For women in business who want to learn to write to sell all their stuff (or do that for their clients)

All the marketing malarkey I could smash out to create the copy for this page wouldn’t do what this direct quote from one of my copy coaching clients does:

 “I knew I would be able to figure it all out over a couple of years, but I thought I’d just ask you instead.”

I have a waitlist full of hand-picked copywriting clients, a gasp-worthy hourly rate, copycats galore, and testimonials up the wazoo. I teach women in business, marketing professionals, VAs, and new copywriters how to write words that sell. 

So, I can certainly teach you.

“One hour with Jay is equivalent to 8 regular human hours (no joke)…”

 Kinda like dog-years, I guess?


– You want ripper copy that converts but sounds like it’s come straight from your mouth (on your most eloquent day)

– You’re madly in love with my brand and my style but you don’t want to pay premium copywriting prices for me to write your copy (you’d rather me teach you to do it yourself)

– You want to add copywriting as a skill to your toolbox so you can write copy that sells for clients (and charge well to do it)

Oh yes, you are in the right spot!

My copy brain can be all yours.

It’s precious though, you’ve gotta take good care of it.

‘…Hire Jay. Throw your money at her. It’s not that she does what you want – it’s that she gives you what you need. And makes you feel warm and fuzzy and enthusiastic while she does it…”


Crisp Copy Class Best Copywriting Course


Copy brain on tap

Part mentorship. Part pit crew. All open-book.

This is a super relaxed, 3 month fling then month-at-a-time, open-door and no-holds-barred deal where you have me on call for when you need me.

And you can pop me back on the shelf when you don’t.

Can include editing for your own clients (secret squirrel like) and emergency calls, plus 24 hour turnaround access to me over a messaging platform.

Options for fortnightly or weekly calls. Starting at $395 per week 


Full Day of Copywriting Coaching

This one day copy intensive is for brands and business owners who want to move their messaging from ‘meh’ to ‘makin’ money’. Perfect for those who can’t wait or yet afford to access my done-for-you services and who want to be involved in the process. 

Book my copy brain for the day and I’ll work with you (and your team, if you have one) to Crisp up your soggy copy spots. 

We’ll meet online for 60 minutes first, and I’ll make a plan. Then, I’ll bring my teal pen and laptop, you bring your best copy questions, and we’ll spend 7 hours traipsing through the quagmire of your website or email quicksand to build some desperately needed bridges. Can be done online, or I’ll come to you (let me know where you are in Australia if you’d like the in-person option). 

From $2190 AUD (+ GST for Australian clients). Travel extra. Unless it’s by (your) private jet


…”The biggest difference is choosing to work with Jay will provide you with your own voice. Crispy clear and booming from the tops of mountains…”

Or, just have one HAIRY, NIGGLY question?

One major-league, bothering-as-heckery copy issue?

Snaffle 45 minutes of my calendar and get blow-your-hair-back copy coaching delivered with caffeine (or gin, whatever floats your boat).

This is intense, focused, and action-driven uninterrupted one-on-one copywriting coaching over Zoom.

This is a copywriting coaching session – I won’t wave my fairy copy-mother wand over your content, but instead, teach you how to analyse and improve your own copy using the problem child words you bring. The skills you learn can then be implemented on every page of your website.

There are limited spots available (most) months for 45 minute sessions. These are released at the beginning of each month and book out quickly. Check below to see if there are any available. 


Look into my eyes

and let’s see if this is a good fit for both of us

“…incredible in every way…”

Someone else said that. Good, ain’t it?

“Jay was incredible in every way. Her knowledge, insight and straight shooting was the medicine I didn’t realise I needed so much!

She smashed out such a solid block of work, as well as building my skills, teaching me useful approaches and leaving me with a stack of additional things I could do to push my copy forward for her to review – so I got huge value out of the session.

I’ve learnt so much, had a wonderful time and have a better understanding of how to make my copy convert to clients.”

Bonnie Davies

CEO , The Gelo Company + Famous Sharron

I’ve been ‘stalking’ Jay on all online platforms for quite a few months now. I have completed some of her DIY training already, as I already considered my words to be weapons. Now though? They are like shooting bullets.

The biggest difference that choosing to work with Jay will provide you, is your own voice. Crispy clear and booming from the tops of mountains. I follow quite a few copywriters and I can now pick their clients because their tone shines through the copy, not the clients…

Samantha Watt

Business Owner

“Working with Jay Crisp Crow on my website copy has pushed me to get clear on my message and show up authentically in a way no other business-related training has.

It was specific, incredibly informative and well-structured training, that related directly to my copy and website needs.

If you are wanting to pack a punch with the words you use to describe what you do, and finally sort your website copy and structure out, then I highly recommend working with her.

One hour with Jay is equivalent to 8 regular human hours (no joke), so this is incredible value!”

Emma Turton

Medical Intuitive

I agonised for weeks over hiring Jay. I was just starting out, and it was a scary amount to invest in something. I had every page of her website open in multiple tabs, and I spent hours staring at them, trying to deconstruct and absorb. I concluded I simply didn’t have the knowledge. I took the plunge, and to this day I’m SO GRATEFUL I did.

As I said to Jay in one of our sessions – “I decided to learn from you in a few weeks what it would’ve taken me years to figure out myself”.

Even when I was lost and overwhelmed, Jay knew what I needed. She guided me through the process of a website and setting up a business. She guided me through things I didn’t even know I needed to know about. Plus, I learnt a bucket-load about copywriting along the way.

It felt like she constantly went above and beyond to provide a comprehensive service – I know now that’s a part of who she is. She genuinely wants others to succeed, and it shows.

Hire Jay. Throw your money at her. It’s not that she does what you want – it’s that she gives you what you need. And makes you feel warm and fuzzy and enthusiastic while she does it.

She’s generous and funny and smart, and she’s put in the time honing her craft.”

Liv Steigrad

Copywriter, Tender L Creative

“Jay Crisp Crow is THE BEST.

She’s like your branding ‘big sister’ – holds your hand all the way through your identity crisis, lets you borrow her stuff, doesn’t even say ”I told you so” when people let you down.

She can make you reflect on your life decisions with just one change of facial expression but also tells you you’re pretty and buys you flowers; and she’s always, ALWAYS in your corner.

It’s hard to believe this was ”business” – I freaking love this woman!”

Davina Sheldrick

Coaching, PD, Recruitment for Chiropractic Teams, Flourish Enterprises


I got answers.

What even IS copywriting coaching?

Copywriting is a process of carefully structuring the right words to make the reader take an action. It’s words that sell things – from your product Sales page to the back cover advertisement in a newspaper.

Good copywriting showcases not only the features of your service or product but also the benefits, and makes your ideal clients realise they need your thing – it converts readers to buyers and compels the people you want to sell to to take an action.

I can teach you how.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a business woman or a newbie copywriter – you’re welcome in my Zoom hot seat.

What about editing?

If you have existing website copy that’s doing the job, but no longer in alignment with your brand, you might need a hard edit. This is more than just proofreading and editing for spelling and grammar, this is content editing – pulling apart what you’ve got and sorting it out, and putting it back together. Better.

This service is only available to previous clients and by application. Why? Because we’ve already done all the brand copy work at the beginning so we know exactly what this website copy needs to say. This includes you if you’re a copywriting mentee – you can use our editing time either for your own copy, or your clients’. 

Why should I choose you to teach me to write copy?
How quickly can I book into your calendar?

If you’re looking for a single 1:1 session, click the link and check out my calendar. Sometimes you can get lucky and snaffle an appointment within the next week but sometimes there’s a wait of a couple weeks. Don’t forget – you get faster and cheaper access to my 1:1 sessions if you’re part of my Crisp Copy Class.

I’d do anything for those guys.

If you’re thinking about the 3 month fling, we can start within the fortnight if there’s a vacancy. 

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