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“…best business investment I’ve ever made…”


Online copywriting courses and RESOURCES

for clever businesswomen who want to write what they mean (and sell all their stuff!)

There are gazbillions (not a real number) of words online you could read to up-level your brand chops. You could pretty much take off a year from life to consume the lot. What makes Crisp Copy online copywriting courses the bomb?

My copy doesn’t just make people pull out their wallets, it also makes their hearts ache

But it’s not magic. You just need to start with a brand voice. And there are no secrets to uncovering the darn thing, only an exponential growth in your capacity to have potential clients and customers fall in love with your brand.

Add in some solid ideas for how you’ll structure your copy and you have conversion gold.

Jay Crisp Crow Online Copywriting Class Crisp Copy Class


my signature copywriting fundamentals course

You could pay me $550 an hour for 1:1 copy coaching or $4,000 for me to write your Sales Page or you could learn how to website write words that sell

plus get the opportunity to have access to me for 6 months, pretty much on tap.

Part training. Part brain-pick. Part community. The Crisp Copy Class is an online society of women in business wanting to write better to sell all their things.

Expert lead Masterclasses, copywriting 101, step-by-step modules, everything from your Brand Voice Development to how to write a Sales Page, prompts, workbooks, templates, even fill-in-the-blanks to get you started if you’re really stuck (plus advice on how to turn those into something that reads like no one else could have written it), pre-built website pages, advice on structure, plus half a year of co-copywriting opportunities and live feedback in a group with me.

This course has been created for women in business. From midwives to yoga instructors, from mortgage brokers to website designers, everyone in the deep end together (some with floaties and hey – there’s no shame in that) finding their brand voice, their copy personality, discovering their dream clients, and writing words that sell.


Learn highly-converting Sales page copywriting skills from a working copywriter who specialises in Sales pages and mentoring women like you to write words that sell.

In this one-of-a-kind online Sales Page copywriting course extravaganza, you’ll be mentored by multi-award winning copywriter, copy mentor, and head Teacher of the Crisp Copy Class, Jay Crisp Crow.

Hey, that’s me. Speaking of awards, I won a Top 50 Business Leaders National award in 2020 and I was named Best Copywriting Service 2021 for being at the forefront of delivering online courses differently. Better. You’re going to want to experience this as it’s like no other Sales Page copywriting course on the market (‘though, like with any good production, many will mimic!)

I’ll teach you the essentials of Sales page copy right down to the nitty gritty of how to steal your best clients’ words so you can banish Sales copy writer’s block back to the dusty old wings of backstage – where it belongs.

And! The skills you learn in this course will help you write everything – from social media Ad copy to your launch email sequences – and you can replicate the formulas and structures every time you write a new Sales page.

Bonus: you can upgrade for access to my copy feedback and review process so you’re supremely confident to hit publish!

Jay Crisp Crow Online Copywriting Class Crisp Copy Class


Are your emails big fat fail whales? They should be one of your most incredible revenue-raising, fall-in-love-inducing tools in your business toolbox.

Spend 4 modules (+ a little datin’ time) in an intensive relationship with me and your email copy. Bonus: live calls and the opportunity to get 1:1 feedback on your freshly written Sales & Nurture Sequences.

Unfail Your Email is a comprehensive self-paced course covering all things email copywriting.

It’s bursting with copy strategy, includes templates and fill-in-the-blank prompts to get you started, and means you’ll never find yourself staring at the blinking cursor of (*%$#*ing) death wondering what the heckery you’ll write to your people about this week. 

It’s no lie: good email copy will have you making dosh while you sleep (or read, or take dance class, or try your hand at a 5 layer cake and if you do that last one can I please be your taste tester?) 

All in less time than it takes you to bemoan the fact it’s been another year and you haven’t taken advantage of starting, growing, or communicating with your list. 

“…You have to actually do stuff. Homework. But that’s how you get copy gold from the most accessible, open, honest and knowledgeable copy guru I have ever come across. Best value program I have done since going into HR consulting 5 years ago…”

Jay Crisp Crow Online Copywriting Class Crisp Copy Class
Crisp Copy Blogathon


Blogs shouldn’t be journal entries, boring as bat-poop, or TED talks. They also shouldn’t make you want to cry or poke yourself in the eye with a brittle plastic fork just to avoid writing them.

Plus, you need to incorporate copywriting structure basics to increase your conversion if you’re going to be able to use your blogging to benefit your business. 

Join the 4 module Crisp Copy Blogathon and tackle everything from working in a long-tail keyword into your blog so organically, it could be certified to content planning so streamlined, it’ll take you a less time than it takes to make a risotto. 

This is a low-cost self-paced course with oodles of inclusions and lifetime access.


New Mini Copy Planning Course

A freebie is just a taste test.

The conversion comes in the follow up.

I know you’ve heard it before, but funnels are marketing buffets of goodness, relationship building, and sales. Only, ask any funnel expert what you should write in each bit o’ serving you need to offer and it can all seem a touch… overwhelming.

I’ve made it simple.

This 4 part mini training will walk you through ALL the copy you need from your Lead Magnet to your Nurture Sequence, including all the pages of website in between.

Each module is fast – 6 – 10 minutes of video then 15 – 20 minutes of copy planning. No more 3 month funnel planning sessions for you!

This mini course will help you find that sweet spot between sending people nothing (yawn) and sending a pushy sales campaign (yuck).


Jay Crisp Crow Online Copywriting Class Crisp Copy Class

“… this course has gone above and beyond supersizing my copy prowess…”

Eva Puardo – Copywriter | Quale Creative


Download copywriting resources simple as pie to follow, broken down into bite-sized chunks, and cheaper than a pub lunch

“I just wanted to take a second to tell you how grateful I am that someone like you is out there doing what you’re doing in the way you are. If you were the first copywriting “guru” I had found, I would have saved SO much time, frustration, and money. It’s such a  breath of fresh air to find someone who I feel like not only speaks my language but also gives such tremendous value! Like my dad always says, “smarter at the end of the day.” I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on my inbox for anything new you create and with your brand voice development guide, I feel like I have a whole new service I can offer my clients and I can’t WAIT to try it out! 
Just wanted to let you know how appreciated you are.” – Jes Copely, Copywriter


Got a whole lot of backstory and no real concept of how to bring it together for your website? Here’s a step-by-step visual guide with accompanying simple documentation to walk you through taking all that story and heart and turning it into something that’ll read well, be easily scannable, and move your ideal client through to the next point of the journey.

$90 AUD


In the course of your business life, you’ll be asked for a biography about a thousand times a minute (well, it feels like that when you don’t have one).

This template makes it hugely helpful – you really only need to write 2 sentences – at a time. You can then use your first bio to morph into whatever your biography requester needs without starting from scratch.

$60 AUD


Building a brand voice? Struggling with what to write above the fold on your website?

This 50 page workbook will guide you through:

– Building a Word Bank
– Writing Brand + Benefit Statements
– Helpful ideal client questions – the ones relevant to actually helping you write your copy

$150 AUD


You know you need subscribers and you want to use email marketing like a total High Priestess and you need to start making sweet, sweet cash like, last week. So, how you going to get bottoms on your email marketing seats?

Grab the Crisp Copy step-by-step Landing page planner right here and whip one up faster than an instant coffee.

$70 AUD


Want to sell ALL your stuff?

The Crisp Copy Sales Page Bundle is a 20 + page guide including:

– Sales page basics
– Conversion copy lesson
– How to reverse-engineer your Sales page
– And a template to follow to tick ALL the Sales page boxes
– a visual guide to follow for layout and structure.

$90 AUD


Got the ideas and the know-how but don’t know what your blog should include to get maximum conversion? Don’t know where your metatag goes or what a CTA is?

This super simple, 5 page guide will show you where to put your blog words so they work for you.

$40 AUD

All prices are in AUD and + GST for Australian clients

Online Copywriting Courses Crisp Copy


$20 an email.

20 minutes a pop.

And step-by-step instructions, copy advice, templates, structure guidance, and even fill-in-the-blank copywriting prompts to get your Nurture/Welcome or Sales/Launch (or both) emails written – fast!

$100 AUD (or less!)

“I have had the pleasure of being taught by Jay and boy, can that lady engage a group. I swear she could talk about the latest toilet seat trends and be able to compel people to WANT to know more…”


Whet your whistle, get your groove on, and warm up your copywriting engine

About Page Guide

In this eBook I’ll step-by-step you through the sometimes bumpy road of telling your own story.

Why is it so tough? Because often we’re too close to our own brilliance to recognise the shimmer.

Your About copy should be honest but polished, in your voice with a sheen of professionalism. It’s you on your best day.

The Truth About Conversion Copy

Loads of entrepreneurs and brands write content, educating, inspiring, and entertaining their audience.

But not everyone writes copy.

Set aside a single 45 minutes of your life and learn:

– the basics of conversion copywriting
– why it doesn’t matter if you don’t think you’re a ‘good’ writer
– where to include conversion copy, and why

and a half dozen quick fixes you can tackle within 24 hours to make your copy build relationships and sell your stuff

Word Bank Lesson

If you don’t feel like the words you plop on the screen are the ones you want to leave in the world, if the ‘right’ words get stuck halfway between your heart and your fingertips, or if you’re just sick of sounding like everyone else, and not like yourself, it’s probably because you don’t have a brand voice developed.

Here’s where to start.


equalling juicy wads of dollars made by women who write words they mean 

“Once upon a time, I was stuck writing my professional bio, my copy fairy dropped a magical PDF into my inbox and all of a sudden, I was no longer stuck! With just a few small but incredibly helpful cues, I whipped up my bio in seconds after I’d been staring at a blank Word document for hours beforehand.

Jay’s template made it really easy for me to get the words out, in the right order and infuse my personality in all the right places. Templates for the win!”


Kristi Lees

Health Detective , Kristi Lees

I joined the CCC ‘cos I offer a unique form of prep for pregnancy and birth that’s always been a little tricky to communicate. I’m over that – I wanted to find the way to draw clients in…

plus I just lurve Jay’s word magic.

The no-nonsense approach to getting our copy reviewed, the cheer squad of other women who asked genuine questions and offered kind critique, the professionalism and yet genuine humility of the other writers, were all very cool.

Since doing CCC, I have completely relaxed around using my own authentic voice in my copy, and am ready to take on 2020 in a big way!”

Nicole Moore

Educator, Birth Into Being Australia

“I knew I could write, in fact, I make money writing copy for other people. But it wasn’t until I joined CCC that MY copy started coming together.

During the course it was great being able to tap almost directly into Jay’s copy and business brain, no question was too stupid and her answers were always crystal clear.

Jay taught me how to write in my voice, and create self-weeding copy that my target market loves.

Being in CCC is a great investment for any businesswoman at any stage – but particularly for those who think boring copy is so yesterday.”

Jennifer Zeven

Copywriter + Author, Blurbology

“I joined Jay’s class because I knew she can write kick-ass copy, but even better, I knew she has spunk.

That’s a lethal combination, and I wanted a part of her action in CCC.

I wanted to download her skills and feed off her vibe, to be brave and truly voice myself out.

She taught me the tangibles – how to write, how to edit. But most importantly, she taught me the equally valuable intangibles by making me dig deep and really think – figuring on what my business is and what my brand stands for, and what it doesn’t.

And just go for it. My business copy is still a work in progress, but now the progress is much easier, thanks to what I have learned in CCC and Jay.”

Suk-yi Lo

Owner, The Caffeine Trifecta

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