“Hire Jay

throw your money at her…”

Take it in. It’s a wall of word love

Copywriting Client Love

I’m a composer and creative consultant and when the conductor’s baton swings high and comes down on the first beat in the first rehearsal – I simply know the moment of truth has arrived. There is nowhere to hide when the orchestra plays your music for the first time.
So too, when I saw Jay’s documents with draft 1 of copy in my inbox –  what if I don’t like what is written??? Terrifying.
But even after reading for a few seconds, I felt relieved, then safe, then excited and then the truth dawned –  I want to hire me!!
Jay captured the essence of my business, instills confidence in the reader and magically, somehow,  made it sound like me.
Being the magician she is, Jay was somehow able to burrow through my ramblings and find the kernel of my ideas and write them up in such a way I couldn’t have said it better myself. Exactly the reason you should trust her with your business!
Trust Jay with your business. She knows what you need even if you don’t.
I was a little skeptical of the enthusiasm of some of the testimonials on Jay’s site but now that I’ve worked with Jay myself, those testimonials are simply and utterly true.  Every word.
Dr Katy Abbott

Chief Inkling Officer

Dinner For Breakfast

Ever heard of funnel shame? Yup, that’s what I had and I knew it was because of my copy so I was hiding my course because I didn’t want anyone going through the email funnel. Jay had been on my list of people to work with and I finally drummed up the courage (and cash) to get her eyes on my copy for a well overdue edit.

Jay cured my funnel shame with her copy editing magic and I’m super proud to be promoting my course again.

I loved working with Jay, as her application process was simple and her copy skills out of this world. It was easy to submit my brief and communicate with Jay along the way. I highly recommend working with Jay if you have funnel shame too, she’s seriously a sales copywriting gem.

Bianca McKenzie
The Facebook Ads Specialist + Launch Strategist

Bianca McKenzie

Before I had ever spoken to Jay, I had laughed or cried my way through most of her work. I hung off every brilliantly crafted word, hooked and moved.

I was a total fangirl and knew that I wanted her on my team. Initially, I thought I would learn from her, since I’ve always been a decent writer and quite enjoy the process, plus she has a whole range of coaching and DIY training options. Turns out, what I’m not decent at is blowing my own horn. And that’s where Jay came in.

From the moment we started working together, she got my brand. It was as if she had been in my head when I was creating it.

She understood my people and how to speak to them and she injected personality and fun in places I would have just ‘played it safe’ (thanks for that, corporate life).

Working with Jay is more than just copywriting though, as an astute businesswoman, you also get a sounding board, someone, that gets it, and has an eye for what will and won’t work.

She’s not afraid to challenge you and call you out when she knows you can do better. It’s like copywriting and coaching rolled into one.

Needless to say, I’m I bigger fan than ever now. Jay’s written my Home, About Me and Work With Me pages as well as two program Sales pages, with more in the pipeline.

Jessica Miller
Business Strategist
The Inspired Mark

Jay Crisp Crow stood out to me online by keeping it real and cracking me up. I loved her attitude and honesty. We got into a conversation about photoshoots and inspirations and I was hooked! So when I needed to level up my business I had a few choices I could make. Hiring her was the right choice.

She sent me everything I needed, super step-by-step easy, and actually got me to sit down and really get into my vision.

Then she sent me copy. It was like she was in my head but way BETTER! She took my topic, a taboo topic (periods!), and my humour, and combined them to make something that was accessible to normal human beings.

I’m so far in my own world that it’s hard for me to bring it back to basics, to explain what’s happening in a way that other people can understand. To create a real connection with me and my audience. I’ve never gotten to the end of a sales page and been sad, but reading Jay’s first draft I was so sorry to see the end!

I’m beyond thrilled with what Jay created for me and my sales page, and I’ll be bringing her on board for so many more projects to come!

THANK YOU Jay! I spent years struggling to get a cohesive, sensible, Sales page together, I wish I had found you years ago.

Stasha Washburn
Trailblazer + Change Maker + Revolutionary
The Period Coach

Jay doesn’t just write website copy, it doesn’t even begin to cover what she does.

Our website was, well shameful. I had knocked it up before the business even started and as the business grew we never had the time to update it, but it didn’t represent us as a company or what we can do.

Over Zoom Jay and I sat and chatted for over an hour discussing everything from our business objectives, the kind of clients we were looking to attract, our SEO hit list and the type of voice I wanted to shine through the website to keep our branding consistent across all our digital platforms.

And she did it, better than I could have possibly imagined, not just the perfect website copy that said all the right things, but Call To Actions in all the right places and tied in with how it should be formatted around images for ultimate impact and user experience.

You can’t afford NOT to be using Jay for your website.

Lucy Tearne
PR Magic Maker 
Crowned PR

I could not be more pleased with  work on my About page. Not only did Jay create AMAZING copy, she did it at lightning speed and got it right first go.

Copywriting helps sell what you sell and Jay’s worth is worth so much more than what you pay.

For anyone wanting to create an About page that really grabs people, work with Jay, it will be the most valuable investment for your business.

Nellie Manolis


I’m obsessed with Jay’s words, I read everything she writes… she is a Content Superhero who oozes authenticity and she has a quirky style that resonates with me and my business brand.

Jay’s ability to produce content that is in line with your brand is magical.

I also appreciated the learning experience that Jay provided; I was offered super-smart strategies to ensure my future content is also on point.

Stop fumbling over your words and spending hours you simply don’t have, engage Jay immediately and be prepared to be blown away.

Kerri Duff Borthen
Founder and Ninja
The Shortlister

I have been working with Jay for a few years now and she never fails to amaze me.

I needed help to set up yet another website and knew Jay was my go-to copywriter but boy, she is so much more than that. You know how sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know?

Well, that was me before Jay.

I was struggling with the look and feel I wanted to project. I was even dithering with choosing images. Jay stepped in and nailed it. I really think she knows what I want better than I do.

She listens and teases out exactly what I want from my ramblings and uncertainties. She is also able to put herself in the shoes of my target market in a way that is just downright spooky. Not only do her words always speak directly to them but so too do the images and layout.

She is vivacious and creative, she is also generous and patient. But above all, she is the epitome of professionalism.

She also has a great team behind her so if Jay can’t do something (although I haven’t quite worked out what that is yet) she knows the right person for the job.

Thank you, thank you, Jay. I love the new website that you let me think I had created.

Pip Wynn Owen
Birth Educator Trainer + Wellness Space Owner
Wellness On Whatley


When I took the reins at Roooar this year I wanted a clear voice throughout the brand. I had worked with Jay previously on a number of occasions and I knew she was the right person to write what I needed to be heard.

I am a big ideas person. I can clearly see and articulate what I want the outcome to be. I understood the importance of the clarity of messaging throughout the brand. However, finding the right words to clearly explain the benefits of products and services stops me in my tracks every time.

Jay took my notes and all my ‘end-goal’ concepts and created a song that is now music to my audience’s ears.

I have had a number of comments from current members saying what sold them on Roooar membership or had them agreeing to mentor our community was the words on the website and in our emails and how they connected with them. Writing a new voice for Roooar was no easy feat. Jay turned what I was dreaming about and nailed it.

Lauren June
Editor in Chief
Roooar Magazine and Digital


Wow! I had such an amazing day yesterday getting out of my head and onto paper everything about me.

Yep! The lot.

It was all in the hope of collating an awesome About page for my website. I was super happy with what I had there already but as we all know things change and my business is evolving and growing soooo it was time. I knew where to go, who to ask for guidance and was thrilled I could attend a workshop with the one and only Jay Crisp Crow! Who else would you want to help other than the best in the business.

It was an amazing day. Sitting in a room with other women in business, feeling comfortable and safe to share my story and to hear theirs. I learnt so much, not only on the subject of About pages but also about these women and their businesses. I loved it. Pressies were awesome, cookies fantastic, the company was the best and the facilitator was just brilliant!

Thank you Jay. I have it done and now I just need to load it up x

Natallie Wright
No BS Skincare Brand Owner + Speaker
Verissima Natural Skincare


Jay was able to put on paper (electronic!) what was inside my head and heart but was unable to convey myself.

In addition to being a total rockstar goddess copywriter – Jay was totally professional to deal with, AND she went completely above and beyond what the scope of the assignment was and added such immense value to my website and to my business overall.

Jay has continued to deliver after sales service beyond what is expected or required. I am forever grateful Jay, and would recommend you in a heartbeat. Thank you for everything you have helped me with.

Gillian Nathan
Simple Solutions Accounting Services

My business needed serious direction and a skilled writer to create copy relevant to more than 1 target demographic.

Crisp Copy streamlined all of my ideas brilliantly into a package I felt confident selling and even utilised the psychology behind website traffic when creating the foundation for my online presence.

This was particularly important to my business with booking links and the option to subscribe all built into the copy. I especially appreciated the attention to detail and Jay’s ability to dig deep and tailor the package specifically to my business and personal journey.

I would recommend Crisp Copy to anyone who is selling themselves but cannot find the words to do so.

Bec O’Farrell
Voice Over Expert + Trainer
Noise + Colour


The beautiful, wonderful Jay Crisp Crow did the copy for my website truelifestories.com.au

I think I must have been Googling and I came across Jay’s beautiful website. What I really loved about it was the ability to be able to tell a story in somebody’s own words. I felt that she would be best suited for me.

I loved her style. She was a little bit quirky, a little bit funny, but at the same time was able to really get the message across. And so I got in touch with Jay and she was just a joy to work with.

She captured exactly what I wanted. It felt like it was me on a page.

Words sometimes are difficult to put together, and so engaging Jay was probably one of the best investments I did for my business. And I can’t tell you how happy I have been with her and I look forward to working with her again in the foreseeable future.

Annie Gichuru
Positive Story Teller
True Life Stories

I ADORE my bio, and I couldn’t have created it myself – too many whirling parts. You made it easy to connect all the dots and come up with something someone would actually read.

And probably smile over.

Denise Litchfield
Not Your Average Clairvoyant


I came across Jay’s website whilst working on my new website. As I started to read the pages of Crisp Copy I found myself giggling out loud, nodding my head and wanting to read more – I was hooked.

Jay has an incredible way of making words real, when I read my website content I feel like this is exactly who we are – I love it.

I also found Jay has given us valuable SEO information and guidance to ensure we are heading in the right direction when it comes to people finding us on the big wide world of the internet.

Jay has been so incredibly easy to work with, she has a great sense of humour and a terrific sense of self – which you can see when you follow her social media accounts. I look forward to continuing the journey on team Jay Crisp Crow.

Megan Briers
Chair Queen
Patio & Balcony Outdoor

I love meeting people in life who are following their bliss and living their deepest calling – someone who by their contribution makes the world a better place, Jay Crisp Crow is one of those people.

Jay lives and breathes quality words and capturing what makes a brand “sing!” More than that, her approach is deep, rich, spacious and generous.

Working with Jay was exactly what I needed, it refined my brand and clarified it for me in ways I did not anticipate the process could. The way Jay does this is part of her unique skill as a writer and coach.

My business needed a copywriter because I was both re-branding and evolving my private practice as a psychotherapist into the new territory of neurofeedback. I was drowning in copy and jargon for my website and needed assistance to prioritise the key message and communicate my services that sits uniquely in the wellness space, I needed to capture my target audience (in a way that did not put them to sleep!)

Enter Jay…who did this incredibly well by overhauling the whole framework of my website; she prioritised key content beautifully (no small task) and advised me of what material would best be converted on the blog.

Jay was excellent at finding the ‘sweet spot’ in tone and somehow digesting reams of information into a few salient, critical pages of crisp web copy that flowed and reflected what I do in a compelling way. Which was my brief; Jay exceeded my expectations and added value at every turn. As well as doing this, Jay nurtures the essence of the person behind the brand.

Her uncanny ability to get into my head moved me to tears a few times, and she was gracious with quite a few late night “WOW!” email messages. She also had me scrambling to understand how she possibly managed to find almost identical words and concepts I had used 10 years ago in presentations – which captured deeply held ideas; as it turns out, it is in her profound listening skills,  somehow she gently found a way into the back catalogues of my mind to bring forth the gold!

Really, this is an art form and why I will be returning in the future.

Jay’s style is approachable, informed, clear and engaging.

Jay also gave me many tips and took extra care to layout my website which was appreciated – going above and beyond. Jay gave me the confidence and knowledge to tackle a lot of the elements in my brand that once scared me, and because of all this, Jay is worth every cent! She brings a great deal of knowledge and experience to web writing. I wholeheartedly recommend Jay to any businesswoman who wants to get clarity around their brand voice, tired copy, fall in love with their brand again, or like me, has hit a wall of words and needs solid guidance.

It will save you much time in the long run to work with someone like Jay who is intimately across SEO and the user-experience and just delights in seeing women thrive and grow in their business.

I knew there was risk of gushing here, but this has been the gift that keeps on giving!

From the bottom of my therapist heart – thank you Jay.

Website Copywriting
Meeray Ghaly
Neurofeedback Trainer & Psychotherapist
Living Neuro

Don’t sweat over it. Just. Get. Jay.

Watching our real estate reps agonise over writing their property spiels, and then trying to wrestle the result into a semblance of English, inspired me to get Jay involved. I don’t know why I waited so long.

Jay punches out robust real estate riffs in record time, and saves us endless headaches and toil. She is always on time, always perfectly phrased and she gives our office a clear, consistent voice online.

Thank you Jay, you are a super lifesaving rock star.

Kendall Earnshaw


Earnshaws Real Estate

Jay showed tremendous capacity in listening to and interpreting my brief and always offered astute advice. She was flexible in work hours and always kept appointments. Her excellent knowledge and personal flair stood out and her support was unwavering. I would have drowned in technicalities without her! She knew who to contact to do the mysterious back-end operations on the web page and who to consult for other documentation.

I’ve benefited enormously from Jay’s skills, talents, personality and passion. It has been astonishing and exciting to have the vivacious and tenacious Jay on my side on what would otherwise have been a perilous journey.

Along the way, we laughed, worried, gasped and experienced the peaks and troughs of a new business venture together. I am eternally grateful to have had Jay recommended to me by Nicky Thomas. There are no words to express how profound her impact has been.

Thank you and I still need you.

Annie J Ryan
Australia’s Best New Author

Starting my business was so time-consuming that I never managed to develop a proper Home page. I always strive to deliver outstanding customer service and of course, I wanted first-time and returning visitors of my website to feel welcomed and educated about our products. So it was time to develop a proper Home page.

I knew I would not be able to deliver in the same dimensions as a professional writer would. I found Jay’s website and was immediately drawn to it. I put my hesitation, caused by negative experiences with service-based businesses aside, jumped in the cold water and did not regret it!

After writing a comprehensive brief on my business Jay delivered copy for my Home page which is just as comprehensive as crisp and a delight to read.

But that wasn’t all: additionally, Jay gave recommendations on the layout and graphics so my homepage is also a delight to look at. I’m overly joyful.

Thank you for your outstanding service, a beautiful copy and for being so approachable!

Christiane Ruehlmann
Sock Empire Queen

I have been following Jay for a while now and often think of her when it comes to people needing a copywriter. Today I lacked motivation and creativity and being desperate to get out some communication to my database (but knowing it wasn’t 100% yet) I decided to do a call out and Jay came to my rescue and saved my lack of motivation!

Not only did she totally get what I wanted to achieve she even went above and waited until I made my email changes and reviewed it and offered a further eye!

Thank you so much Jay! I look forward to working with you further down the track!

Lia May Ursich
Marketing Maven

This is to say how much I love working with you. Your innate ability to step into my shoes never ceases to amaze me.

What I most appreciate is your joy, love, ability, and skill with words to express who I am, particularly as I what I do is intangible, that is it is not a product. This makes it at times difficult to convey in the written word. You have this knack of cutting to the chase and nailing it. I know when we have as it sends shivers up my spine.

You are kind, thoughtful, thought-provoking and gentle towards me as we, as your clients, can be at times defensive of our brands. You know how to guide me to see it in another way and then let the reigns go for me to make the decision, even if it is not what you would choose. Invariably, I come back to your way as it sometimes takes time to let it sit in my heart.

Thank you for all the work you do with me and Unfold Your Freedom and Franc.

Chantal Vanderhaeghen
Beauty Industry Game Changer
Unfold Your Freedom and Franc Essential Skincare

I don’t know how she does it!

What I love most about Jay, is she’s not afraid to tell you what you need to hear. As any Entrepreneur will know, marketing yourself is always a tougher gig than you first imagine. Even with my kick-ass attitude, I had an About page that was weak and uninspiring.

Jay captured the absolute essence of who I am as a businesswoman and translated it powerfully into words.

I now have an About page I’m proud of, that reflects my business brand, to share with the world.

Nicky Thomas
Business Coach
Action Strategies

I am about to start an email subscriber list and directing people to my website was embarrassing. It wasn’t good to look at, easy to use or inspiring, so I knew I needed to either spend a month and a lot of sanity working out how to make it better or engage someone who could do a far better job in far less time.

I saw Jay everywhere from the Facebook business and entrepreneurial groups I am a part of to having her recommended by colleagues. Her presence was always upbeat, confident and passionate about what she does. I find confidence in women is usually warranted so I thought she’d probably be good at what she does.

My biggest concern (about working with a copywriter) was that I’d be given a page of words and no advice or guidance on how to use them in the context of my individual website.

Jay was very accommodating to my specific needs. She tailored the packages she offers to suit my exact requirements; to the point of engaging other experts in the areas I also needed to achieve my desired outcome. She combined with these people to deliver me what I asked for and needed without me having to run around to a bunch of different people without really knowing what it was I needed.

I just told her where I wanted to get to and Jay made it happen.

It was so simple, she was very patient with me and the outcome was far better than I could have ever hoped to achieve myself – no matter how much time I spent!

The immediate impact is that I am now able to hit the send button on the email I have been holding onto! Now that I have a website that is attractive, clear and engaging, I can actually direct people to it and get started with my marketing.

Thanks so much Jay!

Tara Whitney
Grant + Tender Specialist
Whitney Consulting

Jay did what I couldn’t and put into coherent words the vision behind my program. As I first read the copy, it had me saying “yes!” aloud many times.

Not only was the Sales page copy brilliant but she also put it all together in a way that made it so easy to add to my website. Thank you Jay, I’ll be back for sure!

Yael Keon
Marketing Consultant

Jay came highly recommended by two business acquaintances of mine.

When I Googled her, I loved the fact my first impression was that she was a real person with a real passion for what she does.

One thing that concerned me about hiring a copywriter was that the copy wouldn’t sound like me, but I felt an immediate connection with Jay. She listened and if she weren’t sure on what it was I was trying to communicate, she continued to ask questions until she did.

But it’s not all about the what…it’s about the why, the tone and the manner and bringing them all together, which I think she did just swimmingly.

I’m a big believer in that you get what you pay for, most of the time! I also appreciate that ‘most expensive’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘best’. And that cost, at times, can be a deciding factor and often depends on the circumstances at that point in time. In this instance, her commitment and guarantee to me was the reassurance/confidence I needed to move forward. I felt a synergy – a passion, an energy and sense of pride for what she does. This is how I see myself and my business.

I’m a control freak by nature yet I didn’t feel the need to question, interview or second guess her…and therefore the biggest benefit for me was that I got to get on with doing what I needed without any worry.

Kylie Dillon
KDD Conveyancing Services

I was very impressed with the work I employed Jay to do. It was fantastic. I had a short deadline and Jay was able to complete a very fast turn around, she was very friendly and helpful during the process. The work helped me become more visible in my industry.

Jay was really able to really translate my words into a polished form. She fleshed out my words into something good enough to be published.

I felt the investment helped me feel confident readers would understand the points I was trying to convey.

Grace Mugabe
Accountant + Trainer
Financially Empowered

We have the pleasure of working with Jay quite regularly; apart from the extra success she has generated for our business, she is also a joy to have around. Her sassiness, sense of humour and the perfect amount of professionalism brings authenticity and panache to everything she touches.

She has captured our business identity perfectly (even before we quite knew what it was ourselves!) making the growth of our rather unique business that much simpler.

Would thoroughly recommend Crisp Copy to anyone who wants to be understood better in a public forum. What a godsend!

Davina Sheldrick
Flourish Enterprises

I chose Jay to work with when it came to writing my About page for my website.

This is the most visited page on the website so it was important that I worked with a very skilled copywriter who could take my gobbledegook and turn it into something that was super clear for my audience in a way that captured my brand personality and all of the quirks that make up exactly who I am.

And Jay was bloody brilliant to work with!

Tracy Harris
Mums With Hustle

Jay Crisp Crow exceeded all my (very high) expectations in producing the copy for my Sales page.

I knew I had a great program that every woman in the world should be part of, but I wasn’t conveying it! Jay saw straight into the heart of what I was offering and has made it sound so damn amazing that I am truly excited to tell everyone about it!

You have saved the day, you High Priestess of copy.

I feel like I know what I do and why I do better than ever before.


Dr Ricci-Jane Adams
Teacher + Leader + Shaker of Souls
Institute for Intuitive Intelligence


Jay took my previous brand and all my notes and wrote website copy for my business relaunch including SEO copy and layout suggestions for each page.

Jay is amazing! Her ability to craft words astounds me! Her ability to get “ME” and my brand voice are unsurpassed.

Even though it has been such a long time developing this new website, Jay has been patient and supportive through the whole process! Ready to leap at any point where I need assistance.

I can’t commend Jay highly enough. I have used Jay’s services many times in the past and I look forward to continuing to work with Jay in the future.

Francine Bell
Additive Free Kids


Semple Property Group needed quality written marketing material because our competition has started some awesome marketing.

Jay delivered, sharp, impactful, and easily understandable copy. She made us realise the importance of punchy copy because most of our clients glance at our marketing and weren’t reading our long-winded text.

We would recommend Jay to anyone in the Real Estate industry and found the experience easy and simple.

Kirsten Dunn
Semple Property Group

I literally had tears in my eyes as I read the first draft of my About page for my website. The words resonated so deeply and the bubbling excitement began to rise again.

Yes this is me, this is my journey and I love it!

Thank you, Jay for drawing this out of me and expressing my essence in your beautiful words.

Nicole Bathurst
Real Food Educator
Naturally Nic

My website was previously a mess… full of lengthy sentences and sometimes visitors found it difficult to search for what they wanted. I searched online and was fortunate to find Jay.

Her copywriting skills were fantastic and she managed to trim the content into manageable bits, while at the same time, giving it a punchy feel.

If you need someone to overhaul your website copy, then I highly recommend Jay!

Ben Loh
MBA Chiropractic

I like writing, but sometimes I need the reassurance (and saved time!) of working with a professional.

Jay is my copywriter of choice in those cases.

Working with her is always a pleasure and I’ve been thrilled with everything she’s done for me. Highly recommended.

Also, she’s awesome. I take any opportunity I can to hang out with her.

Lacey Filipich 

Founder + Game Changer
Money School

I run a fashion label called AANI and my business needed a fresh new voice that understood my brand and the life of a mum. I contacted Jay and we connected instantly. She was amazing to work with and totally resonated with my brand.  

Jay helped me out with content for my Home and About pages. I was blocked on how to talk about myself as well as word my story and company ethos. Jay solved my problem by creating an amazing story about the birth of my business and how it has grown.

She provided me with fresh, modern and sophisticated content that said exactly what I needed it to in the best possible way.

This was particularly important to my business because of my lack of time and experience in writing and resulted in my website being more on point with my branding.  

Jay was professional at every step of the process and gave me realistic timelines to which she followed exactly. Overall, I would recommend Jay Crisp Crow to anyone in any sector/business and found the experience fun, friendly and professional.

Leanne Collova
Fashion Designer

We hired Jay to write website copy and project manage the build of our new site at Nebular Constructions.

We were thrilled with her excellent work and used some of the copy in our advertising too. We found her friendly and easy to work with and although we are a small, family business, the feedback we’ve had so far is that people are saying the site is very good. We actually considered Jay to be a bargain when you look at all she provided us.

To be honest, we’re a bit old school, so I’m generally quite basic in what would say about most items on our website, so having someone put a bit of “spunk” in our web page was refreshing, and I felt our business was portrayed really well. I’d definitely recommend her to another company.

Ben Humphreys
Nebular Construction

I’d been FB stalking Jay for a while and so I already knew she had the goods when I contacted her.

I didn’t want the usual promo stuff and Jay was able to put into words, what had been floating around in my head!

Talk about Miss Efficient! In a 45 minute chat, Jay fired multiple questions my way and pulled the most important information out of me. Then BAM! She sent her first draft and it was pretty near on done.

A few tweaks and voila, my flyer was good to go.

Kirstin Bouse
Clinical and Forensic Psychologist
Perth Psychology Collective & The Conscious Mother

I am always delighted with the quality of the copy Jay provides for me and have most recently employed her to write advertising copy for my workshops.

My business deals with delicate subject matter, and Jay tweaked the content so parents would be less confronted.

I have always been more than happy with the investment I have made with Jay and I love her invoicing and payment gateway. It’s so easy.

I would definitely recommend Jay to anyone who needed a copywriter. I love the way she makes the copy sound like my own words. She definitely has the ability to get my message across, she really listens.

Holly-Ann Martin
Child Protection Educator

What an incredible experience to engage Jay Crisp Crow to create the magical copy that we needed to put a face to our business!

If you want professional, snappy and happy service then I can highly recommend Jay as someone you can rely on. 

The way in which she books timeslots and dedicates her writing time to each customer is fabulous, she met all the deadlines and we were very excited to receive our copy from her. 

All three of our businesses have used Jay to create not only Sales pages but entire websites. 

Dawn + John Steel
Steel Group

I stumbled across Jay on Instagram many months ago and loved her fun style, so thought I’d keep her in my back pocket for a rainy day.

That rainy day came when I came to renovate my information booklet recently. I was struggling with the ‘I’ and ‘we’ thing! I am a one-gal band in my business, so it would seem fitting to write ‘I’ throughout the booklet but I naturally gravitate to writing ‘we’ when I do up all my social media content and product literature.

Jay listened to my story, read my existing booklet and gave me the clarity I needed & confirmed that ‘I’ was actually a ‘WE’! I just didn’t know it and it all made sense all of a sudden.

How, you ask? Jay said she felt like the air plants were more like pets and not just a product and so terrAIRium is actually comprised of me – the owner – AND my awesome army of air plant pet? They are like my little minions, doing all the cool stuff in the background.

Jay cleaned up my information booklet to suit this new revelation and it really felt like it was the missing link it needed. The booklet changes 200% feel like an extension of my own voice too, the burst of excitement I got from reading the changes literally made me smile like a giddy idiot. I was on a whole other level of ‘stoked’.

I am a small hobby business and admittedly the cost of a copywriter made me gulp a bit but the outcome was hands down more value than I had paid. This booklet goes to EVERY customer of mine and is a pivotal component in connecting with my customers, so I need it to be perfect, not just OK.

There aren’t enough excitable emoji faces to reflect my gratitude to Jay for surpassing my expectations on this project.

Renae Burke 
Plant Mother

I employed Jay to write some advertising copy for my exclusive home wares brand. She was worth every penny! I stopped worrying altogether about content, which I was doing on a regular basis. Having Jay write for me saved me a lot of time, thus money.

I felt Jay expressed my brand’s unique and exclusive voice better than I could ever do.

I found Jay very professional and responsive to work with and she provided a high quality of work within my deadline. She made me feel confident about the outcome of the copy and made suggestions to better suit my brand. Jay is a dream to work with.

Gabrielle Morris
Owner & Artist
Silence Is Luxurious

When I was renewing and re-birthing my website, it was one of those life blessings to connect to Jay.

She has been able to capture the essence of myself and my work extraordinarily well, without ever having met, and she made my content a reading feast.

I am entirely grateful for her excellent work. 

Kirana Haag
Transformational Artist

Jay’s words hit the spot. 

Jay wiggled her magic writing fingers and turned my messy brain dump into the most magical of words. Words that sound like me, but that I could have never written myself. Believe me, I’d tried. 

My old website was boring. Generic and bland. I was playing it safe. Blending in.

I’m proud to stand out now. My website is now filled with stacks of wonderful words that have my perfect people falling in love with me. 

I was initially scared that the time Jay and I spent chatting about my business, my geekiness, and my odd-ball quirks wouldn’t be enough time for her to really capture my voice. I was wrong. She got it. First go. 

I shared her copy with some clients and they ALL came back to me saying “that sounds so much like you”. I had fallen in love with the copy. But to hear that was amazing. 

Jay is my go-to gal, for all things wordy. 

She created my uniquely ‘me’ brand voice and filled my Home Page, About Page and my Signature Program Sales Page to the brim with words that attract, influence and support my ideal clients to choose me from the many other website designers online. 

My business is now almost stress-free. My calendar is filling up with people who are looking for a human speaking web geek to join their team. Not just a code-monkey, hired to mash a keyboard on command.

‘How much is a website?” Argh. That question used to curse me. Not anymore. 
I’m no longer plagued by tire kickers or time wasters. 

I’m now working with my perfect clients. Every day.

Fiona Fell
Website Designer

You never cease to amaze me with your word wizardry. You really do weave magic with your words. You can take a seemingly boring topic such as Meetings and Speaking Coaching, and make it sexy. You made me laugh, especially when you said “I love the graveyard slot. It knows my name. It shivers in my shadow.” Having done your CCC, I fully appreciate the confidence you have in your own ability to write like this. If I had written it I probably would have rejected it (sigh, one day I will be able to have your confidence to write this way ….)

Denise Price
Business and Marketing Consultant
David Julian Price

I wrote my own about page but had serious doubts about its quality so I sent it to Jay to put the ‘Jay sparkle’ all over it. And that she did.

You have no idea how comforting it is to know that the most important page of your website, YOUR story, is done right.

Jay gave it the tweak it needed whilst reflecting exactly who I am.

Thank you Jay.

Elsa Mitchell
Business Mentor

Jay is the queen of brand personality.

In a digital world full of content competing for eyeballs and conversions, Jay is the magic formula to making your brand stand out from the crowd and actually talk to your customers. Her style is unique, it’s bold and it cuts through the noise.

Jay was able to capture the essence of my brand, give it structure and now it simply dances off the page.

I couldn’t be happier with the service and very talented copywriting delivered.

Jessica Foord
Digital Designer

I hired Jay Crisp to help me edit and bring my sales page and webinar copy to life. I had written both but I’m not a copywriter and really needed someone to take my bland copy and give it personality. I shared my copy as well as my brand voice, personality, and values to inform my style.

Jay took everything and within record time provided me with copy that made my brand shine. I was ecstatic at how well she “got me”. She clearly understood what my brand stood for and how to bring it to life with perfect tone and personality. I incorporated every change and copy suggestion she shared.

I could not be happier with Jay’s work! I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a kindhearted professional who can bring brands to life with engaging copy that speaks to your audience.

There is no doubt that I will reach back out to her to help me with my next project!

Kathy Noble
Educational Consultant

These good people love their new words. Want to be next?

Copy Coaching Client Love


The value this dazzlingly brilliant woman brings to every minute of your coaching sessions is so ridiculous, I wanted to buy her a house after my first session.

In the 18 months since I’d taken on being a copywriter, I’d built a steady client base through word-of-mouth and was working with some fabulous businesses. Enough to be able to invest in my own branding, website and coaching from various others.

Yet, I agonised over the copy I wrote for my own brand for months (and over my own marketing in general).

I chose Jay when I did because I was about to launch my first website and was struggling to find confidence in my business voice (even though I’d done my brand work).

I could write in anyone else’s voice, but when it came to belting out my own brand-driven copy, I’d freeze at the fingertips!

Now, I’m SO excited about writing my own marketing copy and this reflects in the copy I write for clients too. And this is only one facet of what Jay can do for you.

Having Jay as a sidecar buddy in your fledgling business is not only hilariously fun, it’s downright necessary if you need that extra nudge butt-kick to break through any nagging self-doubt you might have about running your own business.

Jay is the calibre of mentor I’ve been looking for my entire working life—and genuinely brilliant ones are hard to find. Get Jay on your team, it’ll change your life.

Sarah Haslam
Polish & Punch

Jay was incredible in every way. Her knowledge, insight and straight shooting was the medicine I didn’t realise I needed so much!

She smashed out such a solid block of work, as well as building my skills, teaching me useful approaches and leaving me with a stack of additional things I could do to push my copy forward for her to review – so I got huge value out of the session.

I’ve learnt so much, had a wonderful time and have a better understanding of how to make my copy convert to clients.

Full Day Copy Coaching Intensive
Bonnie Davies
The Gelo Company

I agonised for weeks over hiring Jay. I was just starting out, and it was a scary amount to invest in something. I had every page of her website open in multiple tabs, and I spent hours staring at them, trying to deconstruct and absorb. I concluded I simply didn’t have the knowledge. I took the plunge, and to this day I’m SO GRATEFUL I did.

As I said to Jay in one of our sessions – “I decided to learn from you in a few weeks what it would’ve taken me years to figure out myself”.

Even when I was lost and overwhelmed, Jay knew what I needed. She guided me through the process of a website and setting up a business. She guided me through things I didn’t even know I needed to know about. Plus, I learnt a bucket-load about copywriting along the way.

It felt like she constantly went above and beyond to provide a comprehensive service – I know now that’s a part of who she is. She genuinely wants others to succeed, and it shows.

Hire Jay. Throw your money at her. It’s not that she does what you want – it’s that she gives you what you need. And makes you feel warm and fuzzy and enthusiastic while she does it.

She’s generous and funny and smart, and she’s put in the time honing her craft.

Liv Steigrad
Tender L Creative

Working with Jay Crisp Crow on my website copy has pushed me to get clear on my message and show up authentically in a way no other business-related training has.

It was specific, incredibly informative and well-structured training, that related directly to my copy and website needs.

If you are wanting to pack a punch with the words you use to describe what you do, and finally sort your website copy and structure out, then I highly recommend working with her.

One hour with Jay is equivalent to 8 regular human hours (no joke), so this is incredible value!

Crisp Copy Coaching Intensive
Emma Turton
Medical Intuitive

I’ve been ‘stalking’ Jay on all online platforms for quite a few months now. I have completed some of her DIY training already, as I already considered my words to be weapons. Now though? They are like shooting bullets.

The biggest difference that choosing to work with Jay will provide you, is your own voice. Crispy clear and booming from the tops of mountains. I follow quite a few copywriters and I can now pick their clients because their tone shines through the copy, not the clients.

I would not hesitate to recommend Jay to anyone looking to get crisp copy. Still not sure? Do what I did and get the DIY courses. Wet your toes a little. You won’t regret it.

1:1 Copy Coaching Sessions
Samatha Watt
Australian Equestrian Competitions

Where to start? That’s the biggest question here. I have know Jay for a couple of years and was always magnetised by her wisdom and wit. I kept hearing great things about her work.
It was easy when I launched my signature mindset, marketing and personal leadership program for women in business, Market To Thrive, to invite Jay to be one of a small group of masterclass leaders. I just wanted her on the teaching team!

She expertly delivers a call each round, providing my grateful participants with practical, actionable steps and useful insights into the world of quality copy. Jay regularly inspires fabulous wordsmithing amongst the group and I love seeing the excitement and fun generated.

During the time I’ve known Jay I learned she is a gifted teacher, so when she launched her copy coaching I immediately invested.

I wasn’t disappointed. Jay guided me to connect with the best words I had to offer and has provided me with new learning I use all the time. I love words and with Jay’s coaching my confidence to craft my own copy and assist my clients to write with enthusiasm has increased significantly.

I highly recommend working with Jay, either coaching with her if you’re keen to learn how to craft your own copy or investing to have her write those super important pieces of copy all business owners need. It’s the kind we all want in our business brand arsenal in order to showcase the best we have to offer. It’s the “stuff” that leads to thriving!

Crisp Copy Coaching Intensive
Shannon Bush
Marketing Maven
Creative Possibility

Jay definitely met the expectations of a genius copywriter! I hired Jay to go over the copy of my website, and give me direction on the flow and layout of my website plus copy for my upcoming online programs. She went through every page, cutting out and rewording all of my copy.

Jay was patient, understanding, and took the time to really understand what me and my business was all about.

Being a Kinesiologist, it isn’t easy trying to explain what it is I do, but Jay came up with brilliant copy to simplify this for potential customers. Thank you so much Jay, it has been wonderful working with you.

Full Day Intensive
Rachel Dhanjal


I can not tell you how much I loved working with Jay Crisp Crow, but I’ll try.

I’ve had two very productive sessions via Skype/ phone to review my web copy a few months apart. Jay can talk fast (which suits me because I can talk fast and like people who are direct). We whipped through my website finding better ways for me to articulate what I do, removing passive text that makes me own my words and gets my website working for me.

Jay doesn’t pull any punches but is also equally lavish with praise when she sees something she loves. Everything is said with love, humour and a huge amount of experience behind it.

The thing I love most about Jay (with Hughie) is that she explains the why of the changes she’s recommending so you can stop making the same mistakes and become a better copywriter.

After implementing most of what we talked about I can already see the difference and have had great feedback about the before/ after. I took part in Jay’s 10-day copy challenge which prompted me to start writing, not just about my technical skills and knowledge but about my life.

When I gave Jay a couple of my stories to edit and “jhoosh”, I cried and laughed at them when I got them back and that’s to stories I already know the ending to. Thanks Jay for Crisping up my copy.

1:1 Copy Coaching Sessions
Lynette Delane
Microsoft Expert & PC Efficiency Trainer
Kits and Bits

I don’t know what you said to my manager, but my website has just gone from D-List celeb to A-List celeb styles and I’m so happy. 

Thanks for making me look even more famous!

Famous Sharron
Famous Sharron


I met the ‘brimming with awesomeness’ Jay at a workshop she was running in 2016. The instant I clapped eyes on her, watched and intently listened to her content delivery, I just knew I had to work with her.

There was something ‘special’ about the way she expressed herself in person, so I just knew she would be down-right brilliant at word execution. And I was right!

She has a unique way of expressing and extracting information out of clients and putting it down in words. After weeks poring over my own website, she finessed the content with ease and poignant articulation.

Her wordsmithing is nothing short of outstanding… she makes copy jump off the page and land in your lap, just like an enthusiastic puppy.

Not only is Jay the best there is, she is a dynamic inspiration to all women, funny, warm and easy to work with. She’s one in a gazillion.

1:1 Copy Coaching Session
Jodie Lee McCulloch
Super VA


I came across Jay via various Facebook groups and her positive personality was very visible from her comments on various topics.

And that’s the thing isn’t it – the power of those words?

Her words were so powerful that I was enticed to click on a link for a 30 min power packed session of clarity around my About Us Page. You might think what can possibly be done in 30 mins? Well a lot, especially when Jay took the time to research my online presence thoroughly, so she was already across my products and me before we even spoke.

This meant that we dived into the good stuff straight away. After that 30 min recorded session I had the nuggets of wisdom to use my About Us page in a far more powerful way than I realised I could to convert my customers. My About me page had really been languishing inside my website with no love and little engagement. I was focussed on my teaching and very little on why you might want to actually work with me. Jay opened my eyes to missed opportunities about branding ‘me’.

When she says she is all about crisp copy – she means it.

This attention to my About page and brand has meant I am now back on page 1 one of Google with the Irish Poet who also shares my name!

Highly recommended.

1:1 Copy Coaching Session
Leanne O’Sullivan
Digital Marketing Strategist
Summit School with Leanne O

I hired Jay because I fell in love with her writing style. It resonated so strongly and I knew Jay was the person I wanted to guide me to get my message out. I was struggling for a long time with getting my “About” page to be clear about what I was offering and my unique approach.

I started with Jay’s PDF on how to write an About page as a foundation and put together my story by following the steps. It was a great foundation but needed to be polished so I booked my session with Jay. She went over my work and was able to edit the raw material and craft a well written, engaging piece that was still me!

Jay brought a sense of humour and fresh eyes to the project. She was able to see the things that I was too close to. I love Jay’s ability to be creative and add such a personal touch without losing professionalism.

I totally loved this experience and I would recommend Jay without hesitation. Working with Jay was seriously one of the best decisions I have made for connecting with clients through my website.

1:1 Copy Coaching Session
Leanne Northwood
Art Therapist + Reiki Master
White Sage Wellbeing

I can’t believe how much information Jay crammed in our 30 minute session!! Seriously amazing value and totally targeted to my specific needs.

If you’re a soloprenuer wrestling with writing your own copy (which I totally am), Jay is a goldmine of brilliant information. I will definitely be back for more.

1:1 Copy Coaching Session
Pollyanna Darling
Author and Coach

What a pleasure it was to work with you today Jay! I have a clear sense now of how to craft my words to create connection and be confident in writing in my own tone of voice after having our session over Zoom.

I look forward to having your keen eye clean up my website copy when it’s ready for editing. Thank you.

1:1 Copy Coaching Session
Sandi Friedlos
Fertility Journey Coach

Jay was invaluable in assisting us shape the content for the Regional Capitals Alliance WA’s website.

Her input allowed us to provide copy that provided clarity about the Alliance’s focus in a style that was professional and engaging.

Copy Consulting
Regional Capitals Alliance of Western Australia
CreativeIQ, for RCAWA

Jay makes words less scary.

 The thought of writing copy of any sort always sent shivers up my spine, but Jay has shown that it doesn’t have to be that way.

 After listening to Jay speak, I was armed with an arsenal of ideas to get started, and the knowledge that my first draft will be terrible anyway… so there is nothing to worry about.

1:1 Copy Coaching Session
Sam Winch

Trainer for Trainers

My goodness… you’re a clever lady! I now feel excited, rather than overwhelmed at the task ahead.

What perfect sense it now all makes. I’m very excited to get writing after our 1 hour consultation today. I feel more confident to know what I should include and just as importantly, what I need to not say!

Jay provided me with a clear structure around the copy for my new website. I could have spent days or even months going around in circles but one hour has shorted circuited that process.

I look forward to the next opportunity to work with Jay. Many thanks!

1:1 Copy Coaching Session
Johanna Neumann Beaver


I’ve worked with Jay a few times now and found her to be a breath of fresh air!

Enthusiastic, talented and downright lovely to deal with. Highly recommend and would happily go to her for any copywriting projects.

1:1 Copy Coaching
Chelsea Papadopoulos
Tiptoe & Co

The tips and tricks that Jay provided me with where simple to action and best of all we saw results very quickly.

Our Google ranking has improved and we have been indexed by Google (apparently that’s a good thing!) As a novice to SEO Jay explained everything simply so that I understood – Highly recommend Jay and her services..

1:1 Copy Coaching Session
Samantha Payne
Pink Elephants Support Network

I love Jay’s approach to copy.

She doesn’t pull any punches and helps you get clear on exactly what you want/need.

Her advice on my website copy has been so valuable and I can’t wait to work with her more in the future.

1:1 Copy Coaching Session
Nikki Holmes
Memories Set On Stone

I’d been following Jay and her work for a while. I liked who and what I saw, so I trusted her to help me find my voice for my new venture. When she offers you a one day intensive – she means intensive!

She worked a whirlwind of copy magic, website rewrite, and refresh. It was copywriting, motivational coaching, and business wisdom mixed.

No more bland corporate speak for me. Thanks to Jay my website is now more like meeting me in person.

Copy Coaching Full Day Intensive
Jacqui Alder
Simplicity, Clarity, Success

If you can find a more bubbly, inspired, creative and honest person to help you create your content I’d be very surprised.

Jay is both honest and supportive in getting the most out of and for you. I highly recommend her if you want to make your copy crisper than ever!

1:1 Copy Coaching Session
Claire Girdlestone
Art to Charm

Far out, that was awesome. Jay, I truly got so much more out of that half an hour than I expected.

Thanks so much – your ability to so quickly and precisely pick up on those aspects of my About and Services pages were spot on. I agree with everything you identified – I just needed it pointed out to me, and your explanations were spot on.

1:1 Copy Coaching Session
Melissa McGroder
My Marketing Department

Jay would have to be one of the easiest people I have ever worked with.

She understands your vibe quickly, she ‘gets’ your language, your passion, your light, and refines your copy to truly reflect who you are. 

One session with Jay and I felt so empowered, so much more aligned with my website message. 

Could not recommend her more.

A shining light in a world of noise. Love her work!

1:1 Copy Coaching Session
Jacqueline Quenault
Midlife Motivator

Wow. Just WOW. 

I didn’t know I needed a Copy Guide to dial in my Tone of Voice until I saw all the magic that it contained. I thought this kind of thing was just for the big guys in business. You know, those folks with giant teams of writers who need to get them to all sound the same. 

But I love it. 
It’s amazing.

I’ve now got myself a helpful set of rules now that I can use to keep the vibe of my words ‘on brand’ and on target to speak straight into the hearts of my ideal client. 
My perfect people now engage and respond to my words. They take action because of what I’m saying, and how I’m saying it. And I’m only saying it well, because of Jay’s guide. 

It’s also a super handy document that I can use to share my brand with other people who are helping me with my blogging and marketing. They know instantly who I’m speaking to. They know my avatars issues, concerns and fears. They know why my perfect people choose me over my competitors. And they can now speak fluently in my voice. 

Freeing me up to get back to what I do best. Building websites.

Tone of Voice – Copy Guide
Fiona Fell
Website Designer

Jay! You are so wonderful!

Thank you, so much for taking my words – and making them sound A LOT BETTER!

I can’t wait to put it all together and show it to you (and the world).

Crisp Copy Class Alumni + Editing Client
Chantelle Jacobs
Miss Jacobs’ Little Learners

Jay has literally shifted the way I write!

She helped me learn how to structure my copy, and write in a way that speaks to my ideal client in an easy way! Writing is so much more fun for me now!

[and yes, I’m watching my ellipses a bit more now that she pointed out the impact they were having on my brand message!]

Emma Weise
Brand Strategist
Fresh Sage

Imagine being confident enough to write your own converting copy

Speaking and Presenting Client Love

Thank you a million for the incredible value you shared with my members last week.

It was the goddamn bomb and a conversation that has continued among many of us.

Carmen Braidwood
Camera Coach

Carmen Braidwood

It was a real privilege to have Jay speak to my community. We threw a lot of questions at her about writing email copy and not only did she have really insightful answers, but she did it with the bright charisma that we know and love her for. My ladies loved her and took valuable tips away from the session. Thank you for coming Jay! *mwah*

Michelle Marks
Founder and Facilitator
Laptops & Lattes

We celebrated our first birthday event over the weekend for the Wonder Women Project and Jay was our guest speaker for our event.

Jay was an absolute pleasure to listen to as she spoke at our first birthday event. After having a huge calibre of speakers to choose from, Jay’s profile and her success story stood out and I just had to pick her to be involved with our event as a speaker.

She speaks raw and eloquently from the heart. We had many attendees raving about her speech as it resonated with them and really, it solidified that I chose the perfect speaker to speak at our event.

Mastura Koelmeyer
Wonder Woman Project

Jay was a stand-out speaker at the Inspired Women of Perth Meet the Mentor event.

The feedback from the mentees lucky enough to learn from her was incredibly positive. They especially loved how she broke down powerful copywriting tools into bite-sized chunks they were able to walk away with and apply in their own business immediately.

Renee Kacz
Business Coach + Founder
Inspired Women of Perth

Jay is a wordsmith that knows how to turn your message into a meaningful and powerful story. You feel her personality shine through in all the work that she delivers. Authentic and meaningful.

Her support to WILD’C as a guest speaker and presenter was truly valuable and we thank her for her generosity and contribution to make our event both inspiring and educational.

Ruth O’Dwyer 
Former CEO

Jay’s insights and perspectives on small business are spot on. She has a fantastic story to share, plus she is living the journey of building her own innovative and creative business.

Not only was Jay an insightful and entertaining panel member, she also highlighted the potential to harness the connections of the online world to create a business that has allowed her to leverage her natural talents and create a business that she loves.

Amanda Walker
Wheatbelt Business Network, We Shine Event Panel Event

Even before I interviewed Jay Crisp Crow I was enamoured and intrigued by the sound of her. Who was this sassy, smart woman who could turn wordsmithing into an art form that pulled you in and had you asking for more?

It turns out that Jay is a woman of many talents; singer, dancer, actor, and award-winning copywriter. Her story is a powerful one and for any of us who have ever felt like we’re stuck in the chorus line rather than being the star of the show, it’s a must listen.

Leanne Mulcahy
Editor and Host
Her Story Daily

We asked Jay to come along and host a workshop for our stall holders and extended community as we had heard great things about her workshops… we were not disappointed!

Everyone that attended raved that their eyes had been opened and they now had the skills go forward and put what Jay had said into practice.

Jay was warm, engaging and a wonderful facilitator. We would encourage anyone to jump on the ‘Jay Crisp bandwagon’. She truly is a wealth of knowledge.

Carina Burress
Workshop Curator & Administration
Perth Makers Market Workshops

Jay was a speaker at the Virtual LadyBosses Rising Virtual Conference and her vibrancy, passion and in-depth subject knowledge shone through.

Her session was engaging, informative and helpful for our participants.

Jay brings her authentic self to the stage which makes for a fun and informative session. I’d highly recommend her (and will be asking her to come back in future!)

Jessica Gwynne
Business Coach
Jessica Gwynne

I had the pleasure of having Jay on my Fearless Females Podcast and she was one of my favourite interviews. Not just because of her vivacious and positively addictive personality but because of the depth of vulnerability with which she was willing to go. Jay spoke courageously about her personal journey in a way that my listeners could relate to. She was inspiring and real which was a winning combination for my show and I would have her back any time.

Tegan Marshall
Fearless Females Podcast

Thank you SO much for presenting at our recent Change Makers Retreat!

You were engaging, funny, down to earth and full of knowledge.

You read the room and blended right in to the relaxed vibe of our retreat.

You come highly recommended by all 24 women who attended and even now, we’re taking away little golden nuggets from the day.

Again, thank you!!!

Noriza Rohan Hult
Retreat Organiser
Wild Within Retreats

crisp copy class best copywriting course online women lauren june

Jay has presented to the Roooar community during two Masterclass sessions in 2017 and has a regular piece in the magazine.

She is one of the highest-ranking attendee attractions for Roooar events and the feedback I get from members after her classes are phenomenal.

She not only offers practical advice that people can implement immediately, but the girl knows her shiz.

Plus, she’s about as un-boring as a presenter can be. I think it’s because she has so much enthusiasm and knowledge for her subject matter, you can’t help but be inspired about upgrading your wording, messaging, and branding after hearing her speak.

I don’t just highly recommend Jay for her speaking, teaching, and presenting prowess,

I strongly take you by the shoulders and shake you for not having signed her up already.

Lauren McFarlane
Owner & Editor In Chief
Roooar Magazine

Where to start? That’s the biggest question here.

I have known Jay for a couple of years and was always magnetised by her wisdom and wit. I kept hearing great things about her work. It was easy when I launched my signature mindset, marketing and personal leadership program for women in business, Market To Thrive, to invite Jay to be one of a small group of masterclass leaders. I just wanted her on the teaching team!

She expertly delivers a call each round, providing my grateful participants with practical, actionable steps and useful insights into the world of quality copy. Jay regularly inspires fabulous wordsmithing amongst the group and I love seeing the excitement and fun generated…

Shannon Bush
Business Coach
Creative Possibility

Shannon Bush
crisp copy class best copywriting course online women lauren june

I recently interviewed Jay, alongside her daughter, Ella, on my Boss Mode Radio show: “Raw Ambition presented by Fusion Biz Babes” about their new social enterprise How Dare She?

I threw some pretty deep questions at Jay and she handled it with beautiful grace and ease.

Jay is definitely as good with the spoken word, as she is with the written word, and has a courageous story to share, along with mountains of biz wisdom. Thanks for coming on the show Jay!

Ashley Matkovic
Fusion Biz Babes

As a featured speaker at Stories From The Heart™, Jay delivered a wonderful story.

Jay showed enthusiasm and commitment to the task and was professional to work with.

I wouldn’t hesitate in inviting Jay back to one of my live events again to speak as I love her message and style of delivery.

Lisa Evans
Professional Speaker (PSA), Author, Certified World Class Speaking and Storytelling Coach, TEDx Speaker Coach
Stories From The Heart

Crisp Copy Jay Crisp Crow Testimonial Lisa Evans
crisp copy class best copywriting course online women lauren june

I was lucky enough to have Jay Crisp Crow as a contributor to a 24-hour FB Live challenge, as part of International Women’s Day.

I found her talk to be engaging, interesting and on-point.

Her energy and enthusiasm were also infectious! I would highly recommend Jay as a speaker to anyone considering hiring her.

Alli Price
Owner and Super Mama
Motivating Mum & National Business Brilliance Awards & Conference

Jay is a successful solo entrepreneur whose honesty, work ethic and values underpin her achievements – she is a strong role model for women in business. (She) is definitely a woman on the rise and she is helping other women in business find their rising stars too.

She has a fantastic business to help and inspire women to live their dreams. Jay is renowned for helping people communicate and has developed training for numerous women in business.

Jay encouraged women in business to cease to feel intimated by the success of other women.

She is one of those special women who will go a long way in business, but she will also help others rise too.

Lyn Hawkins
Business Women Australia (BWA) – On The Rise Panelist Event and Awards

Crisp Copy Jay Crisp Crow Testimonial Lisa Evans
crisp copy class best copywriting course online women lauren june

I had the pleasure of attending one of Jay’s workshops at an event in 2018 and was so impressed by her style and enthusiasm that I knew I wanted her to be a main speaker at our Wheatbelt Women Mean Business event, held in the Central Wheatbelt of WA.

There is something really special about the way Jay delivers her workshops – there is no yawning, no coffee making or ‘gosh I need to wake up’ toilet runs required– she is captivating, funny and most importantly she knows what she is talking about.

I couldn’t recommend Jay enough! I could listen to her fifty times over and not get bored and attendees of the event all agreed, they absolutely loved her.

Loren Northover
Economic Development Officer
Shire of Mt Marshall

Jay, your professionalism and positivity is to be commended, you certainly delivered on what was promised.

It was a pleasure to meet you and all the other lovely attendees which made for a supportive and relaxed environment. Thank you for not only providing all the answers I needed on the day but for being so approachable that I felt comfortable enough to ask for help afterwards.

After taking part in your Digital Communication Workshop on Monday I have a greater amount of confidence about doing more than just dipping my toe in the pool of Facebook and Instagram, I’m ready to dive on in (keep those life rings handy…)!

Tasma Hastings

Crisp Copy Jay Crisp Crow Testimonial Lisa Evans
crisp copy class best copywriting course online women lauren june

Jay featured as a ‘guest mentor’ in my Mentor Me program and she blew all my ladies in biz out of the water.

Jay was able to provide so much insight into the importance of our words in our business and solve many problems on the spot.

I literally tell every client I have to follow Jay because she is the ‘shiz’.

Elsa Mitchell
Business Mentor

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