I know how gutsy you have to be to play ball with the big girls online.

There’s so much noise. And you want everyone to like you.

Playing safe (and writing stuff that’s middle of the road) doesn’t make anyone feel special. Your readers don’t self-weed, and your ideal clients don’t get that tingle when they realise they’ve finally found who they’ve been searching for.

You’re really good at your ‘thing’ and you wish you didn’t have to be an entire marketing agency to get it out there. You’d just like to be paid while you work in your genius. I get it. Fantastic copy will help that happen.

It’s time to scrap cheap and nasty, safe and boring, and ditch safe and stale. It’s time to get Crisp.

I’m Jay Crisp Crow,

brand copywriter and copy coach for brave businesswomen bored of boring

(and an advocate for abundant alliteration)

What’s on the menu?

Email + Website Copywriting – done-for-you, taught to you, or DIY

Crisp Copy Website Copywriter Perth Jay Crisp Crow


I’ll let you in on a secret – website copywriting without solid brand foundations are just pretty words on a screen. They look nice – don’t do much. And we’re not talking fonts and colours here, friend, we’re talking brand. The guts and glory of your business. I’ll figure that out, with you.

Then I’ll write you the crispest copy around. No imitation flavours. Deliciousness. Guaranteed.

Crisp Copy Website Copywriter Perth Jay Crisp Crow

One-On-One Copywriting Training

I have a 3-month waitlist full of hand-picked email and website copywriting clients, a gasp-worthy hourly rate, copycats galore, and testimonials up the wazoo. I teach women in business, marketing professionals, VAs, and new copywriters how to write words that sell.

One of my clients said this: “One hour with Jay is equivalent to 8 regular human hours (no joke)…”

Crisp Copy Website Copywriter Perth Jay Crisp Crow

Online Courses & Resources

Online website copywriting courses, branding foundational exercises, and UX and structure downloadables for clever small business folk who want to make their business words work.

From free resources to guided learning in an online community, I have a delicious offering for every palate (and budget).

“Is there anything she doesn’t know about copywriting? I don’t think so…

Kristy Morton – WordPress and SEO Guru

Crisp Copy Website Copywriter Perth Jay Crisp Crow

What if your copy was cream of the crop?

So good you had potential clients eating out of your hand before they’d ever hit the ‘contact’ button?

In fact, they’re downright tempted to lick the screen.

Although there’s no one that loves your small business and your brand more than you, and although you’re an infinitely clever businesswoman and perfectly capable of constructing a sentence, there’s an ocean of silence when it comes to getting the words from your heart and mind past the blipping cursor of creative death.

Or those words are just not doing what they’re meant to.

Which is why you need Crisp Copy. I’m a conversion (entice people to click all your buttons) website copywriter. I deliver over a decade of experience communicating as other people (and a decade before that playing characters on the stage).

I’ve worked with hundreds of brilliant business owners just like you to write over a million words of award-winning, conversion creating, bank making, heart fluttering copy last year alone.

Now, I teach women in small business how to write theirs too.

Meet me here.



Decreased the bounce rate on a client’s website by 66%

A client’s new Sales page paid for itself within 72 hours

Improved a Sales page conversion rate to 50%

These people love my guts

“captured the absolute essence of who I am as a businesswoman and translated it powerfully into words…”

“One hour with Jay is equivalent to 8 regular human hours…”

“her uncanny ability to get into my head moved me to tears a few times…”

“the best Sales page I’ve ever read.”

“This attention to my About page and brand has meant I am now back on page 1 of Google…”

“I literally had tears in my eyes as I read the first draft…”

“engage Jay immediately and be prepared to be blown away.”

“I felt Jay expressed my brand’s unique and exclusive voice better than I could ever do.”

“total rockstar goddess copywriter…”

“Hire Jay. Throw your money at her. It’s not that she does what you want – it’s that she gives you what you need.”


Soak up my copy brain

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Your copy?

It sees me coming. It knows my name.

It trembles with anticipation as I give it an eyebrow. Your story bows down at the flourish of my pen. Got email and website copywriting?

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This business pays its respects to them and their cultures; and to elders past, present, and emerging.

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