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people don’t buy ‘houses’

They buy their future

The truth is, writing a property listing is so much more than 300 or so words outlining how many bedrooms a home has, or how flash the new bathroom is. Buyers are keeping an eye on inclusions, but – more importantly – they’re reading to make a decision about investing in something far more important to them.

Their future. 

From dream forever homes to investment properties, from knock-em-down-and-develop-opps to every-inch-quality, your listings need to showcase to a buyer what their life will feel like when they’re the new owners of the home your seller has entrusted you with. They need to believe in the possibilities of the property – one they haven’t even set foot in yet. They need to fall asleep thinking about the story you’ve told them and wake up wanting to give you a call. 

What makes that happen? 

Great photos. Yes. Strategic marketing. Yes. 

But what closes the deal? Your copy. 

Real Estate Copywriting WA delivers words that sell:

offering listings, print advertising copy, and website words – from full websites to individual team biographies for agents and fine folk selling their homes.


Crisp copy: in house

Want to learn to write it all yourself?

Learn highly-converting sales copywriting skills from WA’s favourite website and email copywriter and copy mentor in a self-paced course bursting with actionable strategy and templates and prompts to get your writing flowing and your agency top-of-mind.

Jay Crisp Crow has won various global awards for teaching fine folk how to write copy that converts, including Top 50 Business Leaders in 2020, Best Copywriting Service 2021 and Best Copywriting Mentor 2022. Thousands of business folk take her courses and use her copy resources every year, and this brand new course will teach you far beyond how to fill in a template and churn out another word salad full of ‘opportunities’ and ‘renovator’s delights’. 

I’ll teach you the essentials of sales copy for listings right down to the nitty gritty of how to steal your best buyers’ words so you can banish listing writer’s block back to the dusty backyard shed.

Perfect for agents, assistants, and property managers who want to quit outsourcing but write converting listings fast. 

“Don’t sweat over it. Just. Get. Jay.

Watching our real estate reps agonise over writing their property spiels, and then trying to wrestle the result into a semblance of English, inspired me to get Jay involved. I don’t know why I waited so long.

Jay punches out robust real estate riffs in record time, and saves us endless headaches and toil. She is always on time, always perfectly phrased and she gives our office a clear, consistent voice online.

Thank you Jay, you are a super lifesaving rock star.”

Kendall Earnshaw, Real Estate Owner, Earnshaws

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Not your average real estate copywriters

We don’t do boring

Although we have listing writing down to a fine (and fast!) art, we’re not interested in chucking together a word salad full of real estate buzzwords. We don’t do bland. We reject boring.

There’s no finger-crossing; hoping your next best buyer can read without rolling their eyes or falling asleep for long enough to actually get to the bottom of the listing. We’re interested in writing about unique, inspiring, potential-bursting, beautiful homes and getting your phone ringing off the hook with viewing bookings.

When you work with us, you get a purposefully small team of expert writers with over 5 decades of collective experience in sales copy, advertising copy, journalism, PR, and copy editing based in Perth, Western Australia. Every single one of us has a particular love for unique homes of distinction, cottages full of quirk, and seeing agents and agencies represented with brilliant, transparent, and engaging marketing. 

You can go do what you do best – sell the home. We’ll get the best people through the front door. Deal? Deal. 


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