the world has enough stale copy

“…best business investment I’ve ever made…”

“…hire Jay. Throw your money at her…”

“…Jay is the calibre of mentor I’ve been looking for my entire working life…”

“…If you were the first copywriting “guru” I had found, I would have saved SO much time, frustration, and money…”

GET words that make your people

love you hard

(and want to give you money)


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the world has enough stale copy

“…the best business investment I’ve ever made…”

“…hire Jay. Throw your money at her…”

“…Jay is the calibre of mentor I’ve been looking for my entire working life…”

“…If you were the first copywriting “guru” I had found, I would have saved SO much time, frustration, and money…”


love you hard

(and want to give you money)


Here’s what I know about you

You’re really good at your ‘thing’ and you wish you didn’t have to be an entire marketing agency to make your best people realise it. Heck, you’d just like to work in your zone of genius and be paid while you do it.

Meanwhile, you’re staring at the blinking cursor of death without a flippin’ clue how you’re going to use the words on a screen to get the right folk across the line.

The truth is: ripper copy with banging branding will attract the kind of clients and customers you’d gnaw off your left knee to land…

and they’ll be positively salivating to purchase your goods or get a seat at your table.

Sometimes, that ripper copy needs to come from a professional copywriter. But sometimes, that copy needs to be written by the humans who know the brand inside and out.


It’s why Crisp Copy offers both – done-for-you and done-by-you (with guidance, hand-holding, and a Tim Tam if you need it). No matter which path you choose, it’s time to scrap cheap and nasty, safe and boring, and safe and stale.

It’s time to get Crisp.

“… is there anything about copywriting she doesn’t know? I don’t think so…”

DON’T WE LOVE choices?

What do you need?

Brand Messaging + Email + Website Copywriting – done-for-you, taught to you, or DIY 


If you’re bootstrapping and budgeting, I have a range of comprehensive online copy and branding courses, downloadable resources, and even templates – some cheaper than a pub lunch (and a touch less boozy). It’s an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord of back-pocket-friendly copy goodness especially created for folk who don’t believe they’re writers (yet!)

Learn to Crisp your own copy here

“…this course has gone above and beyond supersizing my copy prowess…”

“Every. single. person who wants to try copywriting NEEDS this course”


Smart people learn to do something once, then make it make them money forevermore. I’ll teach you conversion copy skills that pay the bills, then, you can be confident to write all your own copy or charge clients premium prices to write theirs. If you’re looking to turn your wordsmithery into moolah, regardless of how you currently rate your writing skills, I’ll show you how. VAs, marketing pros, and copywriters also welcome.

Get me all to yourself

“…Jay is the calibre of mentor I’ve been looking for my entire working life —and genuinely brilliant ones are hard to find. Get Jay on your team, it’ll change your life.”


When you’re time-poor but willing to invest. If you’re bored to the back teeth of “meh” copy from middling copywriters, throw me your raw ingredients and I’ll whip you up something so tasty, you might just dribble on your keyboard. Done-for-you including website copy and email sequences and a full branding briefing session before we begin. 

Click here to find out more

“…Jay wiggled her magic writing fingers and turned my messy brain dump into the most magical of words. Words that sound like me, but that I could have never written myself.

Believe me, I’d tried…”

“If you want a course creator who is more of a teacher, really interested in your growth, loves what she does, and who encourages accountability in a practical way, then the person you’re looking for is Jay and the course you want to buy is the course she’s selling.”


Compliments of the chef (they’re free!)

About Page Content Guide

Step-by-step through the toughest copy job – writing our own bit o’ the story

The Truth About Conversion Copy

45 minutes of free copy class including conversion copy basics, why it doesn’t matter if you believe you’re a ‘good’ writer, and a handful of quick fixes you can fix in a day

AI + Copy Guide

Learn the tasks to delegate so you can focus on what you do best – unlocking those words between your heart and fingertips

“…my investment paid me back 3 times over before I was even halfway through the course…”


with my comprehensive signature copywriting program

Jay Crisp Crow Online Copywriting Class Crisp Copy Class


You could pay me $550 an hour for 1:1 copy coaching or $6,000 for me to write your Sales Page or you could learn how to website write words that sell

plus get massively discounted feedback and 1:1 options to get my brain all over your freshly minted copy!

Part training. Optional brain-pick. The Crisp Copy Class is the first copywriting program specifically designed for women who don’t necessarily want to grow up to be copywriters (but do want to write the kind of copy that brings them clients, love, and moolah!)

Expert lead Masterclasses, copywriting 101, step-by-step modules, everything from your Brand Voice Development to how to write a Sales Page, prompts, workbooks, templates, even fill-in-the-blanks to get you started if you’re really stuck (plus advice on how to turn those into something that reads like no one else could have written it), advice on structure, plus the option to upgrade to the live round and get individual feedback once a year.

This course has been created for women in business. From midwives to yoga instructors, from mortgage brokers to website designers, everyone in the deep end together (some with floaties and hey – there’s no shame in that) finding their brand voice, their copy personality, discovering their dream clients, and writing words that sell.

“… the best time, energy, and money you could spend…”

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What if your copy was cream of the crop?

So good you had potential clients eating out of your hand before they’d ever hit the ‘contact’ button? In fact, they’re downright tempted to lick the screen. Although there’s no one that loves your small business and your brand more than you, and although you’re an infinitely clever businesswoman and perfectly capable of constructing a sentence, there’s an ocean of silence when it comes to getting the words from your heart and mind out through your fingertips.

Or those words are just not doing what they’re meant to.

Which is why you need Crisp Copy. I’m a conversion (entice people to click all your buttons) website and email copywriter and copy mentor for brilliant brands. Large dollop of word nerd, big smattering of branding expert, multi-potentialite with a whole lot of business advice, and your new marketing ally. And I’ve been around the block so many times it’s almost inappropriate. If there’s a marketing, branding, or copy conundrum I haven’t helped fix before, I’ll eat my… words.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clever business owners just like you to write, or teach to write, over seven million words of award-winning, conversion creating, bank making, heart fluttering copy. I think it’s your turn.

Think you’re not a writer? Just wait. Meet me here.  


I’ve worked with 450 clients and counting, wrote over a million words of bank-making copy just this year, and taught thousands of business owners to write words that sell


You’re not selling anything, my friend. You need flavour, crunch, juice, and zing!

And all the sales and relationship building that come with juuuust the right mix. Your business has some delectable raw ingredients, now all you need to do now is

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