Writing your own copy?

Don’t let AI at it!

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“This is one of the most useful guides I’ve ever seen, thank you so much!”

Instead, have a handy dandy list of AI copywriting tasks to delegate to support your copywriting, not do it for you

As flipping cool as AI is, it does not and could not replace the human voice. At best, it’s a replication – and we’ve all experienced how odd it can read even when trying really hard to sound like…us!

The truth is, writing copy is an art form that requires a human touch. It’s about infusing your brand’s personality, your unique voice, and your authentic connection with your audience. AI may be impressive, but it can’t replicate the magic that happens when your creativity takes centre stage.

But! That doesn’t mean you can’t get AI to do a whole host of other tasks for you while you’re doing the human writing. And all of them supporting you to write brilliant, hearts-on-fire copy:

Grab the Crisp Copy Guide To AI Copywriting Tasks To Delegate

and handball the mundane, time-consuming tasks to AI and give yourself the freedom to focus on what you do best – unlocking those words between your heart and fingertips. With AI as your assistant, you can supercharge your workflow, streamline your processes, and get unstuck from the quagmire of all the boring bits that help your copy convert.