Crisp Copy Footer Copy Workbook What To Put In My Website Footer

step right this way to footer fabulousness

Your website has a grand finale – and it’s often ignored. It’s that little space taking up less than 1/4 of the page on the final scroll: your Website Footer.

If you haven’t yet choreographed a foot-tapping, jaw-dropping footer so good it’s threatening to steal the spotlight, now’s your chance. We don’t want uninspiring copy or having folk feeling like they’re stuck in a two-step nightmare, with this workbook you’ll be pirouetting through copy creation and kick-ball-changing to ripper layout in no time.


“… the best Sales copy I’ve ever read …” 


♥️ a juicy workbook and guide including a whole lot of inspiration and layout suggestions for an incredible website footer

♥️ reasons behind choosing (or not) each possible element for your footer

♥️ outside-the-box ideas for inclusions

♥️ relevant questions to help you make structure and layout decisions

♥️ space to write your ideas directly into the Doc with guidance for each section to stay on track


“… is there anything about copywriting she doesn’t know? I don’t think so…”

Hello, I’m Jay, and I love shoes and websites

Not always in that order

I’m the person that actually reads to the bottom of your website, and I’m not alone. Not by a long shot. Which is why the microcopy on your website is so important.

I’m a working copywriter and copy coach who in 6 short years has dragged my brand from barely-born to charging out at one of the highest hourly rates for freelance copywriters in Australia. I started with $0 and a borrowed laptop and now I’m invited to speak all over the globe about copy and branding.

My words did that.

I can sell you something in just half a scroll, or in the bottom sentence of a page

Which is the opportunity your website footer has too

Let me show you how I do it



Crisp Copy Footer Copy Workbook What To Put In My Website Footer

$7 whole Australian dollars

(Yeah, that’s like $4 bucks in US land)

+ GST for Australians because aren’t we lucky ducks?