Find your voice. Make some noise.

It took me most of my life to learn to take up the space I deserved. To find my own voice after decades of writing (or singing) in someone else’s. To make some damn noise. 

And while the haters may roll their eyes at chin-filled selfies on my socials and the fact I talk about how much I earn per hour on podcasts, it’s one of the most freeing things in the world to realise:


(You do.)

Crisp Copy Conversion Copywriter Australia Jay Crisp Crow Perth Copywriter

Why? Because finding the guts to be yourself and embracing your powerful personal brand while doing brilliant business is exceptional. Sure, it isn’t safe. But aren’t we bored to death of safe? Of sounding like every damn competitor you have? Of scrounging for likes and starting emails with an apology and not rocking the boat, not being too threatening to the business queens you once looked up to, of being noticed?

You know what? Stop that.

Making this business thing you’ve started work, pouring so much flipping energy and time and money and tears into – it’s a tough gig. The sad thing is, even if you’re amazing at doing your thing, no one will care. Heck, they won’t even notice. Unless you communicate your unique value in the right way to the right people. Then, everything changes. I know. I’ve done it.

Find your voice. Make some noise.

Let’s get your readers drooling on their keyboard. Not from boredom. From hunger.

Crisp Copy Conversion Copywriter Australia Jay Crisp Crow Perth Copywriter

I’m Jay Crisp Crow, a Perth based, conversational conversion copywriter for brave business women around the world and copy coach to wannabe word nerds 

I’m not only bossy, I’m the boss. The buck-stops-here girl, the bacon-bringer, the brains behind this operation (unless it comes to Trivial Pursuit, in which case you’d want to be on my husband’s team).

So, I completely understand the paramount importance of your words making bank.

Because I don’t get up every morning, have my false eyelashes on fleek, and have someone give me a blow-dry before waltzing into my writing space coffee in hand.

In case you hadn’t noticed; these photos here are heavily airbrushed.

It’s generally negotiating lunches, trying to make the school bus without breaking the sound barrier, and learning something new and terrifying from one of two teenagers or a 6-year-old. And that’s all before I get to writing.

About the writing:

I know about copy.

And I know just how gutsy you have to be to play ball with the big girls in the online world. It’s a noisy universe and everyone has USPs, ROIs, NMs, and kick-patootie PR. How can you possibly be heard?

** Oooh! Oooh! I know, I know! **

By not sounding like anyone else but you.

And, look, it’s not like your words are totally dreadful. They’re not.

It’s just that mine are better.  Get some.

copywriter or copywriting coach?

Sweet-cheeks, I’m both. It’s wonderful to be able to ‘do’, but it tickles my fancy like nobody’s business to be able to teach.

Crisp Copy Conversion Copywriter Australia Jay Crisp Crow Perth Copywriter

I write

heart-pulling, belly-snagging, powerful copy for brands and business owners who are brave enough to convert. Convert words into sales, heart’s-desire into growth, your quiet whisperings into hollering from the rooftop – brand voices that simply cannot be ignored. I’ll be your biggest cheerleader (I have professional experience and the pom-poms to prove it), your gentlest critic, and never tell you those pants make you look anything but freaking glorious.

Crisp Copy Conversion Copywriter Australia Jay Crisp Crow Perth Copywriter

And I teach

you how to do exactly the same thing.

‘Specially the pants bit.


Here’s my Professional Biography where I get to brag about myself in 3rd person.

Jay Crisp Crow is a business owner, messy mother, and ex-showgirl who used to sing on the back of monster trucks before having children and getting ‘sensible’. She spent far too many years working in private school communications believing she couldn’t make a living as a writer before having an epiphany and taking her own gig on the road.

She somewhat surprised herself by becoming a multi award-winning Perth copywriter, editor, and copy coach working with brands and business people around the globe. Building an incredible career based on the art of writing words that sell, Jay has turned her love of stories and people into something she never thought possible – a sustainable, thriving business. She regularly teaches, presents, and speaks in Perth and online on everything copy and words.

For most of a lifetime, Jay believed she wouldn’t be able to make a living as a writer. She is thoroughly enjoying disproving that prediction.

Crisp Copy Conversion Copywriter Australia Jay Crisp Crow Perth Copywriter


Crisp Copy Conversion Copywriter Australia Jay Crisp Crow Perth Copywriter


Crisp Copy Conversion Copywriter Australia Jay Crisp Crow Perth Copywriter


I am a Perth copywriter and a bona fide hillbilly, but I work with clients from all around the world.

Ain’t the internet grand? 

There’s no tricky marketing ploy with pricing; I charge the same price – in Australian dollars – whether you’re on my street or in the UK. (Figure out the exchange rate, overseas friends, it’ll make you smile!) 

Not sure what you need?

Not a problem, I can usually tell just by stalking you and reading your website. If it’s email or website copywriting, I’m your girl. Tell me all about you here and I’ll be in touch with recommendations. 

So, now y’all know my backstory

Time to Get Crisp

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This business pays its respects to them and their cultures; and to elders past, present, and emerging.

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