundations-guide-for-business-owners-how-to-craft-your-brand-voice (1080 × 1520 px) (1080 × 1220 px) (1)

    Rootin’ tootin’! Ready to get a wiggle on?

    Let’s look at the options:

    Saddle Up, Buttercup Sales Page for $2000 AUD for a short-length Sales Page (about 1,000 words) as a launch price

    Pre-payment plans are available for those of you who know you want the thing, but you’re watching your cash flow and are willing to wait a tic to start

    Fast Sales Page Copywriting Australia Crisp Copy Conversion Copywriter
    Fast Sales Page Copywriting Australia Crisp Copy Conversion Copywriter

    We’re burning daylight, but there’s time for FAQ

    What even *is* copywriting?

    Well, hello, my new friend! How did you make your way here? If we haven’t met before, I’m a copywriter. Has zip to do with legals, everything to do with words that make your best new client or customer absolutely fall over themselves to hand over their credit card details and possibly also propose some kind of long term relationship with your brand.

    Copywriting is a process of carefully structuring the right words to make the reader take an action. It’s words that sell things – from your product Sales page to the back cover advertisement in a newspaper.

    Good copywriting showcases not only the features of your service or product but also the benefits, and makes your ideal clients realise they need your thing – it converts readers to buyers and compels the people you want to sell to to take an action.

    What's the difference between regular copy and conversion or Sales copy?

    Not much, although we get much more persuasive in the tone of Sales Page copy. 

    Unlike traditional print copy (like in an advertisement you’d read on the back of a newspaper), conversion copy focuses on the way ideal clients like to read and react to copy, layout, and calls to action. It uses SEO keywords, Facebook marketing, or a well-designed website to bring people onto a Sales page, then carefully chooses and structures each sentence to get that reader to do something.

    Sales Page copy *is* conversion copy:

    it makes your best readers (ready to become customers or clients) want to click.

    Why can't I find that Sales Page copy editing rate you mentioned on your website?

    I only offer this service to previous clients and by application. Why? Because we’ve already done all the brand copy work at the beginning so we know exactly what this website copy needs to say.

    I am 100% happy to edit this Sales Page for you once you’ve collected some data – post launch. At the time of launching this Sales Page, my editing rate is around $440 per hour, and I can edit about 500 words in an hour (usually more, when I’ve written them myself!) 

    Why should I choose you to write my Sales Page?

    Because, well, I make people cry. There’s proof of this on my testimonial page.

    I’m a terrible cook, can’t count for nuts, but I write killer copy that makes your new favourite people want to be all over your offerings. 

    Also, I’m ridiculously lovely to work with. 

    And, honestly, if you’re all the way down the bottom of this page and still here, we’re probably meant to be. In alignment – you care about the things I do – amplification of women’s voices, putting power in the hands of our next generation of change-makers, creating, and funding, a life from your business that means you have choices. 

    But, how will you write in *my* voice?

    This is the golden question, and the reason why I have such a happy client list and a successful copywriting business. When I conducted my ideal client research this year, this was the point of difference about working with me that came up over and over again. 

    I’ll tell you the truth – it’s a little bit magic and a little bit stalker. 

    I’m a naturally empathetic copywriter with an inherent ability to listen. When we have our first Zoom session, I hear all the words you mean to say. When I read your answers to my emails, I look for the gold between the lines. To be honest – writing the copy is the easy part. Finding the brand voice is the key to writing you in a way that’ll make you cry when you first read it. You’ll feel heard, acknowledged, and presented to the online world in the way you’d always wished for.

    I can’t tell you anything more than that or I’ll be giving everything away.  

    I noticed you're an Australian copywriter and I'm in the US/UK/Mars!

    No probs, Bob. And I won’t use Australian colloquialisms like that when I write your copy, promise.

    This is all covered in our first branding session where I uncover your brand voice and then use it everywhere. You’ll find yourself thinking, “how did she know I say things like that?” 

    If we start with mapping out a Brand Voice Guide together, you can also pass on this resource to anyone who ever writes for your brand for them to use too.

    Why does Sales Page copywriting cost much more in comparison to your other pages?

    I’m not the cheapest copywriter you can hire. Not by a long shot. But check out my testimonials page and you’ll see I’m worth it. This isn’t my side-hustle; I’m a dedicated, full-time writer who works with clients who value craftsmanship and conversion. And I specialise in Sales copy – for websites and emails – which includes About Pages, no – seriously!

    Also, you probably won’t be asking this if you’re visiting this site from the US or UK – in Australia we have hugely differing expectations about copywriting rates. I have a middle-of-the-range hourly rate in comparison with a global industry and provide above-average work. Yes, you can hire a copywriter for $35 an hour from Fiverr, and when you want that copy fixed in a couple of months – you know where to find me.

    I’ll always quote you upfront and by the package. That means if my time blows out, you won’t pay for it. 

    How long will the entire process take?

    7 (business) days from the time we book until the copy hits your inbox. 

    The only thing that may get in the way of this process is if I’m out of my office (out of the state or teaching somewhere) – you can always check with me before booking at 

    If you book a premium Sales Page, my current lead time is 8 weeks. 

    What if I don't love something you write?

    Well then, that’s it. We aren’t mates anymore.

    Gosh no, that’s a joke. Communication is key and even if you start off thinking you are 100% sure of what you want, sometimes when you get it, you realise you might want to change tack.

    That’s OK, sometimes we need a change of brief and to revisit. We’ll negotiate if that happens about a cost-effective, loyalty client editing rate. 

    What about SEO?

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. There are a tonne of elements you need to consider if you’re improving your SEO and SEO copywriting is a major part of the puzzle.

    I carefully weave SEO keyword terms into your human-centric copy so Google can tell what you’d like to rank for and help you get found. 

    If you *know* you don’t give a fig about a longtail SEO keyword for this page and you really don’t want it, you can just let me know. I’ll pick something I think fix. 

    If you know you want them and you have prepared keyword phrases ready to go, I just need you to send them to me when you book. 

    I love SEO keywords, and I love being found on the Google. But I never sacrifice conversion copy for a longtail keyword phrase, and I don’t stuff boring-butt keywords into headers multiple times just because your SEO person thinks they should go there. 

    Humans first. Google happily second.

    Do you charge GST?

    Yes, only for Australian clients. You can ignore this if you’re international.

    I really like you but, I just can't afford this yet.

    I really like you too.

    Here’s the thing; I have two kinds of favourite clients. Ideal done-for-you copy clients who’ve been around for a bit, know the value of outsourcing their copy, and know they’re going to make a return on this investment. 

    I also have a massive drive to see women in startup or transition phase get their words working for them so they can sell any darn thing they like. That’s why I offer a range of low-cost, free, or probably-going-to-pay-you-back-if-you-implement resources you can use to write your own copy, make it make you money, and then – if you need – you can come back to me with some dosh in the bank ready to spend on editing or outsourcing altogether. Check them out here

    And if you want to use my *exact* basic structure I start all my Sales Page copywriting with, you can download my cheap-as-chips template here or learn to write Sales Page copy from me here

    I really like you. Oh, and I also want the whole kit and caboodle.

    I still really like you too.

    Want the big Sales Page deal? Click here.