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Copywriting For Introverts 101


Watch this cheaper-than-an-iced-coffee copywriting class for Introverts who want to harness their words to do ALL the heavy lifting of humaning for them!

Inside, you’ll find special Introvert-only codes for all the best resources I suggest in the training – goodies you can’t find anywhere else.

Hello! I’m Jay! And I live life right on the cusp of extrovert and introvert

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I’m 51% introverted, according to all the fancy online personality tests.

I am also INFP T (Oh, how I’ve grappled with that turbulent label!) and although you may think this doesn’t qualify me to talk to the truly introverted about business and branding and getting out of your own darn way, I honestly believe this constant push and pull between the two polar opposites of my inner Jay makes me perfectly positioned to teach you how to use the inherent skills from both sides of the coin to your advantage.

Errr, and I also used to be a showgirl.

My first crisp, clean $100 bill was made singing the American then Australian national anthems on the back of a monster truck in the middle of a muddy speedway, after hoiking up my skintight (non-stretch) beaded dress and climbing up a wheel taller than I was. Before I studied Creative Writing, I spent my entire childhood to young adulthood completely obsessed with musicals. I studied musical theatre at WAAPA, Australia’s most prestigious musical theatre university and I used to be a professional cheerleader.

It’s at this point you could be having an entire ‘ex-showgirl cheerleading musical theatre performers should have zero issues with being extroverted” but here’s what I know to be true:

The skills I’ve used to build my business into one of Australia’s most well-known copywriting brand are based on my ability to channel a character – which is exactly what I do when I write and exactly what I do when I lead by example being incredibly, terrifyingly visible online.

My copy does 95% of the work for me, before I ever even have to get on a discovery call *shiver* – if that even needs to happen at all.

…Much like all the other Crisp Copy resources and courses, it is a no brainer and kicked my butt into gear!…”

What you get inside Copywriting For Introverts

One very honest, very transparent look at how I am all over the internet all the time, but only work 20 hours a week (yes, that includes promo for myself and client work, no that’s not by choice but what we call a natural consequence of a lifetime of disordered eating and professional dance wreaking havoc on my body) and how I manage to make my website and email and socials words do all the selling for me, so by the time folk get in front of me, they’re 1000% sold.

PLUS! Special Introvert-Only codes you can’t find ANYWHERE ELSE in my world, delivering all the resources you need to do it exactly like I do.

“My perfect people now engage and respond to my words.”

Why learn from me?

Well, I bring the treats.

I’m not just bossy, I’m the boss. The bacon-bringer, the buck-stops-here-girl. I completely understand the paramount importance of your words making bank. Because I don’t get up every morning, have my false eyelashes on fleek, and have someone give me a blow-dry before waltzing into my writing space coffee in hand.

I’m a working copywriter and copy coach who in 6 short years has dragged my brand from barely-born to charging out at one of the highest hourly rates for freelance copywriters in Australia. I started with $0 and a borrowed laptop and now I’m invited to speak all over the globe about copy and branding, sales and structure, entrepreneurship and sometimes musical theatre. (Actually, that last point is untrue, I just throw in references for fun.)

My words did that.

Fairly quickly, I found an uncanny knack to teach other people how to make theirs do the same. I’m a natural Mentor/Teacher. Can’t help myself. Instead of keeping it all for my intensive clients, in 2018 I launched a brand new online copywriting class –  keeping costs lower than 1:1 training or outsourcing – for those on a budget while still maintaining a ripper level of expert advice and training. And it was the first in Australia to be created solely for women in business and give weekly, individual feedback to every course participant.

I’m Jay Crisp Crow, proud owner of a funny name, Mother to 3 game-changing people, lover of a Viking, and dedicated, life-long word nerd who just adores seeing someone else nail it.

I’ve written website copy, email copy, launch copy, Sales copy, landing pages, advertising copy, more About pages and biographies you can poke a stick at, socials, awards, grants, policy and procedures, headlines, hooks, eBooks and guides, influencer and stockist letters, magazine articles, blogs, reviews, and even wedding vows. You’d be hard pressed to find anything I haven’t written, though I now focus on email and website copy (my specialities are Sales and About pages) and teaching other women how.



“Jay has literally shifted the way I write!”

Less than a packet of coloured pencils and immediate access? Here’s where to sign up!